Friday Evening, July 9, 2021

In the midst of the barrages of hate mail in our inbox,
there are also beautiful emails of support from friends
and allies, a few of which are highlighted here.
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A touching message of Condolences & Encouragement from a MRFF Supporter

July 8, 2021 at 7:21:22 PM MDT

Dear Mr. Weinstein:

I just got around to reading your May 29, 2021 letter. My deepest sympathy to your wife, yourself, your children and your extended family regarding the loss of your mother-in-law, Jeannie Patterson. I feel certain her memory is a blessing to all who knew her. 

I’ve been a supporter of the MRFF for only a few years, but it’s purpose struck a deep chord in me, reminding me of when I quit church at about age 12 when the Sunday school teacher started lecturing us young girls on the importance of following the dictates of St. Paul regarding our behavior. My mother, a proto-feminist herself who went off to the big city from the farm during WWII and ended up working on early punch card computers, told me: don’t worry my dear, you are a good person, you never have to listen to those people again, and you can be whatever you want. Words I have strived to live by. 

So the MRFF’s current artwork of the Mothership of Other-Hating sending off a rocket of misogyny countered by the MRFF is particularly important to me. I’m also impressed by the expansion of the MRFF’s fight against bigotry regarding trans persons in addition to the standard hatreds of the Other-Hating.

Sometimes I fear we will never be rid of them, but we must keeping objecting to and trying to drown out their worldview. The Other-Hating’s need to dictate conformity in religion, race, gender, behavior, and on and on and on weakens us as a nation in that, as President Biden said, our diversity is our strength. 

Thanks for the work you do, and I apologize that I didn’t respond earlier to your call for support. 

Deepest sympathy again on the loss of your mother-in-law. 


(name withheld)

The "Mothership" graphic from MRFF's Mid-Year Appeal referred to in the above email:
Help MRFF Fight the Mothership of Other-Hating in our U.S. Armed Forces... Fundamentalist Christian Nationalism.
The response by MRFF supporters and Board and Advisory Board Members to the following hate-filled email from a
group of fundamentalist Christian nationalist Air Force
Academy graduates has been overwhelming, and more wonderful responses, like the one that follows
the original email below, keep coming in.
The hate-filled email sent to Mikey Weinstein
by this anonymous, cowardly group of
USAFA Grads on the 4th of July

"July 4th Message to Mikey Weinstein
from USAFA Grads"

From: John Smith III
Subject: July 4th Message to Mikey Weinstein from USAFA Grads
Date: July 4, 2021 at 8:00:01 PM MDT
To: Information Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein,

This afternoon we hosted a large July 4th get together with a number of USAFA grads and their families at our local club. We had grads there from every decade except the Class of ’59. There were even several classmates of yours from the Class of ’77.

Your name came up as it often does at our gatherings. Suffice it to say that you are very poorly thought of by your fellow USAFA grads. Deservedly so.

As today is the celebration of our nation’s birthday we must say that it seems that you personally have done more to tear down our Great Nation the any other USAFA grad ever has.

You might say that you don’t target Christians but the track record of your MRFF clearly says otherwise.

As we celebrate our country’s unique and blessed greatness today the fact is that it’s common knowledge that the United States of America was established solely on Christian biblical principals [sic] and not the basics of any other faith or atheism. You can’t rewrite history Mr. Weinstein try though you and the MRFF might.

The legacy of you and the MRFF will be firmly in the burning trash heap of history as being anti-Christian zealots and bigots.

You are a modern day Saul of Tarsus. But you are much worse than he was as you have attacked more followers of Christ than he ever did.

And your personal legacy will be simply one of a vicious bully with a jewish chip on his shoulder. A man who permanently damaged USAFA’s reputation in revenge for some sort of perceived slight against him and his cadet children by otherwise well meaning people at the Academy who just happened to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The clear consensus of the USAFA grads and their spouses at our July 4th event today was to permanently censure you for the evils you and the MRFF have committed against our Academy, the U.S. Air and Space Forces, our Defense Department, our entire American nation, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I promised our attendees that I would send this email to you for them and for me and my wife.

We all felt that you needed to know.

Reflect on your many evils Mikey Weinstein and plead for the forgiveness of the only One who can exonerate you before you turn to dust. John 14:6 is speaking directly to you.

This e-mail address will not accept any responses from you or your fellow partners in crime at the anti-Christian MRFF.

Signed: On behalf of many USAFA graduates of The Long Blue Line who know you and the MRFF for the sorry rebels against The Lord you are.

Response from Proud Veteran
and MRFF Supporter Rabbi Arthur Flicker

"Letter from Academy grads"

Dear Mikey

Among the many myths spouted in attacks against you is the idea that the United States is a Christian Country. I have read the Constitution numerous times. As you well know, nowhere is found the word Jesus, or Christ or Christian. Unfortunately, even graduates of the Air Force Academy, who took an oath to that Constitution, don’t seem to know that fact.

Today I did a memorial service for a Jewish vet who died a year ago. It took place in the Jewish War Vets cemetery here in Albuquerque. More than 150 Jewish service members are buried here. 

This vet had served as a medic in the 101st Airborne. On D Day, he jumped behind enemy lines and then fought in the battle across France into Germany. He suffered back pain for the rest of his 95 years due to the injuries he received. 

A few years ago, I had the honor to visit the US Cemetery at Omaha Beach. There are rows and rows of crosses. But in nearly every row are Jewish stars and sometimes Muslim Crescents. Buried in those hallowed grounds are not only people of all religions, but also all races, all nationalities and also all sexual orientations. 

So, I remind those who say this is a Christian Country, that they can spout their bigotry and lies because of the blood and service of people of many other faiths who paid a price you, fortunately, did not have to pay.

Thank you for the hard work of the MRFF

Rabbi Arthur Flicker
Proud Veteran

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