Monday Evening, August 30, 2021

Although missing MRFF's deadline last week to remove the
blatantly Christian cross sculpture from the lobby of the
84th Training Command's Mission Command Complex at
Fort Dix, the Commander, US Army Support Activity-Fort Dix, personally removed the symbol of Christian supremacy this
morning, sending MRFF the "after" photo below while
still on his phone call with Mikey Weinstein.

MRFF thanks COL Jon A. Brierton
for doing the right thing!
Before and after images showing statue grouping with cross sculpture and with cross sculpture removed
MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein's email
this morning to COL Jon A. Brierton after receiving a phone call from COL Brierton informing him that the unconstitutional Christian cross would be removed

From: Michael L Weinstein
Subject: Col. Jon Brierton: [Non-DoD Source] Fort Dix - Cross in the Lobby (UNCLASSIFIED)
Date: August 30, 2021 at 8:27:44 AM MDT
To: COL Jon A. Brierton

…Jon, I appreciate your call to me a few minutes ago confirming the good news that you WILL be timely taking down the sectarian Christian display in Building 5523 at JB M-D-L in order, as we discussed, to “honor them all” and not merely honor Christian armed forces members…..While I’m sorry that we were not able to communicate within the agreed 1700 hours (MDT) Weds., Aug. 25th, 2021 deadline to effectuate this resolution, I AM pleased, that you made the effort to call me this morning to confirm that the subject objectionable display IS coming down pursuant to your orders also discussed, Jon, please kindly inform me just as soon as the display is actually removed from the Building 5523 lobby per your promise in our phone call…I am in the process of informing our 17 U.S. Army MRFF clients at JB M-D-L on this matter based upon the positive phone call you just made to me….11 of whom, you may recall, are practicing Christians themselves ..…I have already reached about 1/3 of them and they are extremely gratified hear of your decision to remove the Christian display…..gratefully standing by…Mikey 505-250-7727

COL Brierton's gracious email to Mikey Weinstein
after the cross sculpture was removed:

Mr. Weinstein,
Thank you for inquiring about the statues at the 84th Training Command’s Mission Command Training Complex (MCTC) located at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL). The Commanding General of the 84th Training Command and I appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention and appreciate your patience as we investigated and coordinated between staffs. 
As the Army Support Activity – Fort Dix Commander and Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Deputy Commander - Army, I have no command authority over the MCTC, However, it is my priority and responsibility to ensure that every service member, civilian and family member on the joint base feels welcomed and safe on the installation. Our goal is to embrace and foster a diverse and inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds feel empowered to conduct their military duty and live their life with pride and dignity and that we threat each other with respect. 
As we all know, and the FT Dix motto articulates “The Ultimate Weapon” Our service members are our greatest strength and most important weapon in defending our Nation, and protecting our Constitutional rights/freedoms and the American way of life. As leaders, it is our responsibility to provide training and resources that enables our force to accomplish their mission, builds resiliency and enriches the fabric of our force. We must ensure service members from all religions/faiths and backgrounds feel supported and included in our community.
Commander, US Army Support Activity-Fort Dix and Deputy Joint Base Commander-Army 
JB MDL, NJ 08640 

Mikey Weinstein's response thanking COL Brierton
for his action and attentiveness to the issue:

…..copy and roger that, Jon….we at MRFF greatly appreciate the direct action you took this morning to remove the Christian cross from the soldiers memorial display and, further, to have gone the extra mile to personally call me on the phone and send me photographic proof of the removal of the cross to ensure that we and our MRFF clients were aware of this corrective action being taken…..respectfully, Mikey

Email from one of MRFF's 17 Fort Dix soldier clients upon finding out that the cross sculpture had been removed:

I was pleased to learn that the leadership at ASA [Army Support Activity] Dix has taken steps to ensure a more inclusive environment by eliminating signals that implied command endorsement of one faith over others. 

As a fellow Soldier - I value memorials for those who came before us, especially in light of the recent loss of our fellow servicemembers overseas. Memorials for fallen servicemembers should always be thoughtful reminders of the sacrifices of those who came before us. These spaces allow for each of us, in our way, to reflect and honor that commitment and sacrifice. 

I fully believe the intentions of the people or person responsible for the display were well-intentioned. And I look forward to the ASA leadership's continued work with them to help build an inclusive space that can and will honor the service of all of our military members. 

Respectfully submitted.

MRFF's Inbox
Air National Guard member credits
MRFF’s activism for inclusive content of recent
Air National Guard religious liberties briefing

"Religious liberties briefing"

Good afternoon Mikey,

I am a (military rank withheld) in the (U.S. state name withheld) Air National Guard and this weekend we had a quick briefing on Religious Liberties. It was very refreshing to be briefed that service members have the right to observe the tenets of their respective religions or to even observe no religion at all. And that Service members are not to be harassed or discriminated against based on their preference. They also need not justify, explain or rationalize their choice. There were a few case studies discussed, one of which discussed holiday displays and how they need to be inclusive. I believe briefings like this are in direct result of the fight you and MRFF are doing for our civil liberties. THANK YOU! We have come a long way since the days of PT “beat downs” in the dorms if we chose not to go to church on Sunday mornings during Basic training in 2005 because of what you do!
Thanks for all that you do :)

(military member’s name withheld)

(military rank and U.S. state name withheld) Air National Guard

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