Tuesday Evening, January 22, 2019

Statement on Supreme Court
Ruling Banning U.S. Military
Transgender Personnel
"Eighteen other Nations ALLOW transgender service members with zero issues, as stated in the Business Insider article below."

- Mikey Weinstein
MRFF Founder & President
MRFF's Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Banning Transgenders to Enlist in the
U.S. Military:

The predictable, fundamentalist, evangelical, extremist leanings of the U.S. Supreme Court's majority have risen to the surface of an already murky swamp of institutional religious intolerance.

Today, Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the conservative majority of the United States Supreme Court showed their extremist religious bigotry by allowing Trump’s transgender military ban to take effect. Sanctioning this ban is an appalling breach of our Constitutional freedom that is a vehemently atrocious aberration and an affront to humanity.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) presently represents approximately 61,000 Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, Veterans, and Airmen in their brutal civil rights fight against fundamentalist Christian religious extremism and oppression in America’s military. Over 1,000 of MRFF’s clients are LGBTQ, of whom 13 are transgender armed forces members who are either on active duty, in the national guard, in the reserves, or civilians who serve in the Armed Forces.

Transgender Navy SEAL
Calls BS on Trump Admin.
Saying Transgender Troops
Aren't as Lethal or Effective

By: Alex Lockie

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
President Donald Trump's ban on military service for some transgender people got the go-ahead from the Supreme Court on Tuesday, but a transgender former US Navy SEAL has called "bulls---."


The "idea transgender effects 'Lethality and effectiveness' which is total BULL SHIT," she tweeted on Tuesday, describing the Supreme Court's decision as "wrong."

She added: "18 other Nations ALLOW #Trans service members... zero issues!"

Beck has previously had tough words for Trump, responding to his initial announcement of the ban in July 2017 — which shocked the Pentagon — with an open challenge.

"Let's meet face-to-face and you tell me I'm not worthy," Beck told Business Insider. " Transgender doesn't matter. Do your service. "

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