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Night of Nights XX - Schedule & Information

It's hard to believe it's been twenty years but Night of Nights XX is upon us.  As always you are invited to participate in person or on the air.

> Night of Nights Origin Story 

On 12 July 1999 a ceremony was held at the Globe Wireless receive site in Half Moon Bay, CA.  Even though refreshments were served the atmosphere was solemn as the ceremony marked what was thought to be the end of commercial Morse at 0000 GMT.  But it was on that date that the Maritime Radio Historical Society was founded with the goal of maintaining the traditions of maritime Morse by restoring historic coast station KPH to service.  The first steps toward that goal were taken and on 12 July 2000 the first Night of Nights (named by MRHS co-founder Tom Horsfall) was held at the KPH transmit site in Bolinas, CA.  Every year since then the MRHS has held Night of Nights on 12 July with opening transmissions taking place x number of years and one minute since that supposed last transmission in 1999.

For the story of that supposed last day of Morse at Half Moon Bay please click HERE.

> Who 

You!  Join us at the RCA receive site in the Point Reyes National Seashore (details below) or on the air.

> What 

Each year on 12 July the MRHS hosts Night of Nights.  Even though KPH, KFS and K6KPH are on the air each Saturday, Night of Nights is special.  On that date every available transmitter at the Bolinas site it brought on line, including the classic heavy iron transmitters from the 1940s and 1950s.  

20160130 103246
1942 Press Wireless PW15 Transmitter in Operation

At the receive site members of the public are invited to attend the special ceremony of the opening message and watch real, live, in captivity radiomen doing radioman things just as was done throughout the history of KPH.  Qualified Morse operators are invited to sit the circuit at K6KPH.  Those with commercial tickets are invited to do the same at KPH and KFS.  

Light refreshments: Served

Photographs: Encouraged

Tours: Given (Whisper that you're a True Believer for a special tour of the Treasure Room)

> Where 

The public Night of Nights event takes place at the former RCA receive site at 17400 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in the Point Reyes National Seashore.  

RCA Receive Site Pt. Reyes

Click HERE for a map of the location.

> When 

Custom and tradition demand that Night of Nights always takes place on 12 July (Pacific time).  Doors open at the receive site at 3:00pm Pacific time.  The first transmission takes place at 5:01pm Pacific time (0001 gmt 13 July).

> Stations on the Air  

Only stations KPH, KFS and K6KPH will be participating in Night of Nights XX.  Here are the particulars for these stations:

KPH:  426, 500, 8642, 12808.5, 17016.8,  22477.5 

KFS:  12695.5 

KPH and KFS will listen for calls from ships on 500kc and ITU Channel 3 on HF.  Here are the frequencies for ITU Channel 3 in each band:

4184.0, 6276.0, 8368.0, 12552.0, 16736.0, 22280.5

K6KPH:  3550, 7050, 14050, 21050

K6KPH calling procedure:  We follow commercial operating practices as closely as possible for K6KPH.  To call K6KPH select one of the frequencies above and call K6KPH repeatedly until the operator responds with DE.  Then send your call sign and any other relevant information.

Since Night of Nights is usually a busy event for K6KPH you may find the station already in contact with another station.  In that case make your call using the above procedure at the end of the previous contact.  The operator at K6KPH may respond with QRY and a number.  This means that you are number 1, number 2, etc., on the list.  It's just like taking a number at the bakery.  Stand by and the K6KPH operator will call you in turn.

> K6KPH Needs You! 

If you are a qualified Morse operator we need you for K6KPH Night of Nights operation.  Two of our regular operators are unavailable this year so we will be very short staffed.  No license required, just a proficiency in Morse.  

Volunteer Operator at Position 5

If you plan to join us and sit the circuit at K6KPH please let us know in advance so we can dedicate and operating position for you.  Please send an email to .

> Commemorative Messages

Was your father, uncle or grand dad a commercial op or amateur operator?  Would you like to send a commemorative message in their honor over KPH?  We have sent several of these messages in past events and they were all very moving.  If you would like us to send such a message this year please send it to us no later than Wednesday 10 July Pacific time so we can be sure to include it.  Sent it to

> Reception Reports

Reception reports and verification requests for the MRHS stations listed above may be sent to:

Maritime Radio Historical Society
PO Box 392
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
Note: Self addressed stamped envelopes would be greatly appreciated! 

> Contact Information 

If you have questions or need more information please send an email message to .  The station phone number is +1 415-669-9646.  Please by advised of two things regarding this phone number: 1> It will be answered only after 3:00pm on 12 July Pacific time, and 2> it's usually very busy on Night of Nights so operators may have time only for brief conversations.

> Updates - It seems there are always some last minute updates and changes to the Night of Nights information.  These will be sent via update bulletins.  If you are not already on our mailing list click HERE to subscribe.

We look forward to meeting you in person or on the air for N of N XX


As we know you are aware this annual event depends upon the proper operation of the original KPH transmitters, receivers, antennas and all the supporting systems.  As we also know you are aware the maintenance  of a major coast station with a separate transmit and receive is a daunting task.  If you're able to help us with a contribution to help keep the project going and the stations on the air it would be deeply appreciated.  And it's easy!  Just click on the Make a Donation button below.  Thanks!

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