Newsletter No. 58
18 March 2020

"Special Edition"
MRHS  Newsletter No. 58

Dedicated to the True Believers Worldwide

> Corona Virus Update - Operations Suspended
> 21 March 2020 West Coast Qualifying Run
> 14 March Photo Shoot
> 14 March Work weekend

To our loyal followers, our True Believers we found it important to keep all informed of the situation in Northern California. We are letting you know as soon as we knew. Enough has transpired that a "Special Edition" was needed for quick and accurate communication.   RB

Operations suspended - KPH, K6KPH, KFS

 Point Reyes National Seashore has closed park visitor centers and announced that all volunteer activities are suspended (see below).  Since that includes us, all station operations will be suspended "for the duration".

Temporary facilities closure is in effect until at least April 7, 2020.  Following guidance from the CDC and public health officials, and to comply with the shelter-in-place legal order in seven Bay Area counties, Point Reyes National Seashore's visitor centers and campgrounds are temporarily closed until at least April 7, 2020. No camping or beach fire permits will be issued for the duration of the shelter-in-place order. All ranger-led programs or volunteer activities have been cancelled. Park roads, trails, beaches, and restrooms (excluding the Bear Valley Visitor Center restrooms) are otherwise open. Updates will be posted to this park website and social media.

21Mar2020 ARRL West Coast Qualifying from K6KPH

Once a quarter, K6KPH transmits the ARRL Code Proficiency Qualifying run from the West Coast. We were scheduled to transmit on ARRL frequencies, Saturday 21 March but due to the shutdown, that will not happen from K6KPH.
We are very sorry for any delay this has caused for those trying to achieve their goal!

Photo shoot!

Last Saturday 14 March we were paid a visit by Ann Hermes of the Christian Science Monitor. Ann flew out from New York and is doing a story that in a few months will come out in publication. Many pictures were taken (more than you could imagine) and the story of KPH and the Maritime Radio Historical Society was told. Ann joined us for services of the  "Church of the Continuous Wave" early in the morning.

Pictured is Transmitter Supervisor Steve Hawes (SH), Richard Dillman (RD) standing in the background, Ann Hermes, Bill Ruck (RK). Dave Mortimer (DV), Bob Venditti (VI) and Robert Brown (RB behind the camera) were also in attendance.

Outside work

On the road that leads between Building 2/2A and Building 1 which is the 1914 Marconi Building in Bolinas, some antenna ground radials had appeared above the road surface. At one time the road was paved but that has all deteriorated. The 100 plus year old road bed is another story. That is in fine shape and presented a digging challenge. Bill Ruck and Bob Venditti had dug with pick and shovel on 7 March. Returning on 14 March they were equipped with an electric jack hammer and got the radials buried. Cold patch asphalt was tamped and used to cover and protect.

Bill Ruck (RK) and Bob Venditti (VI)

The next Full edition will come out 5 April.
Stay safe and we are wishing all the best in these difficult days ahead.



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