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“I’m doing a review of our drug-testing process and noticed I have an option to include an MRO. What is an MRO and do I need one?”

Often the MRO is only thought of as the person who determines if the test is positive or negative, but they do so much more. They serve as the common point of contact between the donor, the collection site, the lab and you, the employer. Because of their role, they offer protection to both the employee and the employer.

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Ohio Pharmacy Board Declares CBD Oil Sales Illegal

There have been many questions surrounding CBD oil recently. What's in it? What is it used for? And most commonly ... is it legal? The Ohio Pharmacy Board recently answered that question for us.

CBD oil has been sold in various shops and boutiques for some time now but the Ohio Pharmacy Board has come to the conclusion that it can only be legally sold by medical marijuana dispensaries.
Medical Marijuana & Your DFWP: Two more chances
As we've previously shared, employers need to decide how they will respond to medical marijuana before the system to recommend & dispense it is operational. To give insight into this important decision, we're offering a 90-minute webinar.

You have two more chances to attend this webinar. Make sure your don't miss it.

Curious about Issue 1, Ohio's statewide ballot initiative?
Issue 1 is the only statewide issue on November's ballot. This issue has become highly politicized, so you might find it difficult to wade through the rhetoric and figure out what this state constitutional amendment says and what it could mean for you.

Working Partners® is committed to being an educational resource on drug-free workplace-related issues. With that in mind, we found resources - the League of Women Voters of Ohio and the Health Policy Institute of Ohio - that do a good job of presenting an overview of the issue along with information both in support and against this issue:

  • Detailed overview exploring the issues background and taking a deep give into the systems (e.g., spending on incarceration and treatment and criminal justice reforms) impacted by this issue. (Heath Policy Institute of Ohio)

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Employee education is a vital piece of your drug-free workplace program, but it takes an investment of time and money.
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State audit confirms issues with Ohio's medical marijuana program. (