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Drought Preparedness:

Tips and Tricks

Drought and abnormally dry conditions are occurring earlier each year and lasting longer. Groundwater systems that don’t monitor their well levels should start measuring levels quarterly, and at least once a month during the summer, to gather data on their supply. Systems should talk with their engineer, well driller, or hydrogeologist to determine if the well level is concerning. If the system has a water meter installed, closely monitor (this should be done year-round anyway) the readings. If readings begin to rise, leak detection or further investigation should be done to determine the cause of the increase.


Consider crafting a voluntary water restriction and a mandatory water restriction notice and add it to your emergency response plan. Systems should also notify the residents of their community to curb unnecessary water usage, e.g. watering lawns, car washing, and encouraging them to hand water gardens. 

Here are some suggestions for residents to help conserve water:

Outside Water Use:

  • Avoid watering lawns
  • Water garden plants only when necessary, either early in the day (before 9AM) or late in the evening (after 5PM) to avoid water loss by evaporation
  • Keep grass a bit longer than usual to promote soil moisture retention and help it develop a deeper root system
  • Avoid washing cars and other vehicles
  • Instead of using water to clean walkways, decks, or driveways, use a broom
  • Cover swimming pools when they are not in use to prevent evaporation

Inside Water Use:

  • Take shorter showers (approximately 5 minutes or less) and avoid baths
  • Turn off water while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Collect and reuse clean household water (e.g., water from cooking can be used to water plants)
  • Fix any leaks you may find around the house, including leaky toilets (which can use up to 200 gallons of water per day!)

Below are links to helpful resources from the USEPA and the Maine DWP.

Droughts in Maine- Maine DWP -
Fix a Leak Week- USEPA -
Watering Tips- USEPA -



Salary Survey Meeting: Region 1

Join us for regional meetings across the state of Maine! This date is fast approaching, so don't forget to sign up.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Wages, cost of living increase, gas prices, sign on bonuses
  • Benefits: technology upgrades and other creative solutions
  • Employee retention
  • Employee turnover/ retirement
  • Any and all additional questions

REGION 1: Cumberland and York Counties

This is a LIVE meeting - not a virtual event!

Date/ Time: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022  |  8:30am

Location: Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Wells Water District

92 Main Street, Kennebunk, Maine  04043

Info & Registration



Andrew Snowman

Educational Development Director

Andrew is new to the MRWA team serving as the Educational Development Director. He holds a Class II Water Treatment/Distribution License, Grade II Wastewater Distribution License, and an Associate Degree in Education. Andrew has been involved in the water/wastewater industry since 1982 as an operator, superintendent, contract operations, and water district trustee.

Andrew is a 10th generation "Mainer" and enjoys every aspect of rural living. His hobbies include writing and telling short stories about the unique people and places of Washington County, making lures/fly tying, traditional wood working, and spending quality time with family and pets.


He looks forward to assisting people associated with the industry in obtaining comprehensive training and advanced skill sets. 

Hazen "Bub" Sawtelle Jr.

Northern Water Quality Specialist

MRWA welcomes Hazen Sawtelle Jr (better known by his childhood nickname “Bub”) to the team! Hazen has accepted the position of MRWA's Northern Water Quality Specialist. He lives in Springfield with his wife, Lorraine. They have two adult children Dustin and Kaylie and a beautiful granddaughter, Harper. 

Hazen, a graduate of NMT, has an Associate's Degree in Electrical Construction and Maintenance. He has a 30-year career in residential, commercial, and industrial construction and maintenance. He comes to MRWA after most recently spending the last 13 years as the Facilities Manager for Lee Academy and MSAD 30 and as you all know, this position requires an individual to wear many, many hats! He has held his State of Maine Water Operator license for 13 years. He is eager to hit the road to all of Northern Maine's back roads and put his knowledge to work helping you. 


Hazen enjoys the outdoors, whether that be hunting, fishing, or spending time at camp with family and friends. Please help us to Welcome "Bub" to our MRWA Family!

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