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MSA Fellows Nominations 2016
Microscopy Society of America (MSA) is now accepting nominations for MSA Fellows. This is an opportunity to participate in your Society's activities and to participate in honoring deserving individuals.  The deadline is September 30, 2015 . The "MSA Fellow" designation is intended to recognize senior members of the Society who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the science and practice of microscopy imaging, analysis and diffraction techniques, and also to honor those who have had long-standing distinguished service to the Society.
Click here for nomination details and nomination form.

MSA Female Presidents at M&M 2016!

In the 73-year history of MSA there have been six female presidents.  All six were present at M&M 2015; this photo was taken during the Presidential Reception.  The Presidents (L-R) and their year of service are:  M. Grace Burke (2005), Sara E. Miller (2004), Patricia Calarco (1992), Janet H. Woodward (2012), Margaret A. Goldstein (1996) and Jeanette Killius (2014).

Symposium ideas for M&M 2017 in St. Louis, MO!
August 6-10, 2017
Now is your chance to have a say about the symposia offered at M&M 2017.  If you'd like to see a topic not recently offered, or to suggest a topic you are interested in, or if you would like to get involved with the meeting by organizing a symposium in 2017, ACT NOW!   The M&M 2017 Executive Program Committee wants to hear from you. We are now developing symposium topics in the areas of biology, physical science and instrumentation advances.  

  1. A proposed title 
  2. A brief (and we mean BRIEF - one short paragraph please) description of the symposium
  3. Names & contact info for 1-2 people who would be willing and able to be symposium organizers. 
Send this information by September 25, 2015 to:

Email the program chair at the address above.
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Using extremely high-resolution microscopy, researchers found the real explanation for a rock's unusual features is more dramatic: a powerful bolt of lightning. READ MORE...

A new microscope will allow scientists studying biological and synthetic materials to simultaneously observe chemical and physical properties on and beneath the surface. READ MORE...

A tiny, foldable microscope that can fit in anyone's shirt pocket is revealing stunning images of nature in the jungle.  READ MORE...

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LAS Director's Message

The MSA Local Affiliated Societies provide programming and networking to the microscopy community in over 25 locations.   The list of LAS can be found here.
Thank you to all the representatives who were able to attend the LAS breakfast at M&M 2015.  It was a pleasure to meet you and to hear your feedback about your activities.  Thanks also to Bob Dziuban, MSA Managing Director, for a very informative discussion of the tax exemption codes and how they may apply to Local Affiliated Societies.
An email blast will be sent to all LAS representatives of record in early September, including tax exemption handouts from the LAS breakfast.  Please check the LAS page and make sure that I have the correct contacts for each local affiliated society.  If you are holding elections in the next few months, please send me the election results so I can update the listings as needed.
Many LAS have meetings in the fall.  If you would like your event publicized, please send me the details at least 6 weeks in advance so I can add that to the LAS news article in the MSA Update.
Speaking of fall meetings, are you aware of the MSA Tour Speaker Program, Grants-in-Aid or Special Meeting Funding Program?  Details of all 3 are available here. Questions may be sent to me at
An updated list of MSA Tour Speakers has been published here.  There are some new speakers, and new topics from current speakers.  Please take a look at the titles and abstracts and contact me if you are interested in inviting any of these speakers to an upcoming LAS meeting.  Do you know anyone who would like to be a Tour Speaker?  Send me their name and contact information.
Please support your local affiliated society!  Get students & early career scientists & technologists involved!
Enjoy the rest of the summer-
Bev Maleeff, LAS Director
Promote your discipline.

FIG spotlight

Atom Probe FIG

The Microscopy Society of America (MSA) Atom Probe Focused Interest Group (AP-FIG) held their annual business meeting in Portland, Oregon during the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2015 (M&M 2105) conference. The Leadership Committee of Richard Martens (University of Alabama), Arun Devaraj (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), and R. Prakash Kolli (University of Maryland) presented information on membership, budget, website updates, and programming activities to members of the FIG and atom probe community. The AP-FIG led, organized, and sponsored a half-day MSA AP-FIG/NIST Atom Probe Tomography (APT) Standards Workshop at NIST Gaithersburg on November 12th, 2015. Another half-day long APT standards development session that was led and sponsored by the AP-FIG was held at the CAMECA APT Users Group meeting in Madison, Wisconsin on June 12th, 2015. The FIG membership has grown since the last annual meeting and is now close to 30 members.

Information on the AP-FIG sponsored M&M 2016 Pre-Meeting Congress (PMC) titled "Essentials of Atom Probe Tomography" was also presented. Richard Martens, Arun Devaraj, R. Prakash Kolli, and Baishakhi Mazumder (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), are organizing the 1st PMC for APT. The FIG leadership will change for the next two-year term. On January 1, 2016 Arun Devaraj will become FIG Leader, David Diercks from the Colorado School of Mines will be the FIG Leader-elect, and R. Prakash Kolli will continue as Secretary/Treasurer. To continue promoting the APT standards development efforts, Professor Francois Vurpillot from the Université et INSA de Rouen, France, presented on "Evaporation fields: Is there any standards for Atom Probe Tomography?" The meeting concluded with a technical presentation by Dr. Andrew J. Smith from Kleindiek on "Manufacturing Atom Probe Samples - A new approach to both sample transfer and tip sharpening."

For questions or information about the meeting, please contact the AP-FIG Leadership Committee.

FIG News

Focused Interest Group on MicroAnalytical Standards (FIGMAS)
Standard or reference material collections used in microanalytical labs (EMP, SEM, LA-ICP-MS, etc.) have become increasingly more diverse and inconsistent within the microanalytical community over time. Some reference materials have become unavailable or are only available to a small group of users, while other materials have been recently shown to be inhomogeneous or have questionable compositional reference value. To remediate this problem, the Focused Interest Group for MicroAnalytical Standards (FIGMAS) aims to promote and facilitate the creation of a community-wide standard and reference material knowledge database that supports consistency and inter-laboratory comparison. This effort will include the creation of an online database of microanalytical reference materials, a quality assessment for each listed material, and the determination of need for additional materials to address problems where acceptable reference materials are not available.

This venture won't be possible without you! This is the first joint focused interest group between the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) and the Microanalysis Society (MAS). Members of MSA, MAS or IMS are welcome to join us. There is a $10 annual fee for membership; sign-up details will be distributed later this Fall. If you are interested, please, contact Julien ( ) or visit our website .
Julien M. Allaz (University of Colorado Boulder)
Owen K. Neill (Washington State University)
Anette von der Handt (University of Minnesota)

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