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Hello from the new President of MSA - the first of January sees the new President take the reins of the society and all I can say is, you certainly hit the ground running!  Last weekend, the MSA Council held its annual Winter Meeting out in Reston Virginia.  This location makes it easy for the executive council members to meet with the MSA Association Management company Drohan Management Group , since they are located in Reston.  Executive council visits DMG on the Friday before the full council meeting to evaluate and discuss their society management activities. Read more.


M&M 2015 Important Meeting Information 

The Microscopy Society of America, the Microanalysis Society, and the International Metallographic Society invite you to Microscopy & Microanalysis 2015 in Portland, Oregon. The overarching M&M 2015 Portland theme is correlative imaging, with a nod to light-based technologies. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the "International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies" which will blend nicely with the interdisciplinary symposia that reflect the current environment of collaboration between scientists in different disciplines synonymous with our annual M&M meeting. Click here to access the Important Meeting Information guide for program highlights, hotel information, expo hall information and more. Be sure to check the  M&M 2015 website regularly for continued important updates.


M&M 2015 Call for Papers Open

The submission site for the M&M 2015 Call for Papers opened on Dec. 2, 2014 and will close on Feb. 9, 2015Papers need to be submitted in both PDF and editable formats (Word, TXT, LaTeX are accepted). Learn more and submit your paper by clicking here.
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A new laboratory technique enables researchers to see minuscule biological features, such as individual neurons and synapses, at a nearly molecular scale through conventional optical microscopes. READ MORE...

Just as the invention of nonstick pans was a boon for chefs, a new type of nanoscale surface that bacteria can't stick to holds promise for applications in the food processing, medical and even shipping industries. READ MORE...

A new semiconductor laser developed at Yale has the potential to significantly improve the imaging quality of the next generation of high-tech microscopes, laser projectors, photo lithography, holography, and biomedical imaging. READ MORE...


Diaper Material Brings Nanoscale Resolution to Ordinary Microscopes

Microscopes make living cells and tissues appear bigger. But what if we could actually make the things bigger? The technique, called expansion microscopy, involves physically inflating biological tissues using a material more commonly found in baby nappies (diapers). READ MORE...


Nanoparticle that lights up artery-clogging plaque to be evaluated in clinical trial

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for evaluating in people a nanoparticle-based imaging agent jointly developed at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the University of California, Santa Barbara, in collaboration with Texas A&M University. READ MORE...

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LAS Spotlight


MSA's Local Affiliate Societies (LAS) are regional groups that meet periodically to network and share science at the local level.  There are 34 LAS around the continental United States and Puerto Rico.  A list of LAS can be found here.  All who are interested in microscopy and microanalysis are welcome to attend LAS events! 


Upcoming meetings are being held by the following LAS:

Please check these LAS websites for additional details.

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