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On the importance of MSA scholarships to undergraduate students...

One of the most satisfying parts of mentoring undergraduate students, particularly those who join the lab relatively early in their university tenure, is witnessing a student's gradual transformation...Read more...
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Engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have found a way to use backscatter diffraction to read the imprint of letters and markings that were stamped into metal, but then polished or ground off. READ MORE...

A team of researchers have established a theoretical framework to understand the elastic and electronic properties of graphene. READ MORE...

Using powerful X-ray beams and electron microscopy, researchers made the first direct observations of the micro-scale mechanisms that allow skin to resist tearing. READ MORE...



Photosythesis no longer limited to plants thanks to new advances in nanotechnology

In a very impressive feat of nanoengineering, scientists have managed to replicate the process of photosynthesis by merging together silicon and titanium oxide nanowires with anaerobic bacteria. READ MORE...
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LAS Director Message



The Local Affiliated Societies provide programming and networking to the microscopy community in over 25 locations.  The list of LAS can be found here. 



Please support your local affiliated society!  Upcoming LAS meetings are:

Click the links above for additional details.  If your LAS has a local meeting scheduled and it doesn't appear here, please let me know. 


I am still looking for contacts from the following LAS.  If you are an officer or member of one of these groups please contact me at 

  • Microscopy Society of Puerto Rico (MSPR)
  • Three Rivers Microscopy Society (3RMS) 

Don't forget to register for Microscopy & Microanalysis 2015!  Early registration rates are in effect until June 22.


The LAS breakfast will be held during meeting week (Tuesday, 4 August), and up to 2 representatives from each LAS will be invited to attend.  The breakfast is a combination of LAS business, networking and camaraderie.  Invitations will be sent as we get closer to M&M 2015.  Please make sure that your LAS contact information on the website is correct.

See you in Portland!


Bev Maleeff, LAS Director

Current Local Affiliated Societies

Promote your discipline.

FIG Update

Please welcome Andy Vogt as FIG Co-chair and these new FIG leaders for 2015: Paul Voyles; Aberration Corrected EM, Joe Neilly; Pharmaceuticals. For a list of all the current FIG leaders, click here.


Also please consult the 2015 Portland program for the following associated FIG Symposia:


EM in Liquids and gases, Pre meeting Congress.


3D EM in Biological Sciences (B05), Aberration Corrected EM (P02), Atom Probe (A13), Diagnostic Microscopy (B09), Electron Crystallography (A10), Facilities Operation/ Management (C11), Focused Ion Beam (A04) and Pharmaceuticals (B07).


Current Focused Interest Groups

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