April  2016

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Nanoparticle clumps recycle themselves into complex structures 
Manufacturers produce high-end technology mostly top-down with large machinery, but small particles are able to build structures by themselves from the bottom up. A major challenge is that these particles easily clump together.  Read more here...  
The Designer Who Peered Into Microscopes and Saw High Art
CARL STRÜWE took only two kinds of photographs. The first was typical enough: Italian sculpture and architecture he saw on vacation. The second was far less typical: close-ups of diatoms, butterfly wings, snail tongue, whalebone-all taken through a microscope. Â Read More here

Water Bears
This video shows Water bears or Tardigrada. water-dwelling, eight-legged, segmented micro-animals.They were first discovered by the German pastor Johann August Ephraim Goeze in 1773. Read more here

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ASSOC. Association News

The M&M 2016 Paper Submission Deadline has Passed! 
The submission site is now closed for submissions to the regular program.
The M&M meeting does allow for post-deadline poster submissions. Post-deadline posters are not included in the program proceedings and are NOT considered "published".  Please go to http://bit.ly/1T3ZSNw for more information.

Post Deadline Papers & Awards

There is still time to submit a paper poster presentation at M&M2016 
- and to be considered for an award!

Post-deadline papers will be accepted between April 1 and June 17. Please  click here:

Post-deadline posters (AKA "late-breaking posters") are eligible for daily student awards, and all poster presenters are eligible for the prestigious Diatome award (grand prize: a trip to Switzerland for two)  click here for details. 

So, if you use ultramicrotomy, please consider attending M&M 2016, presenting a post-deadline poster, and be in the running for a trip to Switzerland (second and third prizes: Swiss watches).

M&M Week at a Glance Schedule

The M&M 2016 Meeting -  Week at a Glance schedule  (meetings; symposium by day) is  now available  on the M&M 2016 website inside the Pre-Meeting Guide, and will be distributed with the May 2016 issue ofMicroscopy Today 

Hotel reservations for M&M 2016 
Reservations are now available  . Book early for the best availability!

Online Registration
Registration is now open! Click here to access portal .

Is Your MSA Membership Renewed for 2016?

MSA Membership is on a calendar-year basis. That means that all MSA memberships expired on December 31, 2015, unless they were renewed for 2016 prior to that date. We keep January and February as a renewal "grace period"; however, memberships not renewed before May 1, 2016 will no longer receive MSA member benefits, including suspension of your subscriptions to Microscopy and Microanalysis Journal and Microscopy Today Magazine, as well as being ineligible for the member registration fee at the annual M&M Conference. 

To renew now: go online for payment with credit card at   
using your MSA member login, or for payment by check, send an email to  AssociationManagement@microscopy.org  to request an invoice. 

Let's make 2016 the year of increased Student engagement!  
Enhance your experience, network, and get involved! For more information visit the MSA website http://www.microscopy.org/about/committees.cfm
LAS. Local Affiliated Societies
Local Affiliated Societies News
by Bev Maleeff, LAS Director

There are more than 25 MSA Local Affiliated Societies providing outreach and networking to the microscopy community. The list of LAS can be found at  http://microscopy.org/communities/local.cfm .
Support your local affiliated society! Upcoming meetings are:
May 18-20                Southeastern Microscopy Society (SEMS)
May 18                     Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio (MSNO)
                                 **50th Anniversary**
Check the meeting links for additional details. 
Invite students & early career scientists & technologists to your LAS meetings and get them involved! 
Mark your calendars! The 52nd annual meeting of the Southeastern Microscopy Society (SEMS) will be held May 18-20, 2016, in Pensacola, FL. Please go to   http://southeasternmicroscopy.org/2016-meeting/ for more information.
On May 18th, the Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio (MSNO) celebrates its 50th Anniversary at a joint meeting with SAS, ACS and AVS (see link above). Congratulations, MSNO!
Tour Speakers:  MSA has Tour Speakers available to present on a variety of topics in biological sciences, physical sciences, and general microscopy themes. Speaker information can be found at http://www.microscopy.org/communities/speakers.cfm.
Tax Webinar: Follow-up information about the recent tax webinar will be available soon. Stay tuned for details here in the MSA Update and at the LAS breakfast meeting at M&M 2016.
As always, feel free to contact me at beverly.e.maleeff@gsk.com.
Start making your plans to meet at M&M 2016!

FIG. Focused Interest Groups
Attention all FIG Participants: 
Two Pre-meeting congresses will be sponsored by the Focused Interest Group's at the upcoming meeting in Columbus Ohio.

Exploiting the Diffractive Properties of Electrons for Solving Materials Problems
Organized by Electron Crystallography and Automated Mapping Methods FIG

Essentials of Atom Probe Tomography
Organized by the Atom Probe FIG

Promote your discipline.

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