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June 19, 2020
The Legislative Report
June 15-19, 2020
The Legislature is planning to have all legislation completed by June 26 th .

There are three bills pending that deal with COVID-19 funding:

  • SB 3013 Appropriation; Dept. of Education, IHL and Community Colleges for COVID-19 expenses for FY20 and FY21
  • SB 3044 Equity in Distance Learning Act; enact.
  • SB 3046 COVID-19 Connectivity Act; enact.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020, was the deadline for bills from the other chamber to be passed on the floor.

House Bills
The following House bills died :

  • HB 888 Student club funds accounting practices
  • HB 1165 Computer science curriculum be required

The following House bill is going to conference:

  • HB 666 7th & 8th grade must offer Gifted classes;

The following House bills will be sent to the Governor:

The following House bills are due from the Governor June 22, 2020:

Senate Bills
The following bill was amended and goes back to the Senate for concurrence or nonconcurrence:

  • SB 2286 Early Learning Collaborative of 2013; revise funding and specify teaching standards, A strike all amendment was adopted and the bill was completely changed to the language in HB 1139 Community schools; authorize implementation under the administration of a District of Innovation.

The following bills are due from the Governor by June 23, 2020:

The following bill is due from the Governor by June 25, 2020:

The following bills have been signed by the Governor:

*To view the history and description of each bill, please see below.
Senate Bills Status
Assigned to Education:

Education; Appropriations:

  • SB 2286 Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013; revise funding and specify teaching Standards; Bill History
  • SB 2353 Critical Needs Teacher Forgivable Loan Program; extend repealer on; Bill History
  • SB 2594 The Equal Opportunity for Students with Special Needs Act; revise and extend repealer; Bill History
House Bills Status
Assigned to Education:

  • HB 669 School consolidation; require local school districts to close certain schools within the district of underperforming schools; Bill History
  • HB 676 State and School Health Insurance Management Board; authorize State Agency executive heads to designate to serve in his or her capacity; Bill History
  • HB 751 Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program; remove requirement that the Department of Education administer with the FNMA; Bill History
  • HB 888 Student club funds; clarify use and accounting practices by school districts; Bill History
  • HB 1336 “Mississippi Learn to Earn Act”; enact to authorize the earning of graduation credit through apprenticeships and other alternative courses; Bill History 

Education; Appropriations:

  • HB 666 Gifted education; require school districts to provide for students in grades 7th and 8th; Bill History
  • HB 667 Public special purpose schools; clarify provision related to administrative and licensed instructional personnel of; Bill History
  • HB 1165 Computer science curriculum; require State Department of Education to Implement in K-12 public schools; Bill History

Education; Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks:

  • HB 1577 Hunter safety course; authorize school districts to offer as part of their curriculum; Bill History

Highways and Transportation; Education:

  • HB 1176 School bus drivers; increase maximum speed limit on interstate highways; Bill History

Universities and Colleges:

  • HB 274 HELP Grant Program; align curriculum with changes for college preparatory as required by IHL; Bill History


Public Property:

  • HB 1439 Sixteenth section lands; revise provisions relating to reports and copies of leases To Secretary of State; Bill History
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