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July 3, 2020
The Legislative Report
June 29-July 3, 2020
The Legislature, due to COVID-19 issues, did not SINE DIE the session. The session has adjourned subject to call of the Lt. Governor and the Speaker of the House to deal with any Covid-19 related issues that may need to be handled. SINE DIE is set for of October 10, 2020.

The MAEP funding bill, HB 1700 , passed and has been sent to the Governor. It is 1.6% (approximately $37 million) less than last year.

Several COVID-19 related bills that effect K-12 education passed and have been sent to the Governor.

  • HB 1788 Mississippi Pandemic Response Broadband Availability Act; create — This bill provides $50 million in CARES Act funding for school districts to use in providing internet access for teachers and students that live in areas without service.
  • SB 3044 Equity in Distance Learning Act; enact — This bill provides $150 million in CARES Act funding for the purchase of computer devices and other distance learning related expenses. The funds will be distributed based on Average Daily Membership instead of Average Daily Attendance.
  • SB 3046 COVID-19 Broadband Grant Programs; create — This bill provides $75 million in CARES Act funding for expanding broadband across the state.
  • SB 3049 Mississippi Back-to-Business Liability Assurance and Health Care Emergency Response Liability Protection Act; create — This bill will provide liability protection for individuals, state and local government, associations, for-profit and nonprofit entities, religious and charitable organizations dealing with COVID-19 related issues. It has been sent to the Governor.

The following bills were not taken up by either chamber, but due to the fact that the legislature did not SINE DIE, they are showing that they are still alive.

  • HB 666 Early Learning Collaborative Act of 2013; revise funding and specify teaching standards
  • SB 2286  Gifted education; require school districts to provide for students in Grades 7 and 8 
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The following bills have been signed by the governor.

House Bills:

  • HB 263 School attendance officers; clarify salaries of; Bill History
  • HB 274 HELP Grant Program; align curriculum with changes for college preparatory as required by IHL; Bill History
  • HB 667 Public special purpose schools; clarify provision related to administrative and licensed instructional personnel of; Bill History
  • HB 676 State and School Health Insurance Management Board; authorize State Agency executive heads to designate to serve in his or her capacity; Bill History
  • HB 669 School consolidation; require local school districts to close certain schools within the district of underperforming schools; Bill History
  • HB 751 Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program; remove requirement that the Department of Education administer with the FNMA; Bill History
  • HB 1176 School bus drivers; increase maximum speed limit on interstate highways; Bill History
  • HB 1336 “Mississippi Learn to Earn Act”; enact to authorize the earning of graduation credit through apprenticeships and other alternative courses; Bill History 
  • HB 1439 Sixteenth section lands; revise provisions relating to reports and copies of leases To Secretary of State; Bill History 
  • HB 1577 Hunter safety course; authorize school districts to offer as part of their curriculum; Bill History
  • HB 1647  Local governmental entities and school districts; authorize grant of admin leave with pay in event of certain disasters or emergencies; Bill History

Senate Bills:

House Bills:

These House education bills passed out of a committee but died :

  • HB 278 Sixteen section land; authorizing leasing of certain land by cities/counties for less than minimum percentage of market value under certain circumstances; Bill History
  • HB 341 CTE students; provide tuition-free instruction and increased financial assistance for industry certification assessment; Bill History
  • HB 407 Reverse auction; revise method of receiving bids through for agencies and governing authorities; Bill History  
  • HB 672 State Department of Education; permit to receive various contributions from public or private donors; Bill History 
  • HB 757 School mobile panic button program; require Department of Education to develop and implement in K-12 public schools; Bill History 
  • HB 770 Trauma-Informed Discipline Practices Act; enact to establish procedures to assess and mediate effects of traumatic events in schools; Bill History
  • HB 888 Student club funds; clarify use and accounting practices by school districts; Bill History
  • HB 994 Teacher licensure; revise qualifications for candidates to enter an approved teacher education program; Bill History
  • HB 1139 Community schools; authorize implementation under the administration of a District of Innovation; Bill History
  • HB 1165 Computer science curriculum; require State Department of Education to Implement in K-12 public schools; Bill History
  • HB 1233 School athletic trainers; provide annual salary supplement for those acquiring national certification; Bill History
  • HB 1255 National board certification annual salary supplement; remove cap on the number of nurses and speech-language pathologists eligible for; Bill History
  • HB 1556 Career and technical education; revise curriculum, instructor license requirements and certain assessments; Bill History

Senate Bills:

These Senate education bills passed out of a committee but died:

  • SB 2001 Teachers’ salaries; provide for increase; Bill History 
  • SB 2351 Mississippi High School Activities Association; require to comply with Mississippi Open Meetings Law to receive public funds; Bill History 
  • SB 2395 School board members; increase pay; Bill History
  • SB 2541 State and School Health Insurance Management Board; authorize superintendent of education to name designee; Bill History
  • SB 2864 Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program; revise; Bill History
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