It's Championship Saturday!
Here are today's Matchups:
35+ Mountain
Central Florida vs. South Florida Cubs
1o:00 am...Nationals #4

35+ National
Safe Financial vs. East Coast Cardinals
1:00 pm...Fitteam Stadium

50+ Central
Chicago Oaks Crowned Champions on Friday!

50+ American
Atlanta Saints vs. Diamond Dream Mustangs
10:30 am...Nationals #3

50+ National
Caballeros vs. Tampa Scorpions
9:30 am...Fitteam Stadium

50+ Masters
New Jersey Reds vs. Indiana Cubs
11:00 pm...Nationals #5
Below are a few close-ups from Friday's playoff action!


Photo credits: Elliot Brownstein,
MSBL Freelance Photographer

35+ Division
50+ Division


35+ Division
50+ Division
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