Hello Manhattan Soccer Club! 

I hope you have had a good week and are finding ways to be creative in your soccer development. Today our highlight is Fitness, a major part of our development. When we have challenges of space or location we have to find alternatives, but we can ALWAYS work on our fitness no matter the challenges. In this article you will find different ways to work on your fitness while we are away from the field.
OVERVIEW:  Home High Intensity Workout  
Presented by Madeline McCracken

Madeline is a Professional soccer player currently playing in Germany for FC Cloppenburg . Previous to her professional career, Maddie played for the Boston College and St. Johns women's soccer programs. In addition,Maddie was also a member of the US U16, 17, 19 20 National teams. 
While Maddie is on break from the game during this time she and her roommate work out daily to improve their fitness and strength, creating personal and professional advantages even under difficult circumstances.
Maddie does a quick stair workout that can be done in 30 min or less.

Maddie does a full body workout in her room that provides an additional benefit of raising heart rate. . 
OVERVIEW:  MSC Home Workout   
Presented by Sean Streb    

Our very own Coach Sean Streb, a top flight personal trainer when not on the field for MSC, has put together a 5 day workout program that anyone in the club can use and track progress.
Here's a link to Sean's specially designed workout.

As you get through this workout please report back to your coach or reply to this message if you have any questions about the activities. 

Stay Safe MSC as we get fit together! 

Darren & Patrick
MSC Girls DOC’s