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 Plaskolite will continue to produce the same virtually unbreakable, colorful, innovative and dependable polycarbonate sheet using the same manufacturing processes made from the same Makrolon ® resin that you are accustomed to receiving.


TUFFAK TG polycarbonate sheet is a hard-coated product designed for exceptional durability. This sheet meets stringent Federal Railroad Administration requirements for impact and ballistic performance, abrasion, chemical and UV resistance. TUFFAK TG is available in clear and tints. The terms of the TUFFAK TG Limited Product Warranty is available upon request.

medical solutions
Implantable Polymers
For more than 30 years, Quadrant MediTECH ®  has supplied leading orthopedic implant manufacturers with premium grade UHMW-PE under the  Chirulen ®  and Extrulen TM brand names. Due to their superior physical and mechanical properties, cleanliness and consistency, Chirulen and Extrulen have become the materials of choice for articulating surfaces, helping restore a higher quality of life to millions of patients worldwide.

Chirulen ®  1020
A compression moulded medical grade UHMW-PE made from GUR ®  1020 raw material. It is used for implants like hip, knee, elbow and shoulder. The product is available in sheets, rods, cut-to-sizes or customized preforms.
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EX-CEL EDGE by Jain America
EX-CEL Edge PVC Sheets deliver visual Impact, providing the appearance of a frame, without the need for a frame. Save time and money and ensure the images you print look their best.

Perfect for advertisements, models and prototypes, thermoforming, and digital printing.
How often can you reheat and shape a thermoplastic?
Thermoplastics can be heated, shaped and cooled as often as necessary without causing a chemical change.
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