May 12, 2023

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The Memphis-Shelby County Schools Board Will Announce a Series of Meetings to Possibly Revise & Expand the Search

Memphis, Tenn. - During a three-hour retreat, the Memphis-Shelby County Schools Board members focused on three main areas in the superintendent search process: the policy, the candidate criteria and their individual desires for the next leader. Through the facilitated session by former Memphis City Schools Board member Tomeka Hart Wigginton, the board members signaled that changes to the search firm’s rubric would be needed, and new candidates would potentially be allowed to apply. 

“While we appreciate all of the candidates who are currently in the pool, our board indicated an interest in redefining the candidate rubric and providing an opportunity for interested candidates to apply,” said Stephanie Love, MSCS Board Member, District 3. “Since this was a retreat and not a formal board meeting, no formal action could be taken today.”

The board will poll all members over the next few days and schedule a series of meetings led by Hart Wigginton to finalize the rubric revisions and application timeline.

“The district has not conducted a national superintendent search in over a decade. We acknowledge that mistakes have been made, but we’re getting the process back on track to restore the community’s trust in the board and the future MSCS leader,” said Joyce Dorse-Coleman, MSCS Board Member, District 9. 

The meetings are expected to be announced next week.

About MSCS Board of Education
The Board of Education governs the business operations of Memphis-Shelby County Schools and is comprised of nine (9) elected Board members representing all districts in Shelby County. Through its governance, the Memphis-Shelby County Board of Education is committed to its mission of preparing all students for success in learning, leadership, and life.