‘Twas another year of COVID and all through the State
Many residents were stirring and scared of their fate.
The times are quite daunting
And no one denies the need to be wary
As December goes by.
It’s time to be tested but confusion abounds
Do I get one or two, the cost may astound!
So we peer in the darkness and look for the light
But it also looks like a long winter’s night.
And on the horizon, we do have some hope
This is just not the time to stay home and mope.
On Delta, on Omicron and don’t forget Flu
It may simply seem we don’t have a clue.
But we have the vaccines and new boosters too!
And it’s oh so important to get all for your crew.
So united we stand
DHA* and MSD
As we look to the future it seems bright indeed.
We’re here for you all and
Our wish in the fight:
No viruses at all and to all a good night!
And a safe, happy, and healthy 2022 to all!
Matthew J. Burday, DO

*Delaware Healthcare Association