It has been a long year for us all
But we will stand tall
Together we work to fight this disease among us
And though many have had dis-ease
Of the manner in which things have continued to proceed
We are thankful that many
Have received at least one vaccine

We work together and in support
Of our patients and colleagues
We are a team
And work hard for all
We may feel beleaguered by the events of the day
But this will not sway our conviction
That omicron and others that may come
Will soon be put behind us
We will not be glum but stand tall

2022 will be a new start
A year with hope in our hearts
That the world will be safe and at peace
And we will face any obstacles upfront
And strength, kindness, and thoughtfulness will increase
We are unstoppable

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 2022!

All the best,
Matthew J. Burday, DO