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At MSEF, we are so grateful for the work of teachers and schools to develop young minds AND support science learning both inside and outside the classroom. Gaining the skills to ask questions, think analytically, and problem solve will benefit students no matter what future career path they follow. We also acknowledge the delicate planning that goes into integrating elements of science learning into your yearly. curriculum

So as we start the new school year we wanted to share this appreciation and say


-- and --


If you think of student-led, independent STEM projects as a journey, what are the tools they need for a successful trip? 

  • A map from point A to B
  • The right equipment and tools
  • A guidebook to know what to expect
  • Training to learn the skills and build stamina

MSEF strives to be your partner in supporting student STEM learning. We continue to work to update materials and prerequisites to eliminate barriers to participation in the Fair process to benefit all Middle School and High School students across the state.

  • Follow this Roadmap for an overview of the Science & Engineering Fair experience.

  • Check out the updated 'Resources' page on the website as well as the Fairs pages for project manuals, regional contacts, and FAQs.

While these materials provide a great starting place, don't miss out on the opportunities below and let us know how else we can help.

Upcoming opportunities

Become a member of MSEF's 2023 Science Fair Ready Network and receive program opportunities, training, and materials. Sign up now and request a free 'Classroom Kit' of posters and prompts to foster student curiosity for strong project starts.

Virtual Engagement for teachers

Office Hours for Students - 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, 4pm on zoom. SIGN UP HERE

This is an opportunity for students to ask questions of MSEF about projects, paperwork, and potential resources. 

Check out this student newsletter and help us recruit High School Students for:

  • Ideation Sessions
  • 'Think Tank' Platform
  • BIPOC Coaching

We are so excited to help students across Massachusetts be Science Fair Ready in 2023! 

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Rebekah Stendahl

Program Director

Advancing science and engineering literacy since 1949, the Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair (MSEF) was founded by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, MIT professors, and a group of pioneering K-12 science educators. 

MSEF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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