July 31, 2020
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Dear Colleagues,

We hope that all our members and colleagues are staying healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maryland has recently expanded mask use inside public buildings and at outside events. Masking up has been crucial to the health and safety of ourselves and our patients. We want to hear from you about how you are dealing with seeing patients in these times. We want to share your photos and experiences with our members and colleagues. Send us a photo of you suited up at work in your PPE or send us a note about how you have been handling the challenges of caring for patients during COVID. Send submissions to Sophie Pumphrey at  spumphrey@medchi.org

Why do you mask up?
"I mask up for my 100 year old wise patient"
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Stay healthy,
Renee Bovelle, MD
MSEPS President
Aetna Drops Avastin PA Requirement

MSEPS took action with the AAO by signing on to a letter to Aetna sharing ophthalmology’s concerns regarding new prior authorization requirements for Avastin. With the Academy and other societies raising concerns about the threat to patients during the pandemic, Aetna agreed on Wednesday to drop its Avastin prior authorization requirement almost a month after enacting the policy. Read more about the successful effort

Virtual Events
The Approach to the Swollen Nerve: CME Webinar by the Retina Group of Washington
August 10, 2020 - As part of RGW’s commitment to the ophthalmology community, we are pleased to offer another exciting CME Course.
You must register online to receive CME credit for this course. Registration Deadline is August 7th.

Disclaimer: MSEPS does not endorse the organizations sponsoring linked websites or events, and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer. 
MSEPS Presents: The Ophthalmology 20/20 CME
Webinar Series
August 20, 2020 - We are happy to work with MedEdicus to provide this MIGS CME program for members and non-members. To register, log in to your MedEdicus account, or create a new account.

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Calling All Residents and Fellows!

Did you know that membership to MSEPS for residents and fellows is complimentary? MSEPS wants to invite all residents and fellows from Maryland and DC programs to join MSEPS.

How do residents and fellows benefit for being MSEPS members?
  • Complimentary registration to our annual conference.
  • Access to resident focused programming and our scientific programming at our annual conference.
  • Poster contest with cash prizes at our annual conference.
  • Access to events with our Young Ophthalmologists geared toward new physicians.
  • Participation in eye screening day in Annapolis. Learn about how MSEPS advocates in Maryland and provide eye screenings to lawmakers and their staff.
  • Opportunities for leadership roles on our board and with conference planning.

Take advantage of complimentary membership! Join today!
July 31, 2020

Dear MedChi Members and Maryland Physicians:

I hope you have a pleasant weekend, but first, here's what we want to share with you today:


  • MedChi Committee on Ethics & Judicial Affairs and the Center For a Healthy Maryland presents “Lessons Learned: Ethical Dilemmas Faced During The COVID-19 Pandemic” on Thursday, September 24 at 6:00 pm. RSVP to Josette Fullard or reach out for more details.



  • Congress is currently considering the next round of coronavirus legislation as the nation continues to struggle with the pandemic. MedChi and the American Medical Association are urging Congress to expand Medicare accelerated and advanced payments; address Medicare and Medicaid payment policy; include direct financial support to help sustain physician practices through the COVID-19 crisis; permanently lift the geographic and site restrictions on telehealth technologies; institute broader liability protection for physicians and clinicians as they continue their front-line fight against COVID-19; and provide federal assistance for the purchase of PPE. With the August recess looming, Congress must act now to protect patient access to care by preserving the viability of physician practices as part of the nation's essential health care system. Learn more here and join the fight by contacting your legislators and participating in a virtual meeting with your congressional delegation.


  • We are aware of several services for physicians and other health care providers who would be interested in stress relief services during the time of the pandemic. The Physician Support Line was launched on March 30 to provide free counseling to doctors facing challenges during the pandemic. Its website describes it as a “national, free, and confidential support line service made up of 600+ volunteer psychiatrists, joined together in the determined hope to provide peer support for our physician colleagues as we all navigate the COVID-19 epidemic.” More information is available at the website. The support line can be reached at 1-888-409-0141. Physicians in Maryland are reminded that stress or other issues can also be addressed by appointment through the Maryland Physicians Health Program, 410-962-5580 or 800-992-7010.
We are your advocate and your resource, and we're here for anything you need . Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for all that you do as physicians, healers, and heroes.

Gene Ransom
MedChi CEO

Telehealth Resources

Backline from Dr. First is a Telehealth platform used by MedChi's CTO and can be used by any physician.

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