March 25, 2020

Dear Colleagues
With things changing rapidly, we want to make sure that all Maryland ophthalmologists are aware of the most recent news affecting your practices. We will be monitoring the recently passed federal stimulus bill to ensure that physician practices are included. Below you will find updates due to COVID-19 and useful information.Regardless of membership status, MedChi has offered to be a resource for all Maryland physicians. Please visit the MedChi website or contact them as needed. Visit the AAO website for updates as well.


We are with you and will continue to forge ahead! 

Stay Safe & Healthy
Renee Bovelle, MD
MSEPS President

Extended 2019 MIPS Deadline and COVID-19 Exemption

Health care providers have an extra month to submit data for the 2019 Merit-Based Payment System after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services extended the March 31 deadline to April 30 .
If you have already completed your 2019 MIPS submission of two or more performance categories or do so by April 30, you will be scored and receive a MIPS payment adjustment in 2021.
Please direct any questions to
Sti mulus Package Sign on Letter

MedChi has signed on to a letter to Congressional leadership regarding inclusion of support for physician practices in any economic stimulus package.

Dear MedChi Members and Maryland Physicians:
MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, believes that all physicians need accurate, updated, and local information and tools to address the COVID-19 public health emergency. Publications and alerts that are typically shared only with members are currently available to all physicians during this crisis. MedChi is partnering with the State of Maryland, healthcare institutions, and public health officials to address this crisis. We ask you to freely share our information and resources with your colleagues. 
We are all in this together. MedChi is committed to ALL Maryland patients and ALL Maryland physicians in this crisis. Regardless of your membership status, we are working to support you through the COVID-19 crisis. 
If you need anything, please reach out to MedChi. 
Here's what we want you to know today:
  • Register here for today's all-physician call at 5:00 pm with Howard Haft, MD, and the Maryland Department of Health.
  • Please take this important and very brief telehealth survey to help us determine how best to help you.
  • The AMA, AHA, and ANA have issued a joint open letter urging citizens to stay home.
Please reach out to us if you have questions or if there are specific resources you are looking for. Thank you for all that you do as physicians and healers.
Gene Ransom
MedChi CEO
Update From MSEPS Lobbyists

Dear Members:
 On March 23, 2020, Secretary Neall sent out a Directive/Order regarding elective and non-urgent care procedures and appointments. A subsequent flowchart was posted on the COVID-19 response website to assist physicians and other practitioners in determining what would be considered an elective or non-urgent care matter. 

Danna L. Kauffman
Schwartz, Metz and Wise, P.A.

COVID-19 Device Cleaning Procedures
Several companies have reached out with instructions on proper cleaning methods for their devices.

Zeiss Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Ophthalmic Devices

Haag Streit Octopus Perimeters Considerations for Cleaning to Lower Risk of Transmission of COVID-19

Haag Streit Slit Lamp Considerations for Cleaning to Lower Risk of Transmission of COVID-19
Telehealth Resources
Backline from Dr. First is a Telehealth platform used by MedChi's CTO and can be used by any physician.

Online telehealth Course:  Learn how to implement telemedicine into your practice now. Today until March 31, 2020, MSEPS members will receive and $150 discount. Use the promo code MARYLAND to receive the discount.

Maryland Healthcare Commission
Broadening Telehealth During a Public Health Emergency

MedChi's offers telehealth billing and coding guidelines

MedChi Telehealth FAQs
Financial Resources
Resources to Help Your Small Business Survive the Coronavirus 

Maryland Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Relief Loan Fund

Maryland Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant Fund
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