Dr. McCormick, of the Southeast Missouri Society of Hospital Pharmacy, attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City then completed PGY1 at Truman Medical Center- Hospital Hill in Kansas City and PGY2 Internal Medicine at the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia. During her PGY2 interests analysis, she marked "neurology" as her second lowest interest. After residency, DR. McCormick was hired to build a service in the neurosciences intensive care unit of University of Missouri and fell in love with the subject and has been working in neurosciences ever since! She currently works as clinical pharmacy specialist in neurosciences and surgical services. She loves the ability to work closely as a multi-disciplinary team, making decisions that impact a patient's care, and working closely with medication safety. This allows Dr. McCormick to feel as though she's impacting pharmacy practice not only at an individual patient level, but an institutional level. She is the current president of SEMSHP and the practice and research network (PRN) central nervous system chair-elect with ACCP. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, dancing, and singing with her toddler, spending time with her husband, and watching the Food Network and Friends reruns. She loves anything Marvel and the Kansas City Chiefs!