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MSNJ Member COVID-19 Update
MSNJ is saddened to learn that long time MSNJ member, Dr. Arthur Sherbin has passed away. He was 90 years old. Governor Murphy recognized Dr. Sherbin during his daily briefing on Friday. Please see his obituary here .
A Message from MSNJ President, Marc J. Levine, MD
Dear Colleagues,    
We have come so very far in this time of COVID-19. We have seen hospitals fill with critical care patient needs. We have seen scarcity of resource guidelines created, but fortunately never needed. We have seen our country answer the call to duty by outproducing the need for ventilators. We have seen United States Naval hospital ships sail into ports on both sides of our country. Social distancing has become the norm, but we have remained steadfast and creative in staying connected. Testing is on the rise, and drug treatments and vaccines are moving forward utilizing the best and brightest minds in medicine. Most importantly, we as physicians have not hesitated to treat each and every patient, despite the fact that we are oftentimes putting ourselves in harm’s way.

Last week, I had the honor of testifying before the New Jersey Senate for which I, on behalf of MSNJ, are extremely grateful.  Senate President Sweeney invited myself and five others to testify regarding the condition of healthcare in New Jersey, and Deputy Majority Leader Paul A. Sarlo chaired the hearing. I came away from these hearings incredibly impressed with the concern that these civil servants and other state senators had with the health of our profession, as well as the health of New Jersey residents. 

For those who did not have the opportunity to see the proceedings or read the transcript, some distinct issues were discussed during this meeting: 
  • There was a strong emphasis on the importance of opening up healthcare for non-COVID illnesses, acknowledging that there may be negative outcomes if we delay diagnosis and treatment any further.
  • We discussed the critical need for affordable PPEs for both physician practices and hospitals as well as the importance of instilling confidence in our patients that they may safely visit their physician or go to the emergency room when needed. 
  • Additionally, we discussed the tremendous sacrifice and selflessness of our frontline providers, and the unfortunate burn out and post traumatic effects that these individuals may experience. With this recognition comes the tremendous responsibility of creating programs and support for those in need.
  • The usefulness of telemedicine was lauded, as it has become a helpful tool for physicians and a secondary option for diagnosis and treatment during these uncertain times. However, it was made abundantly clear that while useful, telemedicine is not a substitution for face-to-face patient assessment and encounters. 
  • The economic strain on private practices, both large and small, with increased cost to practice in the future is very disconcerting. This issue, with all its complexities, was understood and acknowledged by all – and the idea that many of these practices will not be able to come back and operate without further assistance is becoming an unfortunate, harsh reality with each passing day. 

The road to healthcare recovery will not be an easy one, nor will it take place with the “flip of a switch.” But, MSNJ is here to support both our doctors and patients on that journey. I have heard from many physicians who have had their practices modified, incomes drastically adjusted and, in some cases, have been unexpectedly furloughed by large corporate entities, both physician and private equity owned. This disruption in services has greatly impacted and adversely effected the delivery of care in New Jersey, as patients have been guided to seek care in other states. MSNJ will continue to support all physicians across the state, providing guidance, advocacy and assistance when it is needed most.

As a profession, we need to be ready for a possible resurgence of COVID-19. As I stated at the Senate hearings – WE ARE READY. We have responded to this COVID-19 crisis as physicians in a manner that would have made each of our mentors proud. We have worked with both federal and state governments, led by President Trump nationally and on a state level with Governor Murphy. We have built bridges with hospital systems and other healthcare providers. Our supplies of ventilators and PPE for future needs are now in abundance. As professionals, we have not only treated, but have also learned.

We recognize the need to resume now and continue on caring for non-COVID health issues. We are healers and students of medicine for life. WE ARE READY.


Marc J. Levine, MD
President, Medical Society of New Jersey
COVID-19 Updates & Resources
NJAASC Testing Issues Reporting Tool
The NJ Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers developed a reporting tool for all Ambulatory Surgery Centers to record issues with COVID-19 patient pre-testing.
Register Now: Lunch & Learn Webinar Series - COVID-19 Conversations: Legal Issues for NJ’s Healthcare Community
Presented by Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP in collaboration with the Medical Society of New Jersey, New Jersey Hospital Association, and the New Jersey Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Part 1: Delivering Healthcare in a COVID-19 World: What Providers Should Know to Adjust and Adapt to the Pandemic
June 17 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
With predictions of a likely second surge in the coming months, we will cover a variety of topics to help providers adapt their businesses and position themselves for the “new normal.”

Part 2: The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Industry Employers and Next Steps
June 24 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
A timely review of employment law issues related to compliance and operations—and our thoughts about what healthcare industry employers can expect to see going forward.

Part 3: Insurance Coverage Issues and Defending Your Rights in the Age of COVID-19
July 1 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
A review of claims and coverage, both as an insured claiming against policies written before COVID-19, and as the holder of rights under health insurance policies issued to patients with pandemic-related healthcare expenses.
Assistance on Employee Benefits Programs and Business Insurance Policies
COVID-19 changed many aspects of how we do business and run our practices. Many regulatory changes were made to your employee benefits programs and other business insurance policies. It's important to make sure your policies are up to date and you are in compliance. Call us at 732-904-8951 if you need assistance.
KN95 Masks
MSNJ has compiled some resources for purchasing KN95 masks.
Please note: The following companies and its manufacturers have not been vetted by MSNJ. These are simply resources available. Please use your own judgment when placing an order.
US Ophthalmic
KN95 Masks: Packs of 10
1-30: $29.50
31-100: $27.00
101-500: $25.00
501-1000: $24.00
1001+: $22.00
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AdvoWaste Medical Services
KN95 Masks:
$195 per box 50 masks/box
2 box min per order
Full line of PPE gear in stock and ready to ship.
Click here to see the available PPE products and order form.
MSNJ Surveys
Counterfeit Masks Reporting Portal
MSNJ is trying to help get PPE distributed to physician practices throughout NJ. We would like to hear from you if you have purchased fraudulent masks and if you have paid more for masks since prior to COVID-19. Report here .
MSNJ COVID-19 Impact Survey
MSNJ is conducting a survey to determine the impact of COVID-19 on physician practices. Answer survey questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 on staff reductions, the need for PPE, education, and telemedicine issues so it can be brought up with legislators and government administrators and used to help us get medical practices reopened. Please note: this survey was previously fielded by Rockpointe in partnership with MSNJ. If you have already responded to this survey, there is no need to respond again.
HHS Provider Payments Survey
MSNJ would like to hear about your overall experience with the HHS provider portal to receive payments. Please take our short survey .
The MSNJ Risk Advisor
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MSNJ Medical Student Section Update - COVID-19
MSNJ is proud to support the COVID-19 New Jersey Medical Student Coalition and their efforts to bring together medical students from across the state to provide aid to hospitals and healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about the Coalition's extraordinary efforts.
Please continue to support the NJ COVID-19 Medical Student Coalition.
Donate and get involved! More information on the Coalition is listed below below.
Neil Jain (left), Immediate-Past Chair of the MSNJ Medical Student Section (MSS), started a Medical Student Coalition to collect medical supplies such as N95/99 masks, face shields, sterile gloves, latex gloves, protective eye wear, as well as other necessary supplies for NJ hospitals state wide. They have partnered with MSNJ and MSNJ-MSS on this initiative. We applaud them on their outstanding efforts! Check out their  website   for more information and to donate.
Virtual Education
MSNJ Member Discount: Endocannabinoid Educational Learning System
Medical Cannabis Deemed “Essential” and “Life-Sustaining”
In the current COVID-19 environment, state governments recognize medical cannabis as essential and life sustaining for many different qualifying medical conditions reinforcing the need for essential ECS knowledge. MSNJ has partnered with Havas ECS to give MSNJ members a 10% discount on their Educational Learning System which offers a 12 CME Credit Certification in Endocannabinoid Medicine.

When purchasing these modules, please register using the email address that MSNJ has on file.
NJ Spotlight Roundtable Recording: Medical Ethics During COVID-19
Free CME Activity: Identifying PTSD in the Community
Click here for more information and to access the activity.
AMA Physician Burnout & Wellness CME Course
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