MSP Accelerator
Critical-Crucial-Cool Concepts for
MSPs and Channel Partners to Accelerating Revenue, Managing Costs and Improving Customer Gain-Retain Cycles
including Improving Customer Support
5 Key Benefits of a Learning Management System for Sales Via - Click on image for Video, here is a sneak peak:
A Learning Management System or LMS is increasingly a cloud platform to create and distribute educational and training materials, both internally and externally.
A LMS manages multimedia assets to convey messages about products, processes, or organizations.
A LMS is often the global corporate repository of all sales training modules.
A LMS is also educational database while each department has the means to create and add their classes.
Often, these modules conclude with a brief quiz to assess the user’s understanding of the material.
An LMS can create an effective sales training and employee onboarding process.
Along with channel partners and their staff all kinds of classes and certifications.
This helps them sell faster, easier and with less effort.
Including via smartphone "tools and tips" as they ready themselves for customer presentations.
An LMS can.
1. Provide product education to customers that increases retention.
2. Introduce company lifestyle and perks to potential partners.
3. Train employees and partners on internal processes and product benefits.
4. Provide easily repeatable processes.
5. Encourage sales by providing ideas for customer solutions.
A LMS can provide interactive games for testing or just fun.
Called gamification, it is the process of using games, or game elements, to promote learning.
Bottom-line - A LMS provides an effective onboarding and education experience for everyone.
Plus, an easy great way to increase retention and, in turn, boost sales.
Learn more at
Click on the image for the video - scroll down the page to view it - if its a bit slow - we are upgrading the cloud platform as we speak.
SocialStreamingTV - Private-Label "TalkTalk" Podcasting or
Music Video Network

There are many great audio-only podcasting features (add video later) inside SocialStreamingTV such as:

1 - Private you only "Captain's Log" audio only recordings and podcasts - record, schedule if you like and then post and promote your audio only and audio plus music recordings.

2 - Invitational private audio only podcasts - invite your team, friends, social media fans for a chat - record and .

3 - Public open group "town hall" audio only podcasts where anyone can talk or chat - probably a big noisy stadium with a random special use of the world's favorite work beginning with f.. or something else to make it really interesting.

4 - Streaming audio only podcast where you talk out like a crusader for a cause or emergency broadcast but users can still chat with you - talk without being interrupted by haglers

5 - Virtual events - more like webinars for classroom lectures or team updates.

All events can be saved, transcribed to text and then used as needed.

It is all there now and you can add video to turn whatever you are doing into music videos at anytime. Email to start your own radio network.
Top-10 Gaining-Retaining Onsite & Virtual Event Revenues and Attendees "Forever"
Hotels, Hospitality, Resorts, Convention, Amusement Parks, Visitor Centers and many other venues
Turn "Outsider-Coming-In" Revenues into
"Insider-Going-Outside" Hybrid Event Revenues
The issues and answers are below and click on image for the 2-minute video.
Here are 10 ways to increase revenues and real ROI for your onsite and hybrid events.
To begin with stop thinking about "one and done" now everything is always-on forever.
1 - Add special CTA Calls To Action - to get traction start with a great call to action - bundles of any kind for onsite and online thought collaborators.
2 - Add pre- and post-recordings of presentations - make the virtual event the means for industry thought leadership.
Flip the room as turning speakers and attendees into collaborators seeking solutions together.
3 - Add private branded videos and podcasts - add weekly and even daily breaking news plus add post event paper subscriptions - exhibitor sponsored ongoing events, white papers, webinars and more.
4 - Add ongoing multi-event subscriptions - collaborators are not one-dimensional why should you event be.
Add-on pre and post personal products and travel.
5 - Add ongoing content news subscriptions - collaborators don't have one technology to manage, look at all the ones that need to work together.
6 - Add special product offers - get your vendors to work together for "happy meal" bundles.
7 - Produce video "clips" - quick videotized products for any event to the wildest possibility.
8 - Build a network news marketplace - turn the event into a global solutions "farmers market."
9 - Upsell everything - add luxury items to personal lifestyle products.
10 - Cross sell - look "across" the complete industry landscape and ask collaborators "what else" do they need.

Bottom-line - the world is a flat online marketplace network where events can come from anywhere anytime into a global network of thought leaders with speakers collaborating with those seeking and needing innovative thoughts to maximize their own business ROI. If you ready to get started on accelerating revenues, increasing revenues and gaining new revenues - click here.
ABOUT - Social Streaming TV is an innovative on demand video streaming virtual events platform. Virtual and hybrid video streaming events will be the new business communications meeting medium. For internal, trade shows, sales and customer meetings and customer presentations. Along with a video content "marketplace" to navigate increasingly complex public presence, technologies and markets. Social Streaming TV can be privately branded for "your tube" business video efforts.

Explore this and more at
VideotizeIT Business Videos for Press, Partners, Products for TikTok & Social Media + Free Offer + 150 Examples
Here are two examples of both formats:
Vonage Cloud Migration Guide - Desktop version -- Mobile version

6 Vital Concepts on Short Form Videos via Hubspot -- Desktop version -- Mobile version

Distribution and Streaming Platforms
VideotizeIT videos are just part of the effort. We can distribute your videos across multiple global video networks including VirtualGlobalTV, ChannelPartner.TV, VideoNewsNetworks, and others. We can also promote your video to 25K members on Linkedin profile and Linkedin groups.

Private YourTube Platform
Want to go farther, get your own live streaming, ondemand, newsfeed, virtual events, customer service video DoorBell(tm), video meetings, GetTogether video with no downloads or logins required and smartphone independent platform.

Partner Program
In support of marketing, PR, advertising, social media and other marketing teams, we offer program that as you will see can provide immediate and long term MRR-monthly recurring revenue for exciting and innovative video streaming, video meetings, virtual events, social media, text messaging and more platform.

Get started today at as we can also promote your company to 25K to 100K+ on Linkedin.
Here are VideotizeIT Video Press Releases
in desktop and mobile (great for TikTok).
Advantages and Disadvantages of VideotizeIT Videos

As a result of feedback from a number of people, we developed this short list.

- Fast time to market - production in hours, even minutes, not weeks or even months
- Re-write and re-produced in different formats such as Desktop or Tiktok in less than one hour
- Publish quickly on Twitter, Linkedin, YT, FB, IG and TikTok along company website and others
- Have backup videos ready for crisis conditions, new product releases, PR 
- Have companion videos for blog products, partner content, press, investors, etc.
- Yes, you can use your own video clips, images and voiceovers 

- Yes, the audio is automated yet it again saves days or weeks in getting voice over completed and with zero additional cost.
- No, its not hollywood but the cost of $70 a month for unlimited videos as well as upgrades to even better Getty movie clips
- Not everyone is going to like them but the technology and production values will always get better.
Let us know what you think at
Here are just some of the New Business Video News with more than 180 on along with and
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· - 7 Winning Playbooks Customers for Growth
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ChannelTechTalk Disrupts the Traditional Text Press Releases with Video-First Press Releases.
TORONTO - ChannelTechTalk (CTT), the newswire division of eChannelNEWS and publisher TechnoPlanet Productions Inc, announces a new first-ever service called Video Press Releases (VPR) to better disseminate content to journalists and news outlets as well as end-customers. Since the beginning of news, companies have been using traditional text-based press releases to inform journalists and news outlets. Today is the dawn of the digital transformation of news releases in the digital-first World. 
ChannelTechTalk breaks through the limited text barrier to begin not just hosting and distributing content but by producing the news in a multimedia format. "VPR-video press releases are next level to what people read and see today," noted Julien Lee. "The goal is to present the news in a vibrant, thoughtful, insightful and engaging way with a short form video to supplement text-only news releases." 
Typically, journalists would read press releases and write an article, add some quotes or talk to the people mentioned and maybe add a pic or two. But, before they get to this point they have to find the time to scan hundreds of press releases to find the few that are interesting and relevant to their audience. All press releases look alike. Most press releases are overlooked. Attached press release documents are also being blocked as companies implement more stringent cyber security measures with e-mails.
With VPR, the recipient can click to watch a short video (from any device) without downloading anything. The integrated visualizations with voice-overs and captions delivers the message faster and more effectively. Much easier for the recipient to decide what to cover. Links to contacts and more information are just a click away.
We are not in the business of creating press releases for companies. Your PR firm should continue doing the traditional press releases with the important work of highlighting the important messages and then send it to us to process into a VPR. We send a link to view and leverage the VPR. Anyone can access and view the VPRs on this portal.
Moreover, the vendors’ partners will also be able to repurpose the same VPR content for their digital marketing campaigns and other social network sharing. 
CTT takes the time to truly understand and build upon the news content in a fast-engaging and important short-form format. CTT can go far beyond the typical press release VPR production, submission and distribution. CTT’s team can dig deep into the company, comparing competitors, doing additional research into the technology and industry to convert your press release into newsworthy content. 

Click on the image below to see how we converted this traditional press release into a VPR.
Julian Lee adds, “People don't have time to read mountains of text and techno-babble filled white papers or technical manuals. So vendors need to reduce the decision-making time and process for journalists as well as the target audiences - VPRs get you much closer to this sweet-spot.”  
CTT-VPR videos are produced in both desktop 16:9 and smartphone 9:16 formats so any device consumption is offered. There are also many benefits to the visually impairment and deaf community providing them with audio content on top of the visual captions.
Since CTT is a sister-division of eChannelNEWS, VPR videos can also be viewed by our vibrant channel community of partners that also include hundreds of tech journalists. There is an option to get your VPR featured on to drive more awareness.
"Bottom-line - a new approach to news content management along with analysis, production and distribution is absolutely needed in an increasingly complex digital-first global marketplace. We recognize that this concept is ever-evolving, and we will evolve as well," Lee added.
To learn more and see examples of video press release visit
About e-ChannelNews
e-ChannelNews continues to be a leading news source for the IT channel. We deliver important industry insider’s information and trends that help the channel to build business and overcome challenges. Our subscribers receive 3 digital newsletter updates every week. Learn more at, and

Video Newswire Division
TechnoPlanet Productions Inc.
Tel: 905-839-0603 ext. 247
Post On YourMSPTube, not YouTube
Tired of all the ads on YouTube, get your own Private Branded YourTube Platform
2022 VGTV-Virtual Global TV Media Kit
Provide your own or we build one for you (banner is 1500x150) See Explore More Today in image to the right with a strong CTA-call to action recommended on VGTV in 5-second intervals up to 20 seconds - $300 for 5-seconds per month with discounts available for annual placement.
We are glad to do a free 1-2 minute video on your solutions, just email a website landing page here. 

You can also visit for more than 120+ quick 1-2 minute "short form" videos in either 16:9 desktop or 9:16 mobile format (default format with another format for extra fee). Note: 9:16 works for TikTok and Linkedin supports both. We then build videos for you from scripts ((no more than 1,500 characters including spaces not including title) provided by you or send a landing page and provide you a draft for approval within 24 hours 7-days a week. Once the script is approved, a draft video will be provided at no cost or obligation. Once video approved and payment received, video will be included on VGTV website for 30-day intervals up to one year. Fees are $300.00 for each video for 30-days with special value offers available for annual placement and purchase of video for royalty-free use. Indepth business and technology article and video script writing is also available.
Here are two examples of both formats:
Vonage Cloud Migration Guide - Desktop version -- Mobile version
6 Vital Concepts on Short Form Videos via Hubspot -- Desktop version -- Mobile version

Get access and start streaming anytime to unlimited users with multiple simultaneous channels for your business training, events, press, investor, product announcements, and more. Stream from a studio or smartphone. Recordings are saved, can be transcribed and posted on VGTV anytime. Multiple simultaneous channels are available. Fees are flexible including flat-fee for long-term buyers.
For a minor monthly fees post your videos or news content, do "live" streaming, hold virtual events/webinars on one of all of these channels VNN-Video News Networks with yours including,,, ChannelPartner.TV and a growing list of others.

BYOP-build your own platform aka "Private YourTube" or "Business TikTok" with unlimited business video meetings, unlimited audio podcasting, virtual events, simultaneous video streaming, newsfeed, content management system library with a customized user interface on a unique domain name with modest setup, video development, banner management and maintenance for annual purchases. Contact to discuss and a demo.

Combine your "YourTube" channel platform with other VNN-Video News Networks with yours including,,, ChannelPartner.TV and a growing list of others.

All networks are promoted on Linkedin to more than 25K fans every week via Profile and Linkedin Groups such as these as the Owner Virtual Enterprise Video Streaming News Podcasts Hybrid Events Virtual Events ShortForm, Virtual Meetings | Virtual Events, AI User Forum, and other Linkedin groups as quests.

Get a BOGO, special offer or discount, call for bundles of banners, videos, channels, training and more. Get your own FREE branded private branded platform with as few as one custom paid video per week.

Contact Tom Cross at or 303-594-1694 and connect on Linkedin. All content is subject to editorial review before final publication. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Pricing confirmed by written proposal. Version 214
You will find these News Videos throughout the growing group of Video News Networks including:

If you are interested in getting your own video streaming news, events, meetings, podcasting, and much more - email
DoorBell Rings in New Award

Along with amazing new reviews:

"Makes a website engaging making the company fun." D.T. - CMO

"Seriously, this is a 'must-have' for every website." S.C. - Webmaster

"Changes the way I can get help simple solving my problem faster." - G.R.
Support Manager

"Frankly, helps engage with customers faster at their pace and need, making sales faster." R.T. - CRO

"DoorBell brings real ROI by helping gain a new one or not losing even one customer." J.T. - MSP

“DoorBellTV is a cool customer-centric critical communications solution for any omnichannel contact center as well as the smallest organization seeking to provide enhanced customer communications,” noted Evan Kirstel expert and thought leader in Unified (UCaaS) and Contact Center (CCaaS) communications follow at @evankirstel and on Linkedin.

Click here to get DoorBell for your business today.
DoorBellTVTM is the world's first* website video doorbell. DoorBellTV accelerates beyond annoying, bothersome and often programmed answer chatbots. Connect live with a live virtual agent to see and talk or just talk with a real person to help you with your needs, problems and questions. Home video doorbells are easy, cheap and functional, but there is nothing like it anywhere ever seen for websites. Social Streaming TV (SSTV) video DoorBellTV is designed for ease of use with a "ringing bell" and SSTV customer support/admin answer with a private video or audio conference call. If no one is available or busy, DoorBellTV button is now shown on the website.

With literally millions of websites where absolute "nothing happens" with no interaction, engagement, boring content and nearly impossible ways to contact for help, DoorBellTV changes the paradigm from a "stonewall" into a "welcome home," "home sweet home," hotel "night bell" experience by being able to talk to a live person in seconds, not getting routed through the typical "phone tree maze" ending up with voice mail or worse disconnected. DoorBellTV is integrated into SocialStreamingTV video streaming, news feed, content library, and virtual events and more "Private YouTube" platform.  

DoorBellTV is available for demo anytime on (note: if no agent is available, DoorBellTV button will not appear) If you are interested in a private demo, please email or call 303-594-1694.
*we believe though if you know one let us know.
AI User Forum Conference on Communications AI (ConComAI)
New Sponsor and Program Announcements
AI User Forum announced Vonage as Gold Sponsor and UCXtech as Bronze Sponsors of ConComAI - Vonage is the top global AI in communications giving partners and customers the ability to build AI enhanced self serving interactions that engage every caller in natural language. Vonage via SocialStreamingTV will be the video streaming platform to power the ConComAI event globally.
UCXtech is a leading Channel Management Platform for Ecommerce - Manage your network of distributors and resellers and all your channel sales in one centralized location. To be a speaker, submit an AIQ Awards submission or become a market leader sponsor go here:
The AI User Forum AIQ Award Winner for Best In AI Goes to….
Call for ConComAI Content & Awards

Sponsored by AI User Forum - This is a call for content including video and other formats on solutions, AIQ Award submissions and sponsors for the Conference on Communications (ConComAI) Symposium and AIQ Awards on August 10-11, 2022 hybrid and live in Boulder, Colorado.

The theme is Conference on Communications Live, OnDemand, Hybrid, Virtual, Digital and the Future including Contextual Content Communications, AI and the Unknown. Click on image to get going.
DoorBellTVTM is the world's first* website video doorbell. DoorBellTV accelerates beyond annoying, bothersome and often AI programmed answer chatbots without any humans being online. Connect live with a live virtual agent to see and talk or just talk with a real person to help you with your needs, problems and questions. Home video doorbells are easy, cheap and functional, but there is nothing like it anywhere ever seen for websites. Social Streaming TV (SSTV) video DoorBellTV is designed for ease of use with a "ringing bell" and SSTV customer support/admin answer with a private video or audio conference call. If no one is available or busy, DoorBellTV button is now shown on the website.

With literally millions of websites where absolute "nothing happens" with no interaction, engagement, boring content and nearly impossible ways to contact for help, DoorBellTV changes the paradigm from a "stonewall" into a "welcome home," "home sweet home," hotel "night bell" experience by being able to talk to a live person in seconds, not getting routed through the typical "phone tree maze" ending up with voice mail or worse disconnected. DoorBellTV is integrated into SocialStreamingTV video streaming, news feed, content library, and virtual events and more "Private YouTube" platform.  

DoorBellTV is available for demo anytime on (note: if no agent is available, DoorBellTV button will not appear) If you are interested in a private demo, please email or call 303-594-1694.
*we believe though if you know one let us know.
MSP Website Failure !
Is your MSP website losing you customers?
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You wonder if website owners ever look at their websites at all or ever. I do know company executives who have never gone through their website except for the home page. They would never admit they have no idea what the company does, as that "is not their job." You wonder what they think a website is for, how to really help customers figure out what they sell and ultimately, they don't really care. There are many reasons with the easiest answer is that "it's marketing's job to do that and I have no influence over what they do anyway." Having interviewed more than thirty executives, users, marketing professionals, web designers, press, analysts and others as to what the function of a website is. There answers confound the mind as like the "elephant in the dark" no one or even a few seem to have the same opinion as to the purpose and function of a website. Website builders also come in all forms and like building architects, as I have also interviewed architects about the buildings they design, who are not really interested in what goes on "inside" the building. Like architects who are only interested in the form but not the function of a building, web designers are really only interested in the "look and feel" of the UI-user interface, rarely if ever about the content or the viewer or persona.
Here is an example of bad technobabble approach of a MSP website with a better Solutions approach which would be integrated with a personas approach discussed in the Answer section of this article.
Website navigation is also an issue as web designers argue over how to take the viewer from one place to another and back again. Home or main pages seem to run the gamut of tabs across the top, side and some put everything at the bottom (as they don't know where else to put it). Content is also structured not by persona but by technology focusing on what they sell first and what, why or how the customer will use the technology or solution as that is someone else's problem. They sell CRM, PRM, SDWAN, UCaaS, Cloud (whatever that is), AI (or artificial intelligence tossed into every product salad like crumpets) and so on with the content assuming the viewer knows all that and how all that will fit into what they have without ever asking them what they are looking for.
Speaking of "in search of" here is a MSP website with no Search bar which should be a mandatory feature of all websites.
If you are in doubt about website design, then look no farther than Google which is frankly, a great example of minimalist approach to websites.
The answer is that marketing people often don't, in fairness, really know what the company sells or does as much as they should. As a result, they focus on what they know how to do such as branding, graphics, events, webinars and all the other "stuff" as you can see here. Meanwhile the "persona" struggles and slogs their way through the website until they often give up and just ask for a demo, white paper or something they can show their boss what the company does. Here comes a key point the person sent to gather all this info from often far too many companies is not the decision-maker. These people are often not even on the committee who decides what to do. They gather the information, organize it as best they know how and may if lucky, present the findings. The committee depending on the size of the company could be just the Owner or tens of people organized in groups by departments impacted as often necessary. Consultants are often used by many to get a "second or third" opinion. Outside advisor’s aka friends and family are also involved as even a second cousin may have or know the product. 
The point is that you will never know who all is involved in evaluating your solution, the key is to prepare to sell all of them as best you can.
The Answer - for those who have been kind enough to read the previous or those who "jumped into the deep end of the pool" here's the answer - design the website not by technology but by persona. 

Start with Job Title which provides both the marketing person, technical SME-subject matter expert and others guidance on what and how they need to provide the information. For example, the CEO is not interested in "how to" operate it but whether it will cause the collapse of the company. The CFO wants to know the ROI, TCO, value prop, KPI and other factors, etc. That means you write and design the content for each persona. 
Then by Function as the solution may be used in one department or across many departments. 
Then by Customer Solution, this is not your solution but how your solution will be used by the company in their own customer solutions (if applicable) or how is your product a "must have" to help them gain and retain their customers. 
Then by Content/Context, this gets a little harder as you are drilling down into what are the real benefits of your solution in helping the customer in specific areas of their business. 
Finally, by Technology, as you have often seen customers don't want or need more technology as many say they want less of it as there are just too many moving parts that often break ending up in finger-pointing situations with multiple vendors. 
Lastly of course, you can "build your own" approach to personas design but this works and is submitted for your consideration. There is much more but this is a little more than Gettysburg Address (271 words) which is my model for keeping articles shorter. Want more email me for more.
Bottom-line - website design is very hard and getting harder along with a key point that like fitness "it's not one and done" as daily website maintenance keeps the "bread fresh" rather than old stale boring content. Designers need to move from behind the "curtain" and build powerful personal experiences to make the efforts worthwhile in terms of real ROI/TCO to the company rather than just "flashes in the pan."

As one customer said it best, "if customers think your website-content sucks, they think your solutions suck too.

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Key Point - we are not website designers, this is for website designers and owners to help them better understand the experience they provide to their customers/users.
Problem - Everyone hates marketing and yet if you don't do it sales suffers and for many without marketing there are no sales. Yet nearly all business industry reports indicate that the lack of marketing is the #1 cause of business failure and 80% of business fail within two years. With products and solutions sitting on the shelves, customers just walk by, drive-by's or drive to or click through to your competitors who have put them in front of customers. As the saying goes, "top of mind keeps you first in line" as you often don't when they need you, you need to be in front of them all the time - rain or shine. One of the most frequently asked questions is - how to gain-close customers much less retain them? And what is "best" form of marketing? Is it blimps, billboards, branding, search, banners, press, sales lead generation, trade shows, referrals, product reviews or hundreds of other concepts?
Marketing is really hard, many forget it is a marathon, not a sprint, not one and done as customers are only really ready to get a pizza and breaking into that market is even harder. In B2B as well as B2C, you also need to position your solutions constantly and continuously as well as reposition and respond to an ever increasing list of competitors. The pandemic changed everyone's plans from growth to survival and now everyone is faced with a new work-from-home virtual world where business internally and externally is less live and increasingly more hybrid. Nearly every business survey suggests that you must have a "hybrid business model" as events, conferences, sales calls, and professional networking will be both online and onsite.
Solution - We bring together experts with decades of all forms of marketing. We can help you be your coach in your own DIY marketing plans, review plans, enhance plans, reposition plans for new products and solutions and more. If you need a plan we can design, develop, and deliver for you marketing plans based on any budget and work with you on an hourly basis with no commitment required or be your ongoing fractional marketing department. If you have a team, we can complement your efforts with ondemand our "firefighters" to help you with the smallest to million dollar projects. If you need an ad or branding agency, we can help you find one. We have done this and can do it cost-effectively for you. With vast experience in marketing B2B solutions, we have organized this chart to help you whether you need our help or now with your own marketing plans. 

As one CMO said, “if you don’t provide customers with a powerful customer experience then why bother, time to start over, rethink, rebuild and never stop.

We can provide you with a free basic-level CVR-customer value report (this is a limited time offer and may be removed without notice). This evaluation and analysis reviews your public website in five areas: content technical and management level, content ROI/TCO value, customer engagement, calls to action, and navigation in a one-page report.

Summary - Marketing is tough and getting tougher. We built the Marketing Services Professional (MSP) program to cut through the exploding complexities of marketing options. Whether you need an hourly marcom advisor, guide, coach to full-time marketing leader and team we are there for you. Our goal is to help you "reduce the sales cycle," beat and win against competitors with faster ROI and lower TCO. We are ready to take action today, are you?
Contact Tom Cross - 303-594-1694 or

The End of Websites and Rise in Customer Experiential Communications

The New Must-Have Customer Strategic Edge Beating the Dull & Dreary
By Thomas B. Cross CEO TECHtionary and
3-Minute Read
When it comes to website design, layout, navigation, use, images, tracking and much more it seems like everyone is an "art critic." Like that other subject that one person said they can't tell you what it is, but they know it when they see it. No one likes their website, not even the designers because there is always someone who doesn't like something about it. Companies spend tens of millions on redesigns to reposition their products, solutions and if there is a brand expert on the team, the project could take years. Branding people seem to think that everything from a fire hydrant to a blimp or now spaceship should have the brand on it. People don't think of Walt Disney when they go to Disneyland or World, they think of the rides, fun, Mickey Mouse and all the other swag. Some of the key trends being batted around are: Horizontal scrolling aka carousels, 3D everywhere makes you feel like you are falling into a cave, Multimedia and Augmented reality experiences which is a great idea but as the saying goes "nice landing, wrong airport."  

Here's a few others that also seem to spend far too much on something that people aren't really looking for either such as graininess whatever that is, muted colors which is something that if you remember the imagery on the iPhone3 and look at it today, you will notice the difference. Whether you or anyone else really cares is immaterial to what Apple thinks you need to be looking at. There's a Gaussian blur which is yet another way of adding soft focus with shadow-borders and vapor or bubble-like experiences. Cartoons, geometric and asymmetric grids or both, dark mode, scrolling cards, audio, even retro to black-and-white are other tricks. No denying the effort that is spent on website design without regard to the content. Speaking of content is what designers forget the most. Yet that is not their fault they are designers not writers, they don't know what you sell and frankly most don't want to be bothered by that. Not saying that designers are not useful as we do like the "sizzle" in many things we do. 
Content IS the Experience, Not the Website
Without content websites are just frankly just a waste of time and space. Yet thought leadership is the term used to describe what the role of the website should do, provide, lead, engage and be the experience the company wants the customer to know and understand. Thought leadership is hard work but it pays off in customer experience, engagement along with sales and support. Unless you are an ecommerce site from Amazon, Pinterest, Macy's, etc. viewers are there not to browse but to buy. There is a fine line between offering "generic" brands and being annoying. If you haven't noticed on the websites just mentioned and thousands of others they don't even trying to engage with the viewer. This isn't about "chatbots" which are more often not people on the other end at all. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others are just online versions of newspapers or classic newsfeeds with advertising and the side. Here is my recommendation for website content in two forms. First is all the content you need to do in the key phases of the customer experience - gain-close-retain shown below. People wonder why marketing is so hard is because they think they need to do all of them. No, just do a few of them very well.
Second, once you have selected the types of thought leadership content from the gain-close-retain chart you need to build each one for all the different audiences such as by Title, Function, Customer Solution, Content/Context (this is more about the context), Technology (which could be a lot, but people don't buy technology they buy solutions) shown below. 
You are pulling your hair out by now or screaming that you can't do all of this or any of it. Yes, you can if you want to. Remember a confused mind always says NO. If customers are confused about your solutions, either UNconfuse them or wait, which could be a very long time before they will buy.  The reason is simple that this approach works to reduce the sales cycle which could be a very long and you really need to sell everyone on the "evaluation team" before they will buy not just the person you are talking to who may not even but on the evaluation team or others who don't have the authority to approve your solution.
Customer Experiential Communications
The next generation of websites will be customer experience within the website as well as from and going to it. That’s a bit to unpack but what Viking.TV (and possibly others but for this article this is a great example) "takes you virtually to the experience, explores indepth in many ways all the experiences that could happen and then takes you there for real." Most websites are about the website design, a few about the content and less about the design and most try but as mentioned earlier, don't do either and don't know what they are doing or where the viewer is there and where the viewer is going. Analytics is poppycock as one CMO said, they fill your head with numbers and don't tell you anything about what you should do about them.
Image Courtesy Viking.TV
Viking.TV has integrated both daily (yes daily) live video streaming with ondemand videos of expeditions, history, books, photography, art, music and more. One person said, "you literally want like Alice in Wonderland to jump into the website." Another said, "this is the most engaging website I have ever been on; you never want to leave and who would not want to go travel with them live and inperson." Another said, "travel is complex enough with the pandemic and it is not going to get any easier, what Viking.TV does is bring the destination to you so when you can literally go to the destination. One a personal note we built 3D websites 20 years ago (yes have proof) when dialup was the norm and so bad timing for the design and content. Today, when one gigabit access is increasingly available almost anywhere the "blending of here and there" or inside the device to outside the real world is increasingly available to not just travel, tourism, destinations, camps, parks and more, the Viking.TV approach is a competitive and strategic advantage and a must-have business and consumer websites alike. Viking.TV combines many of the critical gain-close-retain concepts from Figure 1 and the critical customer content approaches shown in Figure 2. We are now building complex custom experiential content (CEC) management systems (formerly known as websites) along the lines of Viking.TV and would be delighted to help you on your next content development adventure. To get started on your new experiential journey email me at
Is Your ECommerce Site Losing Customers?

The Online Warehouse Digitally Transformed into Customer Experience Center
By Thomas B. Cross CEO TECHtionary and
3-Minute Read
Ecommerce websites have been around since the beginning of the internet selling everything good and bad. Along with the entire concept of "no-day" shipping, ecommerce is defined often not by what they sell but how they provide "returns" to solve poor quality, defective, fakes and often misrepresented goods. Customer engagement consists of customer generated reviews which also are full of fakes. The customer experience for ecommerce is generally really dull and dreary because the buyer is not there for the website, they are there for a transaction - "get me this stuff really fast and if I hate it for any reason take it back just as fast as you sent it to me." Airline and travel ecommerce sites generally offer travel related services like adding in hotel, car rental and the all-too vague need for travel insurance. You would think they might add the #1 thing people need for travel - luggage known by the airlines as baggage yet alas most don't, if you know one let me know. Hotel ecommerce sites talk about the beauty, charm and "hidden gems" of their hotels without ever mentioning all the fun things all around when you get there. Even "outdoor" travel sites focus on the outdoors aka outside but often miss the need for "indoor" places to stay. In other words, regarding ecommerce, you are expected to spend a lot of time going to a lot of different websites to do your ecommerce. For example, in travel tourism sites, you would think they might ask a traveler "what else" do you need along with the hotel they are pitching you to visit?
The entire concept of ecommerce needs to take a dramatic turn away from the worst in customer experience to something I call "customer experiential communications."  Of course, this is not one thing it's a lot of things. It's more about providing an experience and the "being" they are selling to. You may be asking why traditional ecommerce websites aren’t doing this. The answer is rather complex. You would think they would yet like any business model each one builds on its "deep roots" in their industry. Airlines are focused on their passengers not really "why" the passenger is going to or from. Airline ecommerce is about pricing, schedules, rewards points, seating, baggage "handling" as they don't even want to say luggage, pets, flight delays and procedures for waiting on the tarmac (who came up with that word), etc. Airlines have almost totally eliminated the concept of the inflight dining in favor of inflight WiFi as passengers care less about the food than the price of the ticket. This has also opened the market for new airlines where customers don't care what it costs but want a better customer experience.
Most ecommerce websites generally offer "companion" products or "recommendations for you" based on what you searched for, bought or even random ideas based on seasons aka Christmas is coming, back to school, and others. In addition, some ecommerce websites do offer advertising from other providers like shopping for luggage, you might see an ad for a travel resort or amusement park. However, they are not integrated together into one purchase. You still need to buy your luggage from one place and the go to all the other ecommerce sites such as airline, hotel, car rental, restaurant, amusement park, gift store, spa, yoga, fitness or rock climbing classes, clothing, sunscreen, meds, nature walks, flower garden lessons and anything else on others like a sleep, meditation, or cardio app. The concept of customer experiential communications or CEC (yes, another acronym) also suggests that by bringing all the things the customer "persona" does before, during and even after your experience in this case travel customers will vastly increase the overall customer experience.
There is something approaching customer experiential communications in the tech space, called MSP-managed service providers and often what full service travel agencies do or what a concierge does though on a large scale with teams of people working on solving clients needs whatever they are. MSPs work for any industry, size, place, space (like hybrid or work-from-anywhere), rising need for all kinds of security, technology (and that covers a lot), user type from new-hire to founder, business model, growth stage, M&A (merger and acquisition) efforts and anything you can imagine. The question remains, whether the MSP model could be applied to ecommerce companies. The real answer is a "why not" as ecommerce providers from the smallest BBQ sauce, book author, clothing or jewelry designer, toy builder and others could be organized together into a Netflix network. For example, who doesn't love cooking shows but the chefs in these shows are not focused except for their cookbook on selling the cookware, travel destinations to visit for similar cuisines or even cooking parties live streamed together. Make the show an experiential party as that is what people are really looking for.
If you prefer another perspective instead of looking from outside looking inside for the traditional ecommerce model to inside looking outside for the customer experiential experience model or even a personal fantasy is blended seamlessly together cooking together from anywhere in the world and even live video streamed. This is not turning ecommerce sites into social media sites but even more. Customer experiential communications will indeed come from those who understand life is an "living" experience with things we need, go to, enjoy and so much more.
Summary - To keep this brief and focused, ecommerce needs to evolve from just a "warehouse" approach to a customer experiential communications approach, really looking into the minds of the customer and seeing the world as they do and helping them live, build, and do whatever that is. There is much more to this issue and look forward to any thoughts you may have - email or connect on Linkedin here.

Below is one example that comes close to what the new customer experiential communications concept might look like. If you would like to work together on building your own version, email me.
Rapid Rise in Virtual Resorts - Can Your Resort Compete?
Viking.TV is the New Business Model and Competitive Edge
for Live & Virtual Travel Tourism
By showing all the cool things via video streaming travelers can do when they really travel such as amazing castle tours, fabulous restaurants, exciting shopping, and engaging events, Viking.TV is the new business model, competitive advantage and must-have network in the $2.9 Trillion travel tourism industry for live virtual travel video streaming that stimulates the imagination and “wets the appetite” for the traveler to go travel live sooner and return more often.
This is the new must-have to compete for travel dollars from the smallest bed-n-breakfast, motel to the largest hotel, resort and amusement park, wineries, distilleries, breweries, farm-to-table farms, state parks, train and river rides, spa, healing, health and fitness, venues, cooking classes, fashion shows, educational and learning summer degree programs for all ages, kids camps, cruise ships, sporting events, private camping tours and grounds, space and lunar events, art, environmental expeditions, cultural and corporate museums, theatre, music festivals, dance events, and literally everything else where people come to visit, stay, enjoy, learn and live.
Look no further than Viking.TV to understand the new world of virtual travel, resorts and more. The idea is simply to move the destination virtually rather than the traveler having to travel anywhere farther than their couch.   The virtual traveler can visit dozens of destinations or more in a day from their couch, porch or even their own mountaintop. Marco Polo's travels, Columbus to the new world, the California Gold Rush and many other historical and even modern events were spread by rumor which many people believed enough to travel. Today, the pandemic has flipped travel in a negative way. Travelers need to know not just where they are going but also whether it is safe to go there. Health safety will be as important to many as the mini-bar, cable TV or a swimming pool for the kids. Yet it can be much more than that as Viking.TV is doing. They are showing you via live and on demand video all the castles, fabulous restaurants, unique shopping, and other cultural experiences you will have when you go.
This concept is applicable to any resort, amusement park, state park, museum, theatre (Boulder has one of the best Shakespeare Festivals but only in the summer why not year-round) horse riding stable, winery and so many more. Video streaming, whether ondemand recordings or better yet live lectures, demonstrations, tours, cooking classes and an all-day nature walk and hike up a great mountain or down a river brings to life and interested people, the great things they will enjoy when they do visit these places. Video streaming does so much more than just show the resort, it allows multiple views, channels, speakers and even the visitors themselves. People want to know not just from the provider but also how the visitors feel about their visit. This is particularly true of places where products are sold. Other customers want to know what other shoppers or "tasters" said about the wine, beer, cheese, food and felt and thought about the experience.
The results are profound look at Viking with booking up 42% (click on image for the CNBC video) and growing. Now one cannot assume that all the results came from curious travelers watching Viking.TV but it is a model for others to consider in building their own virtual brand presence.
Resort Gamification, Rewards and Loyalty Programs
Along with previous visitors’ prospective new travels can see, hear, and well, almost taste the experiences of others. The new virtual resort can also expand their offerings into games, sports, and other interactive events as well. The gamification of events will bring new ways virtual and where possible onsite live visitors can experience together such as a climbing challenge to the mountain top nearby, going to hear a concert "on the rocks," explore the scientific aspects of the surrounding nature, score points for tracking cool places along a river route, compete in sporting events, provide interactive learning experiences for others and much more. Gamers can score points, win prizes for fitness, earn loyalty and rewards points for products and future travel. Games and much more bring the visitor and the resort closer together and hopefully if done well provide the means for a long-term visitor and resort experience. A long time ago I met an executive from the largest "land" in the world at a broadband content conference. He mentioned that people only come to their places on average every four years. He was looking into ways to offer more places like cruise ships and other resorts to shorten that time when the visitor returned which would mean billions more revenue. Today, any resort, even a small bed-n-bath with only a few rooms, can with video streaming highlight their place but also the places and spaces that visitors can see and do when they come and stay.
Visitor centers and kiosks need to evolve from a wall full of paper bookmark cards to live and ondemand video streaming production centers as technology has evolved to the point with DIY video production systems for a few hundred dollars. Click on image for article. A recent research analysis on city visitor centers found that the majority of air travelers never used visitor centers. Those via vehicles used them increasingly less frequently relying upon lodging staff especially where there is a concierge or lobby wall board. Moreover, amusement centers, museums and others increasingly used social media search optimization. The new visitor center adds video streaming to show every place that wants and needs people to come. Virtual visitor centers can offer multiple simultaneous live video channels, ondemand videos, newsfeeds, video libraries and more to let visitors see what they are about and all the places and spaces surrounding them as well. 
There are also amazing business opportunities by integrating video streaming with complete merchandising transaction networks such as UCX. Thousands of relevant products can be easily added including professional branding expertise brings any resort vast revenue opportunities.
If you would like help in building your own travel, resort, museum, theatre, music venue, winery, horse stable, park, concert venue, eatery, or anything else email me at
4 Tips Not Just for Better Video But Better Video Ads
While I don't agree with all the tips and have a few more of my own this article its short, simple and helpful, click on the image.

If you want to see our Top-10 videos including Top-10 Videos on Virtual Streaming Solutions: Performances, Tourism, Fitness, Museums, Churches, Sales, Customer Support, Social, Politics & Finance click here and scroll way down to see more of them including the cool feature mentioned in the Linkedin Video Ads Guide about having a CTA-call to action button which we have in our video streaming solution.

If you are ready to get your own Netflix-like or Viking.TV video streaming network with virtual events, live newsfeed, vast content library and multi-dimension video meetings including Clubhouse-like group room audio and audio/video solution called Get Together and much more - click here.
The New MSP - Channel Partner Global Virtual Business -
Virtual-Forward and Virtual-First Models

MSP and channel businesses are ever-more facing new challenges of virtual and digital transformation driving every business, government, nonprofit and other forms to rethink, automate anything and everything within the organization. This concept has fueled the growth of innovative business functions such as process automation, business management, virtual communications, 5G, IoT-IIoT-IoMT, AI, live streaming and others. 

New options in this "new normal" or as some are calling it virtual-forward for legacy businesses with new virtual business models that alter the trajectory and ultimate outcome for customers. The pandemic has mitigated legacy businesses challenges and while many forms of "collective hive" may come back, it will be very different if not completely different than before for legacy businesses with many new organizational forms, M&A, startups and evolving organizations.

New virtual-first startup businesses have emerged based on new ways to grow their businesses with some only virtual and others with a hybrid onsite and online models using technology to "meet up virtually" rather than, in some cases, never meeting the person inperson. There are a dozen other business models that we have identified incorporating a virtual-first business approach that will rise, struggle, succeed and fail like any other business model. New technologies from 5G, internet of things-IoT, augmented/virtual reality and artificial intelligence along with its many variations such as robotics, machine learning, expert systems and others will also rise not as just another silo application to solve process automation or logistics but synchronized networks solving many problems, not just a few. 
Summary - technology always changes the way we think faster than society can adapt to its impacts and consequences. The pandemic has shown us that we can adapt faster even when we are forced too, though the unintended consequences of all this are only beginning to emerge. In this one-hour presentation, we will explore the virtual-forward and virtual-first business model for all kinds of organizations and see how fast, what new and exciting innovations will emerge into what will be in this new billion-dollar industry. We do know for sure there is "no going back" as whether this virus or the next has set the global stage for how the world must and will react, then act and be ready for the next one.
Course Objectives
Provide insights, ideas and concepts for new business settings, research, events, museums, education, corporate and other virtual situations. Explore virtual educational concepts for team, department, public, press, C-level presentations, investors, research analysts, crisis communications and virtual trade shows.
Presentation Outline - One Hour
The presentation will come from the topics mentioned above.
This class will be presented via video streaming, virtual events, and content management library at
To schedule or more details email
Ideas for MSPs to Improve - Acceptance and Use of Video

Zap > Zoom Zapping You
Helping Customers Beat Zoom Fatique
The illustrious Nicholas Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic tackled Zoom fatigue zapping your strength because of five key phenomena. You can click on the issues Nicholas raised here, however, his "end game" comes from the people not the technology. Without focusing on the end or the means to the end, let's focus on the causes that led to this serious negative impact on our daily lives. As the great angel investor leader Peter Adams said, "technology only makes it worse." Video technology is not just Zoom, just one of the many latest iterations and permutations. Video that has been around for so long we forget to realize that even with all the cool TikTok video features, it still changes the way we look at one another. We really don't understand what video is doing to the way we communicate, change our behavior, look at it, focus on backgrounds and wonder what's next. 

For the most part video producers including video meeting presenters are, for the most part, really boring. Without realizing what they say or do, video producers or whatever you like to call them focus on themselves rather than their presentation, production, or the reaction by viewers. No wonder viewers slide up or away from the video and the producers are confounded by reactions often referring to them as "haters" rather than taking responsibility for producing something that is of little interest or had even something of value either as news, societal or cultural importance. Fixing this is a bit more complicated as video producers often, more than often are not patient enough to produce real productions. It gets even more complicated when you think of great videos, movies, theatre, and events requiring great scripts, actors, rehearsals, production, music, directors, continuity, location, costumes and so much more. Great directors like Spielberg, Pollock, Fincher, Ford, Hawks, Hitchcock and so many more others along with the great movie composers like Steiner, Korngold, Herrmann and others and actors Flynn, Wayne, Douglas, Olivier, Fontaine, Kelly, Stewart, Hepburn, Tracy, Washington, Jackson and others only touch the top of greatest in film and movie production.
Summary - It's not only Zoom's fault, they just didn't help fix it before zoom fatigue and now zoom zapping set in. Video production is hard, tough and yet there is always room for creativity, story lines, thrilling even nonviolent action, engaging music, touching emotions, mystery, great plots and more. 

Said, forty years ago, "If you are boring face-to-face, you will still be boring via video."  In business from first-level managers to C-suite many thought they knew how to run a meeting but now realize on video they are seriously boring, meetings dysfunctional and organizational wholly unsuited for the new video generation. And yet getting video actors and producers to be less boring is the real issue in personal, education and importantly business meetings is nearly impossible but necessary to overcome video fatigue, zapping and everlasting boredom. The cure is, like with fitness, to realize that it's not "one and done" and it's a marathon not a sprint and you have to "do it" every day to ever barely be good at it. 

If you are ready to amp up your presentation game, get these classes for your team today.
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Resell Social Streaming TV Named 2021 Visionary Spotlight Awards Winner
from CHANNELVision - Triple Crown !
"After a long and challenging year dominated by the global pandemic, ChannelVision is honored to announce the 2021 Visionary Spotlight Award winners. This year’s winners demonstrated a unique ability to navigate change, adapt to shifting buying patterns and stay afloat despite widespread shutdowns and turmoil. On behalf of ChannelVision, I would like to congratulate VSA winner Social Streaming TV Winner in Content Delivery and Enablement,” said Beka Business Media President and CEO Berge Kaprelian. The companies on this year’s list are highly resilient and resourceful, having made it through the pandemic while remaining on the cutting edge of innovation.”
"Thinking Beyond the Webcam" 
In envisioning the types of events I would like to broadcast, I was researching solutions that would allow me to extend the production values beyond a simple webcam attached to my computer, and I found it in BlackMagic Design's ATEM Mini product series.

In simple terms, the ATEM video mixing board that allows you to connect multiple HDMI sources, and have them appear to your computer as one A/V device. HDMI sources can range from high-quality cameras, computers, iOS or Android devices with HDMI adapters, anything with an HDMI output. When it comes time to broadcast, you can select which camera is "on-air" and you can switch sources from HDMI-1 to HDMI-2 with the push of a button with a selection of transition fades as you would have with PowerPoint slide transition feature. When I tested it myself, I connected my camera to HDMI-1 and a computer to HDMI-2 displaying content and picture-in-picture is a standard feature.

One challenge that AV people wrestle with all the time, is scaling. That means taking different levels of video output types (e.g. 1080p, 1080i, etc.) and making them appear all the same, and the ATEM gracefully manages all of that for you. 
ATEM Software Control Panel
The ATEM Mini also has 2 audio inputs, so you can connect the output of an audio mixing board into it. There is a software audio mixing board within the ATEM which is controlled from your Mac or PC (pictured above) via a USB-C connection, so you can mix the sound from the audio ports and the HDMI sources. Not only can you use this instead of your webcam when you broadcast with SSTV but the ATEM Mini also streams directly to Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The base model starts at just $295 retail, and with additional features, like the ability to record directly to a USB hard drive and the ability to record multiple camera inputs as individual streams that you can mix later in DaVinci or similar video software, the price ranges upward towards the 4-digit mark. 
For $995 the Mini Extreme, get 8-HDMI inputs, 16-way multiview, 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma keyers (pictured here), SuperSource with 4 extra DVE's, 2 HDMI outputs, 2 USB ports and a more powerful control panel which I believe is a breakthrough price point for the feature set. 

There is an excellent independent overview video on YouTube by Kennis Russell, in which he demonstrates the impressive features of the ATEM line in about 19 minutes. 

One of my clients is a BlackMagic reseller, so if you would like to get outfitted with one of these and other accompanying gear to create your own video production environment to stream content to SSTV, which will allow you to build a "Business Netflix for hundreds, not hundreds of thousands", drop me an email and I will get you set up.

The use cases for this system are endless for live music concerts, theatre and dance performances, museum tours, outdoor sporting events, churches, business meetings and trade shows, corporate events and much more.

A fitting comment to end this piece with, is that there is also a button to fade to black at the end of your broadcast.
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Each product has a specific commission set by the vendor. You can earn up to 60% for each sale made through your UCX Affiliate portal. All you have to do is share your UCX Affiliate link and let your network generate revenue for you.
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We track your sales and support customers in the checkout process. For every sale made in your UCX Affiliate portal, UCX calculates your commission and sends funds online at the end of the month.
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Unlike selling physical inventory products, you don’t need to invest upfront to buy the products you’d like to sell or worry about managing inventory. The products you promote belong to vendors who have joined the program. The vendors hold the responsibility of order fulfillment. And, there is no investment or ongoing fees required, there are absolutely no risks involved in becoming a part of the UCX Affiliate Marketing Program.
- Nothing’s On You to Figure Out
The vendor not you responsible for handling customer inquiries and complaints. As an Affiliate, all you care about is sharing the link and expecting your commission. UCX Market also assigns you dedicated Account Manager who will work closely with you to meet all your business needs.
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As an Affiliate, you are provided with marketing collateral which includes posters, social media posts, and business cards with a QR code. Scanning the QR code leads your customers to your affiliate portal where they see all the products that you represent.
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You also get access to free live video streaming, free event webinar platform and free content library to promote your thought leadership, blogs, events and live and ondemand videos produced easily from your smartphone.
Cure CSD-Communication Stress Disorders - Verbal or Virtual
Beating #Zoomfatigue
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Chat Live with the Streamcaster Presenter - great for audience interaction, gaming, engagement, polls, testing, voting and more - Name the Artist in this pic and I will send you $50. Email for a demo
You can now from your SocialStreamingTV website crosscast live video stream as known as simulcast or multicast video to FacebookLive and YouTube Live - ready now with delivery in May. Email or call 303-594-1694 for a demo.
Cloud Computing Magazine Names SocialStreamingTV 2021 Product of the Year Award Winner
SocialStreamingTV Recognized for Exceptional Innovation announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has awarded SocialStreamingTV a 2021 Product of the Year Award, presented by Cloud Computing Magazine. "SocialStreamingTV integrates critical social, live streaming, event technology into one easy, fast and fun delivery solution for nearly any organization. From channel partner programs, education delivery solutions, virtual churches, global ecommerce platforms and others use SocialStreamingTV to accelerate their performance and engage their audiences, noted Thomas B. Cross CEO SSTV. “Congratulations to SocialStreamingTV for being honored with a Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “SocialStreamingTV is truly an innovative product and is amongst the best solutions available within the past twelve months that facilitates business-transforming cloud computing and communications. I look forward to continued excellence from SocialStreamingTV in 2021 and beyond.”
About SocialStreamingTV (SSTV):
Social Streaming TV is a live streaming, social media and content management platform installed on custom websites (your private label network) giving customers the means to produce education, industry, business and company news, ondemand and virtual events, masterclasses and outdoor events accelerating connections with fans, followers and viewers.   Social Streaming TV provides unparalleled branding, thought leadership and customer experiences with fifty or more simultaneous live TV channels to millions. Social Streaming TV also provides critically important virtual event engagement expertise with award-winning speaker, exhibitor, talent and professional power presenter certification and custom content creation. Take action today to bring together social media live streaming into an innovative virtual events platform to produce thrilling customer events and performances. Just some of the leading companies using SSTV an ecommerce platform, ChannelPartner.TV technology partner network, EclipseTV.Live education learning management provider and new virtual church. To get your Social Streaming TV Network on your domain name, visit the Linkedin page or email
About Cloud Computing Magazine:

Cloud Computing magazine is the industry's definitive source for all things cloud - from public, community, hybrid and private cloud to security and business continuity, and everything in between. This quarterly magazine published by TMC assesses the most important developments in cloud computing not only as they relate to IT, but to the business landscape as a whole.
About TMC
Through education, industry news, live events and social influence, global buyers rely on TMC's content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. As a result, leading technology vendors turn to TMC for unparalleled branding, thought leadership and lead generation opportunities. Our in-person and online events deliver unmatched visibility and sales prospects for all participants. Through our custom lead generation programs, we provide clients with an ongoing stream of leads that turn into sales opportunities and build databases. Additionally, we bolster brand reputations with the millions of impressions from display advertising on our news sites and newsletters. Making TMC a 360-degree marketing solution, we offer comprehensive event and road show management services and custom content creation with expertly ghost-crafted blogs, press releases, articles and marketing collateral to help with SEO, branding, and overall marketing efforts. For more information about TMC and to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please visit and follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter@tmcnet .
Customer Comments Regarding Social Streaming TV
UCXMarket.Live is powered by SocialStreamingTV giving us the ability to use it to accelerate sales faster virtually with a range of fully-managed live streaming, masterclass and virtual event services from owning the domain forever and for any event at hand. This is an incredible selling tool." noted Dave Converse VP Sales of

NEWS: UCX Market is now a Gold Master Distributor for Social Streaming TV. Click on image to purchase SSTV via UCX Market
“ is a new virtual Christian church and congregation to help those anywhere in the world learn, attend and share common beliefs along with helping one another lift their lives and those of others. LivingActs29 was built on the Social Streaming TV (SSTV) an innovative award-winning solution for live streaming, virtual event features, masterclass engagement and much more. I would like to thank SSTV for all the kind efforts, persistence, responsiveness and always-on help.” Hank Rivers, Director of Creative Ministries
 “Our members know which vendors to watch out for and which ones to recommend so having them review as the “Best" means is both trusted provider and proven in the LiveStreaming, MasterClass and Virtual Events category,” Telecom Association’s Executive Director, Dan Baldwin. 
Social Streaming TV is Named Best 2021 Live Streaming & Virtual Events Solution by Telecom Association
“Partner’s Choice” Award Showcases
Social Streaming TV Ongoing Cloud Streaming Leadership

–, a seasoned Cloud Live Video Streaming provider won the distinction as the Best Live Streaming provider in the industry as determined by validated 2021 reviews from the 3,800 members of Telecom Association, a professional membership organization of telecom and technology consultants, agents, brokers and sales partners founded in 1996.
Selection as a “Partner’s Choice” Award winner showcases ’s long term commitment to technology solutions that work in the Live Streaming, MasterClass and Virtual Events category as well as customer service excellence.
“Our association members are heavily experienced technology industry consultants and channel sales partners that have compared all the best and affordable vendors against one another before recommending one or two to their business clients who view them as trusted advisors”, stated Telecom Association’s Executive Director, Dan Baldwin. “They know which vendors to watch out for and which ones to recommend so having them review as the “Best" means is both trusted provider and proven in the LiveStreaming and Virtual Events category.”
It’s not by chance that won this category in 2021. While business end users are exacting in their solution requirements, the independent sales partners and reviewing members of Telecom Association are even more so. “End users and channel partners want to prevent repeats of the dozens of technology mistakes they’ve experienced in the past, but Telecom Association members want to avoid the hundreds of errors they’ve seen occur to clients”, stated Thomas B. Cross's President, CEO. “ has crafted our live video streaming technology to be engineered to the strictest requirements of the harshest audience – telecom and technology sales partners. Our 2021 win means we’ve been listening to our sales partners and they like what they see in our solutions as a result.”
ABOUT TELECOM ASSOCIATION – Founded in 1996, Telecom Association is a professional membership organization of 3,800 individual members and over 50 telecom and technology vendors that help businesses with their telecom, Internet, data network and technology integration needs. For more information about Telecom Association please contact Dan Baldwin, Executive Director 31500 Grape Street #3-307 Lake Elsinore, CA 92532 (951) 251-5155,
This proven sales revenue acceleration program across thousands of B2B sales professionals that:
  • Reduces sales cycle
  • Increases competitive edge
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  • Addresses UC, Collaboration, IT, VAR, MSP, Cloud, Security, IoT, other providers and channel partners
  • Presents enterprise solutions selling scenarios.
  • Understands what customers especially enterprise business customers are looking for and expect from a provider of integrated applications solutions and networking services.
  • Understands what are the situations, success factors and solutions in making the sale and how you can make a difference in your prospective and ongoing customer relations.
And, most importantly, maximizes the confidence-to-close factor and the customer gain-retain ratio.
  • Review proven sales manager leadership concepts to "listen, learn, lead" and build a successful and long-lasting sales performance team.
  • Look inside one's own sales skills then engage and expand with colleagues and company culture, compensation challenges.
  • Develop and build your own sales leadership style and evaluate performance conditions for overcoming "plateau sales" performance and review compensation concepts.
  • Overcome the "hire-fire" cycle and sales-revenue ramp slope and "gaps."
  • Learn effective skills for team, customer, public and other speaking events.
  • Build counter-intuitive approaches to typical customer crisis situations to build a win-win outcomes.
  • Work up and downstream to keep the team aligned with corporate metrics and goals to gain-retain customers and reduce the sales cycle.
  • Explore new social selling concepts, future tech sales and tech trends.
  • Engage in group and private discussions with proven industry sales leaders.
and personal innovative insights and answers to critical questions.
If you prefer to get started today, this class can be delivered virtually now!
Virtual Teaching Professional (VTP) Certification

These vendor-neutral courses are available now for either webinar or streaming to large audiences. This is for teachers, teacher-in-training, presenters of all kinds including adult education teachers, technology developers, presentation creators and  professional speaker/presenters. Pricing is $39.95 per person with special offers for 5+ at $29.95, 10+ $19.95 and 100+ persons at $9.95 each or even less for very large groups and other special offers for multiple deliveries along with advanced courses.

Session 1 – Introduction to Virtual Teaching Technologies ~1 Hour
Any group of teachers and students is comprised of some or all of the following traditional and virtual meeting elements:
·   Audience - Students, Faculty, Leadership
·   Venue and scheduling
·   Agenda, purpose and format
·   Discussion, dialog, attention, retention and interaction
·   Research and presentation preparation
·   Exchange and analysis of information separate from discussion
·   Meeting reports and analysis
·   Ratification of meeting and distribution of results
·   Actions taken, if any
·   Other activities
This session will focus on how virtual educational technologies enhance, engage, change, alter, and often diminish the way people communicate, conduct, evaluate and take actions from such an event. As it has been said many times, "communications will always fail, except by chance." Or, if you prefer, what is said is not what is heard, not what is done." This reflects the challenges of traditional educational settings which are often made worse by virtual meeting technologies Insights on how virtual meeting technology can be used to overcome and improve communications challenges will be presented.

1) Social Streaming TV and Virtual Events custom multi-channel video solutions for churches, businesses, conference and visitor centers and other CNN-NetFlix like services.
2) Courses to help Virtual Events & Meeting Professions be better Virtual Event Presenters/Speakers and Event-Meeting Producers
For immediate assistance call 303-594-1694 or email
We are pleased to announce a new virtual church from

As they said, "The book of Acts never ended. We, the modern church, are living out the 29th chapter. Taking the church out of the buildings and into the world! James ayes to "Be doers of the Word, not hearers only ...deceiving ourselves." We cannot deceive the world either. We are the hands and feet of Jesus."

We would like to help other religious and beliefs with our live video streaming solution. Please email to expand your congregation, organization, belief group and others.
Social Streaming TV is excited to announce the newest customer platform - UCX Market Live - streaming provides unparalleled branding, thought leadership and virtual events with fifty or more simultaneous live TV channels to millions of viewers. UCX Market Live streaming is part of the UCX Market virtual marketplace platform to create your fully branded online store, showcase unlimited products, and optimize your virtual distribution process.

UCX Market Live streaming provides powerful virtual trade show presentations for sales or from customer demonstration centers for customer meetings and presentations.

Click on image for website.
ABOUT - Virtual Events - Top-10 critical concepts in designing, developing and delivering successful virtual events as well as ideas, solutions and more
The Top-10 Critical Concepts presented: Customers (including research and reaction to VE by Attendees, Exhibitors, Viewers, Press, others), Communications, Context, Contact, Collaboration, Connections, Consistency, Channels, Concept (including VE software) and Cynchronicity. This 30+-minute webinar plus Q&A (we will stay until all questions will be answered) will review, navigate and provide actionable tools to help you manage all kinds of virtual events for your business from one-time to all the time for onsite corporate visitor centers or traditional distant trade tradeshows.
SEAL - Speaker - Engagement - Audience Logistics in the Expert Level Virtual Certification - email anytime to schedule most anytime

This is a 30-minute overview of the SEAL Training in the Advanced and Expert Level Courses in the Virtual Events Pro Cert, this is a discussion of:
• Speaker - what you do - preparation, rehearsal, development and delivery including agenda and purpose of the meeting

• Engagement - what you to together - discussion, dialog, attention retention and interaction including exchange and analysis of information, debate, discussion and optional decision-making – know beforehand your goal(s)

• Audience - who they are - engagement and feedback – voting, polling, testing

• Logistics – how you do it - technology selection including platforms, lighting, microphones, noise reduction, mixing, editing software, testing, room, home office, furniture, power, comfort, backgrounds, implementation, optional food service, usage, feedback and reports and a little more.
Click on image for one-minute and the logo above for demo website.

Social Streaming TV is a private label integrated social media, live and on demand video streaming virtual events platform.
Virtual events will be the new technology medium as internal, trade show, sales and customer meetings and customer presentations will literally go virtual.
Business events will go from one-time to anytime with ondemand virtual hybrid and archive when in-person trade shows return.
Companies can also move their trade show booths out of storage or build new virtual visitor centers producing exciting customer entertainment events.
Next, private social media, virtual events and streaming can bring new content-driven virtual events marketplaces to navigate increasingly complex public presence, technologies and markets.
Social Streaming TV is a private label platform installed on custom websites giving them the means to produce education, industry, business and company news, ondemand and virtual events accelerating connections with fans, followers and viewers.
Social Streaming TV provides unparalleled branding, thought leadership and customer experiences with fifty or more simultaneous live TV channels to millions.
Social Streaming TV also provides critically important virtual event engagement expertise with award-winning speaker, exhibitor, talent and professional power presenter certification and custom content creation.
Take action today to bring together social media live streaming into an innovative virtual events platform to produce thrilling customer events and performances.

Bottom-line - Produce and deliver live streaming and virtual events to millions of viewers with 55+ simultaneous channels with recording and archiving plus post audio, video and images to social media from viewers and producers alike.

Below is an example of a Social Streaming TV use case for virtual events. Here are the highlights:
  • 55-simultaneous live video channels with unlimited 2-hour recording segments on the Vonage API to "millions" of viewers 
  • Unlimited users along with social media Twitter posts 
  • Unlimited newsfeed posts categories aka "exhibitors" including videos, pics and audio/podcasts files
  • Multiple "rotating" advertiser/exhibitor ad banners 
  • User text, audio and video chat 
  • Only company that provides Exhibitor, Speaker and Presenter Training
Email for details - click on image for website
To help you get ready for 2022 - get this free "live" discussion now - 22 Critical Concepts in 20 Minutes to Be the Best Virtual Event, Exhibitor and Enterprise Sales Power Presenter Ever on Zoom or any other virtual meeting and event platform.
Learn to focus on the issues, not just the presenter, focus on problems, decision-makers, stop killing the audience by being boring, gain actionable ways to gain-engage-retain audience and customers.
Some of the 22 Critical Concepts includes
- Virtual will be harder but longer lasting
- Virtual will be the same but different
- Virtual will be very different
- Virtual will not be what we thought it would be
- Content will always remain critical
- Talking Points, Not Talking Heads
- Meeting Elements
- Audience
- Venue, Agenda
- Pace - Speed of Talking and Reading
- Bullets - 10 Concepts You Better Get Right
- Format - Who’s Talk, When, Why, etc.
- Starting Time
- Rehearsing - Why and Because
- Content - “a confused mind always says no”
- Q&A - why they really are there
- Ending - Don’t Stop !
- Overcoming Meeting Madness - It’s Not Fatigue, It’s Boring
- And a few more surprises

Free for five or more people and special rates for individual classes for corporate and professional speakers. Email to schedule now as bookings are limited.
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