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May 24, 2019

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MSPs: Are You Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene?

By, Charles R. Weaver, JD

It wasn’t that long ago that medical doctors learned about the virtues of washing their hands before performing surgery. Over time, this new practice became common, and the idea of not washing your hands was inconceivable.

The same analogy is valid for MSPs. There are many habits and practices employed by MSPs 15 years ago that we would never conceive of doing today (like storing your passwords in a spreadsheet). Even if you are not practicing managed security, there are many best practices all MSPs should be using in their everyday service delivery. Here are just a few of those good cyber hygiene practices...
Learn How MSPs have Conquered 5 Common Data Protection Problems

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MSPs face multiple challenges when it comes to data protection. Whether it’s a steep learning curve for their backup solution or an inability to convince customers to invest in full workstation protections, MSPs have their work cut out for them protecting their customers from data loss.

However, many service providers have walked the path and solved these common problems.

Get the free eBook ,  Five Common Data Protection Problems: How Leading MSPs Solved Them, to find out how others have dealt with:

  • Customers who don’t invest in workstation data protection
  • Lack of time to learn new systems
  • The challenges of meeting regulatory requirements
Thu, Jun 6, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

GDPR is a European law but it is having a significant impact on MSPs and cloud providers all over the world. Even the smallest of MSP organizations are facing GDPR questions and unsure of how to answer.

This webinar will cover the origins of GDPR, what it was designed to do, and how it is currently being enforced. Furthermore, the webinar will provide useful guidance for MSPs on how to structure their practice in order to effectively deal with customers who are impacted by GDPR, or think they may be impacted. Register Here:

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