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Dedications – Intended and Implied, by Plat or Otherwise: and Evidence of Undocumented Easements and “Rights-of-Way”
taught by James Demma, LS, Esq. 4 CPC/PDH
(this session will be in the morning and may qualify to meet the requirements of COMAR for ethics, law and standards of practice)

Beware the Underground: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – An Introduction to Subsurface Utility Detection, Surveying and Mapping ,
taught by Mike Maguire and John Berrettini, A/I/DATA, 4 CPC/PDH

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Spotlight: Dan Burke, Jr.

When did you start surveying, and why?  
1985. I was four years old and someone needed to carry the bucket for my Old Man’s crew. I’m pretty sure my “why” was the promise of Hot Wheels.
Describe one of your best experiences while surveying? 
Early on in the static GPS days, my company (CPJA) would run control networks for other companies without GPS equipment. One of those projects involved taking a dinghy out to Dobbins Island on the Magothy River. Any local, like myself, enjoyed / knew Dobbins Island at that time for the lines of boats docked along its sandbar and its notoriety as a party location on the river. It was kind of nice to walk along the overgrown, peaceful promenades of the island, let the receivers click off their 2-4 hour sessions, and watch the sun rise over Gibson Island, unperturbed by the cacophony of naval revelry common to its shores.
Describe one of your worst experiences while surveying?  
In the Dog Days of Summer in 2005, we were setting pre-fab concrete and brass disk monuments throughout Chevy Chase View, using a two-man auger, or hand shoveling when the subgrade material was too chunky for the drill. The heat Index was 115 degrees and we were renting the equipment by the day. At a certain point, the numbing effects of exertion and fatigue render you sensationless, but I’m guessing those last couple of hours were the worst of my surveying career.
What type of surveying makes up most of your work? 
 ALTA surveys, boundary surveys, legal description writing and control network adjustments.
Who are some of the surveyors that influenced your knowledge in the profession (in school or on the job)? 

Family first: My Old Man, also Dan, my uncles, Ray and Vince, and my brother, Mitch. I never met him, but I’m sure their influences should all be attributed to my grandfather, Allen. My mentors: Steve Jones and Ron Collier. My teachers: too numerous to list, but, like most, Jim Demma made a lasting impression on me as to what our profession can and should be.
What was special about what you learned from them?  
From my family, the best ability is availability. They all possess an ironclad dependability, work ethic, determination, and sense of pride in their craft, day in and day out (many times 7 days a week), for which I gladly and proudly bear the same surname. Steve Jones taught me that if you don’t look back on your career frequently, and wonder how you survived, knowing so little, you have not striven to be better. While I’m sure it was not his goal, Jim Demma taught me what to fear. Ron Collier taught me how to succeed in spite of that fear.
What advice would you give to new surveyors?  
To anyone new to the surveying profession in general, the sooner you decide to make a commitment to this profession, or not, the better. I’ve worked and associated with so many surveyors who were doing this job, waiting for something else to come along. Ten years later, they realize this was the thing and they’ll never get those ten years back. To newly licensed surveyors, trying to find their niche / place in this profession, a desire or idea is not enough to build your career on. “I think we should get into UAS” is not a strategy. You must develop a fully fleshed out business model, with the required capital to get started and a sufficient return-on-investment (ROI), that you can sell to your employer and brand to your target market(s). Concerning technology, I prefer to be amongst the vanguard, just shy of the bleeding tip of the spear, than the rearguard. Those at the forefront make the policy, while the rest suffer the consequences. Be a driving force and not a helpless passenger. Keep Calm and Survey On.
When you are not surveying, what do you like to do?  
I’m an avid reader of books, drinker of craft beers and offensive line coach at Broadneck High School
How has surveying changed you? 
 It hasn’t. It is always who I was, I am and I will be.
Recognizing Surveyors Week - Appalachian Chapter
Below is a video that represents a voluntary event that was organized by Fred Frederick of the Appalachian Chapter. Fred coordinated efforts to locate the existing hiking trails at the Woodmont Nature Resource Management Area in Hancock, Maryland for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
The event was held on March 15, 2019 as part of the Appalachian Chapter's commitment to recognize National Surveyors Week. Click here to view the video
New Potomac Chapter President
Bill Pugh
On May 9, 2019 the Potomac chapter held their Annual BBQ at the office of CPJA in Silver Spring. During this event, Dan Burke Jr. stepped down as chapter president to concentrate on his duties as MSS Vice President. Bill Pugh has now taken over the reigns as Potomac Chapter president. Please congratulate Bill Pugh when you see him!
Slate of MSS Officers Announced
Pursuant to the MSS bylaws, the Immediate Past President serves as the Chairperson of the Nominations/Tellers Committee.  The list of nominations for MSS officers is to be be read aloud at the Society’s May General Membership Meeting. Rena Butler, Immediate Past President, presented the slate of candidates for office for 2019-20 on behalf of the Nominations Committee at the General Membership Meeting held on Tuesday May 21 in Frederick.

Ms. Butler reported that after consultation with several members, and with the officers and candidates under consideration, as Chair of the Nominations Committee, she offered the following nominees:

President Elect ‐ Dan Burke, Jr.
Vice President ‐ Eric Cooper
Secretary ‐ Paul Ewell
NSPS‐Director ‐ Alan Dragoo
Regional Director ‐ Vincent Nohe

There were no additional nominations from the floor. As a result, the nominations were closed.  Ballots will be distributed by June 15 to all regular members in good standing. Ballots must be returned prior to July 15 to be counted.
Are you looking at becoming a licensed land surveyor? Are you applying for school and need some financial help? The Maryland Society of Surveyors has a scholarship. The Deadline is June
Passenger Impaled by Tripod
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Authorities say somebody stole a tripod from a California Department of Transportation crew and then dropped it from an overpass onto a Sacramento freeway, impaling the lung of a passenger in a van.
General Membership Meeting Recap

On Tuesday, May 21st Secretary of Planning, Robert McCord spoke to a group of 50 MSS members and guests at Dutch's Daughter restaurant in Frederick. He is pictured to the right with MSS President Jeremy Burns. He gave a presentation on " A Better Maryland " Strategy , a strategic plan for growth and economic development in Maryland.
Blue Crabs are Back!

Good news for the annual MSS Crab Feast to be held Tuesday, July 16 at 6:00 PM at Nick's Fish House in Baltimore. Registration to open soon.

Male, female and juvenile crab populations in the Chesapeake Bay are up from last year, the 2019 Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey shows.

The survey shows that the Bay-wide blue crab population rose by 60% for an estimated total of 594 million crabs.
The Maryland Society of Surveyors is pleased to offer important books that should be on the bookshelf of every prudent, professional surveyor.
DHS warns of 'strong concerns' that Chinese-made drones are stealing data
Chinese-made drones may be sending sensitive flight data to their manufacturers in China. It can be accessed by the Chinese government. The US Department of Homeland Security issued warnings about the situations in an alert issued Monday obtained by CNN.
Young Surveyor Chapter
April 12, 2019 - Young Surveyors Happy Hour
Job Opportunities
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