MSSC Announces Partnership with ProctorU to offer Certification Tests from Home in Response to Coronavirus

MSSC's Authorized Assessment Centers can place orders for their test takers to take assessments from their own home or remote location

Details on this and related actions the MSSC has taken to enable students to secure MSSC training and assessments at home are detailed below

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC)  has strengthened its capacity to offer a fully online learning and testing solution that will enable prospective certificants to secure the full suite of MSSC certifications.
Online Testing
Until now, most students had to take MSSC certification tests only at MSSC Authorized Assessment Centers.  MSSC has just contracted with the remote proctoring service, ProctorU, that will enable students to take MSSC assessments from home .
This vendor will require a period of time to upload all tests related to each MSSC certification into their system and to train more proctors, but we are pleased to report that this online testing will be available  no later than May 15 .
This will apply to all modular assessments needed for the high stakes, in-demand MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT). The Certified Forklift Technician (CFT) online pre-qualification assessment will be available for remote testing, but to earn the Full CFT certification the hands-on training and assessment must be conducted with your center's local forklift dealership.
We are offering this valuable and innovative service at the current rate of $63 per/assessment for Post-Secondary Centers & $54 per/assessment for Secondary Centers for 60 days, i.e., until mid-July.

Online Courses
Until now, most courses were delivered in a classroom in a blended learning environment, i.e. part direct instructor training plus computer-based learning under direct supervision by an instructor.  
MSSC has just sent guidance to all of its instructors to how to work with students online to mentor them through the fully online MSSC courses that they can take at home. Follow this link to view the guidance paper.
Course orders will continue to be placed through educational or training institutions in which the student is enrolled.
Online Instructor Training

Most  CPT Instructor Training was delivered by a Master Trainer either at the Mid-America Science Park in Indiana or by a Master Trainer traveling to a remote site that required a minimum number of six MSSC instructor trainees for three-day training at $2200 per Instructor trainee.

Now MSSC Instructor trainees can take the CPT & CLT Instructor Training from the comfort of their home. Each training provides 180-day access to the online e-learning materials for instructors to review in a self-guided manner, includes registration and assessments, course syllabi, etc. 

Instructors can select from the following options for either CPT or CLT Instructor Training:
  • CPT Instructor Training E-package- Self-paced, purely online Instructor Training option- $600 per Instructor
  • CPT Online Instructor Training- Includes 3 hour webinar with a MSSC Master Trainer- $1500 per Instructor
  • CLT Online Instructor Training- $275 per Instructor
MSSC will continue to require that education and training institutions must have a MSSC- trained CPT &/or CLT Instructor available before ordering courses.
Benefits of Home Study Now

Since most students and many workers will be working from home during the Coronavirus crisis, this is an ideal time to use this time to secure MSSC's industry certifications in both the manufacturing and distribution-logistics industry.
In the manufacturing arena, the increasing fragility of the global supply chain will require an increase in re-shoring in domestic manufacturing. On the logistics side, the explosion of eCommerce will increase the demand for qualified workers in the distribution and fulfillment centers.  
To learn more about implementing a purely online solution for your institution today contact  Catherine Feeney, Senior Marketing Manager, MSSC or Direct Line 571-414-0721