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Fall 2018
From the Chair's Chair
Exciting things are happening in Farrall Hall! The summer went by too fast, but Farrall was buzzing with students, staff, and faculty. 

In March, we graduated 20 ET students, and in FS19/SS18/US18 combined, we graduated 42 BE students as Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral alumni. Our placement rate is high, one of the highest in the College of Engineering and across campus too -- well done! These students are off and settling into their careers, all about “doing great things.” 
GUESS WHAT: Earlier this fall we found out that we are now  ranked #7 (tie) in the  US News Report  Best Undergraduate Biological/Agricultural Engineering programs , fantastic news for us — up from #11 in 2015! This ranking reflects the great things that our faculty, staff, students, and alumni do. 

In May 2018, Dr. Reese took over the BE Student Club as an advisor after 25-plus years of guidance from Dr. Guyer. Dr. Reese hopes to have additional help from our ASABE state chapter, giving the students some professional mentors, too. Also, in July 2018, Dr. Nejadhashemi took over as the Graduate Program Director of Biosystems Engineering. He has several goals to increase and strengthen our graduate education delivery. 

Other great news : Dr. Jade Mitchell was promoted to Associate Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering – congrats, Jade! 

Speaking of ASABE, many of you know that the ASABE Annual International Meeting was held in Detroit, Mich., this summer. I think it was a great event and enjoyed by everyone who attended. I enjoyed seeing many folks who I have not seen for a loooong time and sharing time and stories with them. In fact, I saw an old friend who I had not seen for more than 32 years and we had a blast exchanging stories. Kudos to Dr. Reese, who with the support of Dr. Melissa Rojas and Emma Heckelsmiller, recruited and managed 56 volunteers, of which 24 were MSU-BE students and staff members that helped the meeting move smoothly for everyone. Thanks to all of the MSU and other volunteers who made this a fantastic meeting right here in Michigan! 

Another new program that Biosystems Engineering has been working on with folks from the Institute for Agricultural Technology and Food Science is a certificate program in Food Processing and Technology. This program was created in response to recommendations from the State Legislature and alumni who work for food companies that pointed out the need for workforce development in the food processing sector in Michigan. Over spring and summer 2018, Dr. Dolan and I have been working on two parallel efforts: curriculum and a mobile food processing laboratory. The curriculum for the certificate program is being developed in conjunction with three community colleges (Kellogg, Muskegon, and Northwestern Michigan) so that we align the certificate offered both on-campus and in the community colleges. I have had the pleasure to work with two student interns, one from Biosystems Engineering (Katie Church) and one from Food Science (Lauren Kitada), who have been designing a mobile food processing laboratory – a lab on wheels! -- that will be shared between MSU and the community colleges to teach the hands-on portion of the certificate programs. This food processing and technology program is exciting – look for more to come in a future newsletter! 

Don’t forget – we now have a BAE Store! Here you can get your own BAE “stuff." We only have a couple items now to see how it goes, and we will expand our offerings as we can. All proceeds will go to support our students and their activities. And if you have ideas for other things that we can include in our store, let us know. So shop early and often!

So, what are y’all up to? In this issue you will see our first installment of “Alumni News”-- we want to include your story; so drop us a line and let us know what you have been up to lately. 

Please stop by Farrall Hall or invite me to come by to visit with you, so that I can learn about you, your BAE past, present, and our future together. 

Thank you for all you do out there to increase the brand of BAE; it is YOUR EFFORTS as our wonderful alumni that increases our  stock price ….so THANK YOU! 

Thanks for the opportunity to serve, 
Darrell W. Donahue

Professor and Chair

A unique facility at MSU designed for innovative food safety research and product-specific testing in conditions resembling real world conditions helps processors prove their products and processing methods meet federal regulations.  ( Read more .)  
A collaboration of researchers representing the MSU Institute of Water Research, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, and Adrian College, with support from the Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Geological Survey, the Wisconsin based Water Resources Monitoring Group, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) - Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG), and the Erb Family Foundation are determining best practices for slowing down or limiting algae growth in the Great Lakes.  ( Read more .)
The Michigan State University (MSU) Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center (ADREC) has been in operation for a decade, the entire time successfully addressing industry needs, providing a research platform, and training undergraduate and graduate students for future careers.  ( Read more .)  
More people die from tuberculosis (TB) every year than from any other disease. A nanoparticle-based colorimetric biosensing assay (NCBA) may be the secret to meeting the ambitious goals of the “End TB Strategy,” which is striving to reduce the incidence of TB by 90 percent and TB deaths by 95 percent by 2035.  ( Read more .)
MSU researchers collaborate on USAID project to design a solar-charged multipurpose traction platform for African farmers.  ( Read more .)  
Congratulations to 42 graduates from Fall Term 2017 through Summer Term 2018! Meet some of our latest PhD graduates.  ( Read more .)
Fariborz Daneshvar
Younsuk Dong
Yuzhen Lu
Alumni are the heart of any program. Three BAE alumni -- Brad Borgman, BS '79, Agricultural Engineering, James "Jim" Borsum, BS '80; MS '81 Food Engineering, and James "Jim" MacLellan, BS '11; MS '12, Biosystems Engineering -- were honored for their accomplishments in 2018.   ( Read more .)
Brad Borgman
James "Jim" Borsum
James "Jim" MacLellan
Ever wonder what MSU BAE alumni are up to? Catch up with a few alumni and be sure to share your stories for future issues.   ( Read more .)
Kevin Messing, BS, 2012, Biosystems Engineering
Amy Yoder, BS, 1989, Agricultural Technology and Systems Management
Dirk Maier, BS, 1987; MS, 1988; PhD, 1992, Agricultural Engineering
Larry Walker, PhD, 1978, Agricultural Engineering
Recent Alumni in September 2018 ASABE Resource Magazine - career edition
Emma Heckelsmiller, BS, 2018, Biosystems Engineering
Xuhao Dai, BS, 2016, Biosystems Engineering
Meet the 2018-19 Industry Advisory Board and Industry Evaluators for senior design projects.  ( Read more .)
  • Dr. Dana Kirk appointed to the State of Michigan's Environmental Permit Review Commission 
  • Dr. Ehsan Ghane awarded the 2018 Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award 
  • Dr. Ilce Medina Meza publishes in Food and Chemical Toxicology 
  • Dr. Dana Kirk's Detroit Zoo Waste Work is Highlighted 
  • BAE Store 
  • Join the MSU Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering LinkedIn Alumni, Faculty, and Student group 
  • Gary Connor passed away September 21, 2018 
  • Jean Steavens passed away September 24, 2018 

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