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Rolling with the Changes
Wednesday is the new Monday!
Everything is in flux these days, and our best-laid plans can quickly change. MSY was all set to roll out this Online Spring Session over the past weekend, but ran into multiple challenges with our online registration system that stopped us in our tracks! Through countless hours of thinking outside of the box, we came up with a solution that we think will serve your needs and not create too much work on our end. Please be flexible as we all work through this new reality of an online virtual studio. I am so grateful you are all here with us!

Read on and please note:
Since we are offering you pre-recorded videos instead of live classes, you can still order this week's Monday and Tuesday classes today - no time restraint! Wednesday is the new Monday!
Sending a huge thank you to Mary Koster for her unique computer skills, unending patience and ingenuity in re-imagining how to navigate our online registration system for this new online studio application.!

Sending another huge thank you to Audra Monk for her humor, positive outlook, and unique talents with video-taping and managing the MSY Facebook and YouTube channels. We enjoyed many hours at the studio pre-recording videos for you before we became homebound.

MSY Studio goes Virtual TODAY!!
Filming continues each week to bring you new and unique class offerings

All the teachers here at MSY really miss you and want to support you during these challenging times! Yoga is such an important practice to relieve stress and bolster the immune system, so we want to make sure that you are practicing regularly at home. We have been really busy recording 60 minute yoga videos just for you!

We also want the studio as a whole to continue to thrive and grow. As a "brick and mortar" business, this time of uncertainty is difficult to navigate. It's important to keep our community strong while we are physically separated and to ensure that there is a viable business to return to when we reopen our doors. Please accept this online session as a way to keep us strong individually and connected as a community, and also a way to support the studio we all love and call home.

New Online Spring Session - March 30 - May 2, 2020
When the studio closed on March 14, we were 3 weeks into the Spring Session, with 5 weeks to complete when we reopened. Those 5 weeks now comprise the Online Spring Session from March 30 - May 2. During this time, your classes will be in the form of pre-recorded videos that you can download with an online link and practice at your leisure in the comfort of your home.
These videos are the new reality for MSY - our online studio. Please use your passes, then purchase more classes and passes to allow us to remain financially stable while we are closed.
(If you are financially unable to support us, please contact Carla for other options).

Now, g et a cup of tea, curl up on your couch and read on about how our new virtual studio operates!

How Do These Online Classes Work?
Each week the MSY website will post 7-9 videos available for ordering as 60 minute classes:

General Yoga Classes
Gentle, Gentle/Moderate - 5 Elements, Moderate, Moderate Plus, and Restorative
Note : Vigorous classes - choose the Moderate Plus class (includes vigorous options)
Sculpt for Strength - choose Chair Pilates.

Senior Classes
Chair Yoga and Chair Pilates
Note: Active Seniors - choose the general Gentle class or Chair Yoga.

We kept a semblance of the normal schedule in the classes we chose to offer and how they are organized by days. However, you can choose any class you would like to take!
Remember - you are ordering a video, so you can order a Monday class on Thursday and watch it on Sunday!

Week I Schedule - March 30 - April 3
* Moderate Yoga with Audra
* Chair Yoga with Audra

* Moderate Plus Yoga with Carla - (Moderate class with Vigorous options)

* Gentle/Moderate Yoga - 5 Element Series - Earth - with Carla
(This series explores one of the 5 elements each week: earth, water, fire, air, and space)
* Chair Yoga with Carla

* Gentle Yoga with Audra

* Chair Pilates with Mary
* Restorative Yoga with Jessica

Please Note:
Tai Chi students -Your remaining classes from the Spring Session will be pro-rated when we reopen. In the meantime, visit Cain's website and Facebook page for practice videos and news about drop-in live classes: www.innercourttaiji.com.

Feldenkrais students - This class will begin when we reopen.
How do I register for classes?
  1. Visit the Class Schedule page on the MSY website.
  2. Look at the Week 1 Schedule and choose which class(es) you would like to order.
  3. Press the "Buy Now" button.
  4. This takes you to our registration system where you can use a class pass (see below) or buy an individual class.
  5. If you want to purchase another class, press "Continue Shopping" or return to the Class Schedule page by navigating back to the MSY website and select another class to buy.

How do I pay for classes?
This is the best part of the Online Spring Session! Most of you have already paid for these classes!

Weekly Class students - You prepaid for 8 weekly classes for the Spring Session (e.g. Tuesday 9:30 Moderate with Carla). In your individual account you now have a 5 Class Pass to use for the Online Spring Session. This pass will expire on May 2, so be sure to use your passes!

Class Pass students - You have either a 10 Class Pass, 3 Class New Student Pass, or 5 Class New Student Pass. Log into your account to see how many credits remain on your individual pass that can be used to buy online video classes. When your pass expires, buy a new 5 Class Pass (see below).

Unlimited Class Pass students - You are good to go! Buy as many classes as you like each week.

Senior Class students (Active Seniors, Chair Yoga, and Chair Pilates) - Since most of you pay by the class, you need to purchase classes individually or with a 5 Class Senior Class Pass (see below). If you pre-registered for your Senior classes, see Weekly Class students (above).

What if I use all my class passes?
Good for you! That's the point - to practice more than once a week at home!

We have you covered!
When your class pass runs out, you can purchase another one especially created for the Online Spring Session.

5 Class Pass - $75 (just $15/class)
Good for all Gentle, Gentle/Moderate, Moderate, Moderate Plus, and Restorative Yoga Classes

Senior Class 5 Class Pass - $45 (just $9/class)
Good for all Chair Yoga, Chair Pilates, and Gentle Yoga Classes (at the Senior price)

Drop-in Classes - You can also pay for individual classes - $16/online class; $10/online Senior class

So, I paid for my class - now what happens?
Once you "pay" for a class (individually or with a class pass) a notice is sent to MSY. Those notices will be gathered twice a day - every morning and evening - and a link will be emailed directly to you for the class you bought. That link can be downloaded onto your computer for future viewing.

Confused?? Need more information??
Visit the MSY website for detailed instructions, complete with multiple screenshots, in the "Registration FAQs" blog here .
Online Session Challenge!
Use 5 passes in 2 weeks and receive a bonus video!
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