November 17, 2023

Dear Club and League Representatives:

MSYSA’s Board of Directors has adopted revisions to MSYSA’s Athlete and Participant Safety Program to align with US Soccer and the US Center for SafeSport. MSYSA’s program information replaces any/all previous versions.

Please be mindful of the term ‘Covered Adults’, which is very clearly defined in the program information. Please read, review and share accordingly.

A few items that are newly referenced include ‘Adult Athletes’, a new ‘Minor Coach Policy’, and updates to the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s training offerings. In addition, areas of prohibited conduct, including harassment, sexual harassment, racial, religious, or national origin harassment, child abuse including child sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and power imbalance, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, bullying, hazing, retaliation, aiding and abetting, abuse of process, misconduct related to reporting and one on one interactions, etc. are very distinctly detailed.

As a reminder, should you or others need to make a report on suspected violations of MSYSA’s Athlete & Participant Safety Program, please visit our online reporting form, here.

Thank you for your efforts to ensure continued participant safety.


Thomas Faro

Executive Director

cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors