Dear League Presidents and Delegates,

In order to maintain compliance with Michigan Sports Concussion legislation, MSYSA recently updated our Concussion Policy. In accordance with state law, the MSYSA Concussion Policy now states that adult members (including but not limited to coaches, team managers, and league officials) must complete the concussion awareness online training program every 3 years. This training program is the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training.

Every adult member is responsible for his/her compliance with the online training. The CDC Heads Up Concussion Training has been integrated into GotSoccer. This means an individual can complete the CDC Heads Up training directly in GotSoccer when logged into his/her coach or manager account. Instructions for accessing the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training can be found on the MSYSA website here . As a reminder, clubs and/or leagues may implement “stricter” policies than MSYSA or state law (for example, requiring adult members to redo the CDC Heads Up training every 2 years).

In order to facilitate this Concussion Policy update in GotSoccer, any CDC Heads Up certifications with a completion date prior to August 2017 will soon be reset to “Not Completed” in GotSoccer. On a monthly basis, MSYSA will continue to reset CDC Heads Up certifications that were completed more than 3 years ago.

We encourage you to review the MSYSA Concussion Policy in its entirety, which includes other important components such as:
·     All youth participants and their parents must sign the Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet
·     Any youth participant suspected of sustaining a concussion must be removed immediately from activity. The player must be kept out of all future soccer related activities until evaluated and cleared by a Health Care Professional (which must be documented on a completed Medical Clearance to Return to Play Form )

We have many related resources on the Concussion Information & Protection page of our website. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the MSYSA State Office.

Thank you,

Danielle Henry
MSYSA Director of Member Services