August 16, 2021
Dear Tournament Directors,
On September 1, 2021, MSYSA is transitioning to a new insurance carrier. Tournaments occurring through the end of August that have already received their certificates of insurance will still be able to use the certificates that were already provided to them.
For tournaments occurring after September 1, we are hoping to get the certificates of insurance process up and running with our new carrier in the next week or two. Once everything is setup, we will be able to generate those insurance certificates for the upcoming Fall 2021 tournaments. I am aware of a few tournaments taking place the weekend of September 3-6, and will be in touch, as soon as our carrier is ready, to ensure you have your insurance certificates for your event. Similarly, for the rest of the tournaments taking place, please look out for an email from me in the next few weeks once everything is up and running.
Should you have any tournament-related questions, please email me at
Ryan Theisen
Operations Manager