September 9, 2020

Dear Club and League Representatives:

Effective immediately, this communication serves as notice that all MSYSA affiliated clubs and leagues are now in MSYSA Phase 5.0 as outlined in our updated MSYSA’s Return-To-Play (RTP) guidelines.

The following activities are now permissible: small-sided, intra-team scrimmages and set play activities. All athletes, while on the field of play, are not subject to the prior social distancing requirements, but instead must maintain six feet of social distance from one another, to the extent compatible with our sport, and must wear a facial covering. This is required per Executive Order (EO) 176. At this point in time, all sports organizers (e.g. clubs/leagues) must ensure compliance with EO 176. MSYSA is aware of EO 153 (2d) which appears to provide an exception on wearing facial coverings when exercising could interfere with the activity. However, EO 176 is specific to organized sports, including soccer. MSYSA recognizes this is a major change. If/when a new EO is issued with verbiage changes with respect to facial coverings, MSYSA will promptly notify our affiliated club and league representatives.

Please note: Games are not permitted at this time nor are in-state tournaments. Assuming our affiliated clubs and leagues strictly adhere to the RTP guidelines and safety protocols, MSYSA’s plan is to authorize games to commence no earlier than Saturday, September 19, 2020. In the interim, please read, review and share MSYSA Game Day Processes with all appropriate parties.

Insurance certificates for fall field locations are now available. In addition, teams may now travel out of state for tournaments, receive guest player pass-cards, and request tournament only teams (for out of state tournaments). Please contact Julie Pearson, MSYSA Administrative Assistant, at, should you need assistance.

In closing, teams choosing to travel out of state for games/tournaments, including teams that participate in US Youth Soccer’s National League Conferences, are subject to the applicable RTP guidelines in other states. Likewise, all out of state teams wishing to play games in Michigan are subject to MSYSA’s RTP guidelines. Thus, games may not start in Michigan until MSYSA has formally notified our affiliated club and league representatives that we’ve moved into MSYSA Phase 5.5.

Should you have any questions, please email


Thomas Faro
Executive Director

cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors