September 16, 2020

Dear Club and League Representatives:

MSYSA is moving all affiliated clubs and leagues into MSYSA Phase 5.5, effective September 19, 2020. Beginning September 19, 2020, games are permitted. In addition, full scrimmages (inter-squad, across the club or outside the club) are permitted, but not recommended, unless all mitigation measures as outlined in MSYSA's Return-To-Play (RTP) guidelines are, and can be, implemented.

Pursuant to Executive Order 180, all athletes must wear a facial covering. EO 180 does not exempt athletes from wearing facial coverings due to medical intolerance reasons nor does it authorize medical waivers. As previously relayed, athletes have the option of participating with a facial covering or not participating at this time.

MSYSA defines ‘facial covering’ as a clean cloth, fabric, or other soft or permeable material, without holes, that covers both the mouth and nose, including, but not limited to surgical masks, handmade or homemade. Athletes should utilize a facial covering size that comfortably covers both the mouth and nose. Athletes are encouraged to bring more than one facial covering to trainings, practices and games in the event the facial covering is damaged, falls off, gets wet or is bloodied in any way. Note: The use of plastic ‘face shields’ is not permissible as a substitute for facial coverings.

MSYSA has received reports of the following: athletes intentionally not placing the facial coverings over their mouth and nose, players immediately pulling their facial coverings down, placing the facial coverings under their chins, hanging the facial coverings from their ears, around their necks or up on their foreheads, etc. If MSYSA continues to receive these reports, a statewide stoppage is likely.

As a reminder, all team officials and spectators are required to wear facial coverings, and maintain social distancing, at all times. In addition, referees are expected to wear PPE upon arrival, during pre-game field inspection, team check-in, immediately following games, and until their departure. During games, referees are able to social distance and may wear masks, if desired.

Finally, please share gathering size restrictions with your families. For indoor sport competitions (in Michigan), athletes are limited to designating up to 2 guests each. For outdoor sports competitions (in Michigan) athletes are limited to designating up to 2 guests each or not to exceed 100 people, including all athletes, coaches, staff, etc. All sports organizers (clubs and leagues) are responsible for enforcement, as are all adults. The fall season is up to all of you. Thus, please do your part to ensure that our children can have a meaningful fall season.


Thomas Faro
Executive Director

cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors