November 1, 2023

To:          MSYSA League Presidents and Delegates

Re:          Secondary Medical Insurance (Indoor soccer activities)

Dear MSYSA League Representative: Secondary medical insurance coverage, as a result of indoor soccer participation/activities, is provided if:

  • An MSYSA affiliated league (where players are already registered with MSYSA affiliated teams), in writing to MSYSA (via email to Tom Faro at [email protected]), sanctions or endorses indoor soccer participation/activities (e.g., practice, scrimmages, matches, training, futsal, etc.).
  • An MSYSA affiliated league hosts or coordinates indoor practices, scrimmages, matches, training, futsal, etc.
  • MSYSA affiliated leagues must request insurance certificates (COI’s) online from in advance of player and/or team indoor soccer participation/activities. The form can be found here.
  • Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, and other Team Officials must be registered with MSYSA and must be MSYSA Risk Management cleared, and SafeSport trained.

MSYSA will only extend secondary medical insurance coverage (and general liability coverage at facilities) for those currently registered with MSYSA. MSYSA secondary medical insurance coverage applies to currently registered players, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, league administrators and board members who may participate on an indoor field (with or without boards) or who may participate in a gym or in some other sanctioned activity such as participation/play on non-soccer specific indoor space.

MSYSA affiliated leagues wishing to register players/coaches (those that did not participate on MSYSA affiliated teams in the fall) early and in advance of our spring soccer season or leagues wishing to register players for INDOOR ONLY with MSYSA may do so by contacting Elizabeth Satterley by email at [email protected].

Registration data for early player/coach registration, for those that did not participate on MSYSA affiliated teams in the fall and in advance of our spring soccer season, for INDOOR ONLY players and coaches will be accepted beginning November 15, 2023 and must be received by MSYSA before members are extended secondary medical insurance coverage during indoor soccer participation.


Thomas Faro

Executive Director