February 13, 2023


Dear Direct Member Representative,


This message contains important information regarding MSYSA registration in GotSport for the Spring 2023 season. Please review carefully. If someone else from your club/league should receive this information, please forward accordingly.


Spring 2023 Registration Deadlines


April 25, 2023:

Registration data (players and team officials) must be added & finalized in GotSport.

  • Players, coaches, and managers must be added & rostered in GotSport by April 25, 2023. Only those participants (players, coaches, & managers) who are approved on event rosters within MSYSA affiliated events will be registered with MSYSA.
  • MSYSA is responsible for submitting and invoicing registrations on behalf of all direct members. This will be done in early April (in the weeks leading up to the final registration deadline). MSYSA will send billing notifications & reminders to direct members during this process.


May 15, 2023:

Final registration payment due to MSYSA

  • Clubs have access in GotSport to review their invoicing and check their registration account balance, to determine the amount of final payment owed to MSYSA. Clubs will not receive a separate invoice or balance statement from MSYSA.
  • To avoid making multiple payments, please ensure all registration data has been added prior to submitting payment to MSYSA.
  • To submit payment, mail a check to the MSYSA State Office, or send Elizabeth Satterley ([email protected]) an email to set up or request payment processing via ACH transfer (ACH Form). ACH payments will not be processed unless first requested via email by a club/league representative.


Late fees:

  • 10% late penalty will be added to any registrations added within two weeks after the deadline (i.e., for registrations added April 26 through May 9) 20% late penalty will be added to any registrations added within four weeks after the deadline (i.e., for registrations added May 10 through May 23).  
  • 30% late penalty will be added to any registrations added within six weeks after the deadline (i.e., for registrations added May 24 through June 6).
  • 40% late penalty will be added to any registrations added within eight weeks after the deadline (i.e., for registrations added June 7 through June 20).
  • 50% late penalty will be added to any registrations added more than eight weeks after the deadline (i.e., for registration added June 21 or after)


For a detailed list of registration fees, please review the 2022-2023 MSYSA Fee Structure.



Registration in GotSport:

The process to submit registrations to MSYSA in GotSport is the same for Spring 2023 as it was for Fall 2022. As a reminder, only those participants (players, coaches, & managers) who are approved on event rosters within MSYSA affiliated events will be registered with MSYSA. Teams must be enrolled in A) an event from one of MSYSA’s affiliated scheduling leagues, or B) one of MSYSA’s State Registration events. A club cannot use their own ‘event’ to submit registrations to MSYSA.


For MSYSA ‘scheduling leagues’:

Continue maintaining league event rosters for your participating teams, in your respective league events in GotSport.


For MSYSA non-scheduling league direct members –Below are links to updated registration resources.



Viewing Individual Registrations in GotSport:

Clubs and leagues can now view a list of individual registrations in GotSport by going to Club Management > Registrations> Details (at the top), and using the ‘Saved Reports’ button, choose ’22-23 Invoiced Registrations’.This allows the club or league to see who has been registered by MSYSA in MSYSA events for seasonal year 22/23. Clubs can change the ‘Registrations As’ filter to ‘Club’ and it will show all the invoiced registrations for that club in all events for the seasonal year. Additional filters can be used at that point to find more specific information.


Registration Assistance Offer:

As we’ve done in past years, MSYSA is extending optional GotSport Registration Assistance to our direct members, for a nominal fee of $0.25/player. If your club experienced issues using GotSport to coordinate your registrations in fall 2022, consider taking advantage of this service! For more details, please review here.


Pool Teams: 

If using pool teams for your club’s in-house registrations, MSYSA recommends that clubs hide the team player lists. For more information and instructions on this, please review this support article: How to Hide the Player List from Coaches/Managers/Players


Player Account Minimum Required Fields:

The minimum required fields to add a player into GotSport are: First Name, Last Name, Gender, DOB, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Parent First Name, Parent Last Name, Parent Email/UserID, and Competitive Level. MSYSA is required to provide player data to US Youth Soccer and US Soccer, but we cannot do so if these fields are incomplete. 

Player Account Locks:

Once a player has been approved on a roster, their account info (name, DOB, and gender) will be locked from editing. If you need to make a change to a player account that is locked, please contact the appropriate affiliated league, or the MSYSA State Office, so the change can be made to the player account.


Other GotSport Resources for Clubs:

*Note Regarding Duplicates- When merging duplicate player accounts, be sure to ‘keep’ any player account that has a USSF ID number.

Risk Management Resources

The Risk Management Resources page of the MSYSA website includes help guides pertaining to Risk Management in GotSport, including MSYSA RM FAQs. As a reminder, all participating adults must maintain the following Risk Management certifications (known as “Requirements” in GotSport):

  • Background check (annually)
  • SafeSport training (annually)
  • CDC Heads Up (every 3 years) 

Clubs/leagues must ensure that participating adults complete (and maintain) the 3 required Risk Management certifications prior to, and throughout the duration of, their affiliated participation and contact with minor players. 


League Affiliation Updates

MSYSA uses SportsForms to collect all League Affiliation updates. Be sure your organization is updating your league affiliation (board member list) online each year to ensure compliance with MSYSA Bylaws. For questions, please contact Elizabeth Satterley ([email protected]).


Insurance & COIs

Any questions regarding insurance (including Certificates of Insurance) should be directed to Julie Pearson ([email protected]). For more information, please review the Insurance page of our website.


Thank you,


MSYSA State Office

[email protected]