February 1, 2023

Dear League Representative,

This email is being sent to representatives from MSYSA affiliated ‘scheduling leagues.’ The purpose of this email is to pass along updates and reminders with respect to GotSport and the Spring 2023 season. An additional Spring 2023 – MSYSA Registration email will also be sent to all MSYSA direct members within the next couple of weeks.

Viewing Individual Registrations in GotSport

Leagues can now see a list of individual registrations within their event(s) in GotSport by going to Club Management > Registrations> Details (at the top) and using the ‘Saved Reports’ button. Choose ’22-23 Invoiced Registrations’. This will provide you with a list of invoiced member registrations for he 22/23 seasonal year. Additional filters can be used at that point to find more specific information.

RM Audit & Roster Unapprovals

GotSport has a tool available for leagues which can be ‘turned on’ if desired. The tool serves to audit the Risk Management Requirement(s) of rostered team officials within a league event. If the tool is turned on, if/when a person’s RM Requirement expires, the individual will automatically be ‘unapproved’ from the league roster. The individual will be notified via email, and the league will also receive an email notification about the ‘Roster Unapprovals.’ If your league is interested in learning more about this tool, please reach out to us. Otherwise, leagues can continue to use the Audit > Rosters function to view expired RM Requirements for rostered team officials.

Approving Rosters – Do Not Create Member Registrations

When approving players & team officials on rosters for your league, be sure to continue choosing “No” when asked if you want to ‘Also create member registrations?’ in GotSport. As we did in the Fall, MSYSA will process & invoice all Spring registrations closer to our registration deadline. If you click ‘Yes’ by mistake, please let us know ASAP so we can remove the errant registrations.


The MSYSA transfer window (the period during which transfers are permitted) is November 1 through March 1. In GotSport, you may have noticed certain players on rosters being labeled with a brown “T” – which denotes a transfer. Currently, a player should be labeled with the “T” if they have been released from a team and are now rostered on a team from a different club in the same seasonal year. This could be a release within the same league event, or from a different league event. Going forward, please use these “T” labels as a resource as you review and approve rosters for the Spring season. Please also keep in mind MSYSA Rule 3.6, which discusses player releases, transfers, and dual registration.

New Clubs

If you have a new club joining your league – whether it’s an existing club with teams in another affiliated league, or a completely new club to MSYSA – please let MSYSA know. If the club is already under the MSYSA ‘umbrella’ in GotSport, we need to assign the club as a ‘child’ organization under your league. If it’s a completely new club, MSYSA will add a new GotSport account under our State Association, and the club will also be assigned as a ‘child’ organization under your league. Leagues should not create new club accounts in GotSport.

Teams with No Club

Keep an eye out for teams in your league events with no assigned club. Clubs will sometimes submit their team for participation in an event, then later remove that team from their club account. However, the team would still remain in the event, but with no assigned club. We’ve also seen this happen more recently in the transition from Fall to Spring. Clubs may have enrolled one team for Fall, but a duplicate team was later created & enrolled for Spring. The club eventually removes one of the teams from their club account (but it remains enrolled in the event, with no assigned club).

These ‘no club’ teams should be addressed by the league. Either the no-club team needs to be restored back to its original club (by GotSport), or the team application should be removed from the event if the team was never used. Note: if there are team members on a no-club team that is being removed from an event, reset the roster before removing the team.

Player Account Locks

Once a player is rostered on a team, clubs will no longer have access to make changes to a player’s name, gender, and DOB. In the instance a player’s info is incorrect (via typo or otherwise), the league (or MSYSA) can change it. Changes can be made to a player account by the League from Association > Players. Click Edit, uncheck the box for Lock Profile, and then click Save. Click Edit again, and then leagues should be able to make the changes. Be sure to re-check Lock Profile before clicking Save again. Note: if the player account has been ‘Verified’ by a club or league, the player would need to be ‘unverified’ in order to make changes (which can be done in the Documents tab of a player account).

Player Account Minimum Required Fields

As a reminder, the minimum required fields to add a player into GotSport are: First Name, Last Name, Gender, DOB, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Parent First Name, Parent Last Name, and Parent Email/UserID, and Competitive Level. Please encourage/remind your club administrators about these minimum required fields. MSYSA is required to provide player data to US Youth Soccer and US Soccer, but we cannot do so if these fields are incomplete.

ITC Updates

As a reminder, the ITC process is required for players registering with pro-affiliated clubs, aged 10 & up, who A) were born outside the US and/or B) have previously registered to play soccer with a club/team/league outside of the US. The club and affiliated league should work together to implement the appropriate processes (including verifying player country of birth) to ensure that each player is eligible to be registered and participating. For any questions related to international clearance, please email ITC@michiganyouthsoccer.org.

If you have any questions regarding the above updates and information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Elizabeth Satterley

MSYSA Member Services Manager