November 11, 2020

Dear Club and League Representatives:

For many of you, the Fall 2020 season has come to an end or is nearing conclusion. As a reminder, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Emergency Order Under MCL.333.2253 – Gatherings and Face Mask Order, is still in place. All athletes must consistently, and appropriately, wear facial coverings during trainings and competitions in Michigan. Athletes must also practice social distancing, at all times, except when they are in active participation during trainings or competitions.

For those clubs or leagues that have not concluded the fall season, COVID continues to circulate and positive cases are on the rise in Michigan. Per our Return-To-Play Guidelines, please actively remind team officials and spectators to maintain social distancing and to wear facial coverings at all times, upon arrival to, departure from, and during MSYSA activities. Please also ensure adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene practices for players, team officials and spectators, including frequent hand washing with soap or hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol content, paper towels and tissues.

At this time, MDHHS recommends outdoor practices/games over indoor practices/games. For clubs/leagues with remaining outdoor practices/games, please carefully read and review US Soccer’s Cold Weather Guidelines. If playing inside, ensure ventilation systems or fans operate properly. The circulation of outdoor air, as much as possible, is encouraged by opening windows and doors. However, do not open windows and doors if doing so poses a safety or health risk to players or others using the facility.

In closing, MSYSA has received several inquiries about the sanctioning of club tournaments planned for spring/summer 2021. Our staff plans to provide information to tournament directors in the month of December. In the interim, please continue to monitor our website and social media platforms for updates.


Thomas Faro
Executive Director

cc.:      MSYSA Board of Directors