April 27, 2022

Dear Club and League Representatives:

MSYSA and MSPSP have determined referee fees for the Fall 2022 season. Please note: There are no changes to current referee fees through the spring 2022 season.

In short, referee fees for MSYSA-run tournaments (State Cup, Junior State), MSYSA’s Director’s Academy (DA) Program and the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) are increasing. Starting this fall, the referee fees will be comparable to that of other competing organizations and better align with economic conditions.

The new fees commencing this fall (2022) are listed below. The center referee fee is listed first, followed by the assistant referee fees.

MSYSA Junior State Cup (U10): $30/$20/$20

MSYSA Junior State Cup (U11 & U12): $40/$30/$30

MSYSA Director’s Academy (U11 & U12): $40/$30/$30

MSYSA State Cup (U13 & U14): $60/$40/$40

MSYSA State Cup (U15 & U16): $65/$45/$45

MSYSA State Cup (U17, U18, & U19): $75/$50/$50

MSPSP (U13 & U14): $55/$40/$40

MSPSP (U15 & U16): $65/$45/$45

MSPSP (U17, U18, & U19): $75/$50/$50

The fees above are being shared with all of you now so you may share, and discuss, with your clubs/teams. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the MSYSA State Office.


Thomas Faro
Executive Director