Volume 61 | April 5th 2018
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MARCH 2018
SPRING BREAK - 3/31 to 4/6 (CLOSED - REOPEN ON 4/7),

Wow, March sure did fly right by! I hope that Spring Break was/is treating your family well. As we are now fully into Spring Session, and are gearing up for a brand new concert format, things are crazier than ever here at the Music Time factory.

Please read carefully all of the exciting news that we have for you this month, and as always, if you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to hit the ol' reply button. We're happy to help! Thanky thanky oh so muchy!!

  • Concert Sign-ups are closed
  • Win 6 months of FREE LESSONS, iPad mini & more!
  • Dinner Meetup on Sun, 4/15 for Big Show Performers
  • Spring Session groups: Kids under 6, rock bands, strings & more
  • Student of the month: Amelia Umentum
  • Teacher Feature: Tim Marconett, from teen shredder to pro
  • Jamiroquai & more live music
  • Songwriting Club: Write a song about your pet & get a free book!
  • Congratulations to 33 Student Anniversaries this month!
Did you fill out our online form?
Whether you'll be in the BIG SHOW on Sunday, May 20th at the Bothwell Arts Center, or in one of the "Concertinas" on May 17th-19th, you should have signed up online already, since the deadline was March 31st.

If you did not yet fill out the online form to RSVP as a concert performer, please do so NOW!

Looking for more info about the concert?
It's true! We really are giving away 6 whole months of music lessons. And all you have to do is practice (and get a little bit lucky).
We want our Spring Concert performances to be top notch, and the only way to get there is the same way that you get to Carnegie Hall:


Even though our Spring Concert is taking on a new format, we are keeping the beloved Raffle around to motivate practice, preparation, and (of course) attendance on the big day, since YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!

Here's how it works:
Choose any song that you are working on in lessons (whether or not you will be performing it at the concert) and get down to work! The more you work, the more tickets you earn & the better your odds for winning awesome prizes!

For details on earning tickets, see:

There are also posters around the studio with details!

Here are the prizes:
iPad Mini
Acoustic Guitar
Boomer's Gift Card
Denica's Gift Card
Lanna Thai Gift Card
Cinema West (movie) Gift Card
Cold Stone gift card

....and more!!
For all performers in the "Big Show" on Sunday, May 20th at the Bothwell Arts Center:

Please join us
at Music Time on
SUNDAY, APRIL 15th at 6pm

Dinner is on us.

This casual little gathering will be a chance for students to meet the group that they will be performing with at the concert. Some of the Music Time staff will do a brief performance and discussion about playing music in a group, focused on understanding how each musician/instrument fits into the whole, as well as a few performance tips to ease the nerves. There will be plenty of time for Q&A as well as simply hanging and enjoying each other's company.
Did you know that we do oh so much more than just private lessons?
Here's what's up for Spring Session, 2018. If you have any questions, or would like to try anything on this list, please respond to this email!

For students age 6 & under
Family Music Time & A Sound Experience

We know you're ready to rock. Whether you sing or play guitar, bass, drums or keyboard, we have a group for you!

For all ages, especially ADULTS, like you!
Free class on Mondays at 8pm

For all ages, especially ADULTS, like you!
Free class on Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Got violin lessons? Well now you can use 'em to make some truly beautiful music. We have 2 groups, one on Thursday evenings & one on Friday afternoons.

It's not like school band. Come see for yourself, if you play a horn or rhythm section instrument (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard). These cool cats are jammin' on Sundays.
Amelia Umentum
Congrats to Amelia for earning the Student of the Month honor! She will receive not only priceless glory & endless bragging rights, but also gift certificates to Music Time Academy & Livermore Cinemas.
Instrument: Violin
Teacher: Judy
Age: 10
Grade: 4th
School: Valley Montessori School
Student Since: October 2017
Hobbies (besides practicing): Tennis, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and performing in musical theater
Amelia started taking lesson October 18th, 2017 eager and excited to learn. She takes her lessons seriously by writing down her weekly practice/goals in mermaid sequin journal but don't let that fool you! In her lessons, Amelia likes to laugh, play duets and get silly. I look forward to watching her grow and play with other musicians. Keep it up Amelia! 

You can catch her playing at her studio recital Friday May 18th and at Music Time's Big Spring Concert on May 20th!!
"Amelia expressed interest in playing the violin at a young age. She finally had the opportunity to take lessons this past fall and has demonstrated a passion for playing! Amelia's hard work and tenaciousness and patience of her wonderful instructor Judy has resulted in her continuous improvement over the last six months! She looks forward to continuing to learn and participate in future live performances!"
Tim Marconett

I was able to catch up with Tim Marconett recently, while his band was setting up in the studio to record their second demo. As we spoke, I noticed a very natural flow to his musical career. Although he’s currently writing, singing and playing guitar, he did not start out along that path - he thought he was going to be melting faces as the next Guitar Hero! I hope you enjoy hearing his story as much as I did...
Where does your musical path begin? How old were you when you started on an instrument?

I started on piano when I was 8. I moved to drums when I was 10. I also picked up guitar then, just as thing to do, since there were guitars around the house because my dad played.

Your dad was a musician?

My who family is musical. We had a grand piano in the living room, a drum set in the garage, and my dad had amps and guitars laying around. My Dad played guitar and sang at church, and my mom was a singer and piano player. Both of my brothers played piano, and my middle brother plays drums. Right now I'm the only one that actually stayed with music!

With so many musicians in the family, it’s surprising that you started at 8!

I wanted to start earlier! My older brothers played piano and I would always go to their recitals, so I wanted to start when I was 4 or 5. They said I was too young though, so I started at 8.

Did you do music in school?

I stared in concert band freshman year of high school, then jazz band. I played guitar sophomore through senior year. We had a pretty successful jazz band and got to play at the Next Generation Monterey Jazz Fest. My last year I convinced the teacher to let me play acoustic nylon string in orchestra. I started Steve Sage’s class at DVC when I was 15 and a half, end of sophomore year. I started lessons with Steve when I was 13,at the end of 8th grade.
It sounds like you were pretty serious about music at a young age.

Yeah, i was playing Joe Satriani and Steve Vai stuff when I was 13. I had this idea that I was going to be Steve Vai! I remember in 8th grade, me and my brother did this duo thing. I played a finger-tapping solo by Joe Satriana and Voodoo Child pretty well.

I basically went to lessons with this idea that I wanted to be a shred guitar player. I said, “I’m gonna be Steve Vai!” And my teacher, Steve Sage, said, “Yah, there's already a Steve Vai though.” And then he basically said, “let’s learn the blues though, you've got that other stuff covered. This is all the stuff those guys knew really well.”

Did you study music in collge?

I went to school in England for a year when I was 20. I actually got a scholarship for their guitar program! I auditioned by video and got in the top 10, but had to be there for the final round. I flew over for a week and won first place!

So then if you were only doing guitar into your college years, when did you begin singing?

I didn't’ start singing until I was 20! I was playing guitar for some super talented singers, but for some reason it never went anywhere. That happened twice, and I figured that this might not be the right way to go, to rely on somebody else.

Not too long after I began working on singing, I started doing these gigs at the Marriott in Walnut Creek, where I was working valet. It was my first gig singing and playing. I kind of did it just to force myself to learn a bunch of tunes, and sing in front of people.

When did the Tim Marconett Group start?

About a year ago. I’ve been pursuing songwriting, lyric-writing and melody, which is a whole different skill set. Guitar playing is one thing, but in the whole scheme of the product you're presenting, the guitar is such a small slice of it. Really the meat of it is the songs, the melodies, your voice. I’ve been really focusing on that a lot lately.

So you’re mostly focused on your group?

I’m making a living playing music, singing and playing the guitar and doing session work. I'm doing a fair about of session work for Vertex in oakland.

What do you mean by session work?

Vertex has a pedal that modeled after the Stevie Ray Vaughan amp, like the one on the John Mayer Continuum album. In the videos they have a John Mayer backing track, and then I do a John Mayer impression and I’ll add my own thing. But I try to emulate his style, just to show what the pedal can do,.

So you have a lot of side gigs going on!
You have to. There’s not money in the original stuff, yet. It costs a lot, actually, but it’s fulfilling and it’s what I want to do. In the long run, it's an investment in my career that is going to open up more opportunities. Being a sideman kid of has a ceiling,. But if you can do it both, that’s where it’s at!
Student Anniversaries
Mixolydian Level - 5 Years of Lessons
Nathan Woolsey
Mallory Rowe
Carter Goralka
Adam King
Jenny Nguyen
Connor Goralka

Lydian Level - 4 years of Lessons
Rutvi Bhavsar
Aidan Lenihan
Nicholas Carrano

Phrygian Level - 3 Years of Lessons
Rya Floyd
Jax Koski

Dorian Level - 2 Years of Lessons
Sarvagna Banda
Tony Beltran
Alanija Correa
Colton Crouch
Samanvi Dharma
Ava Ip
Christian Lynam
Olivia Lynam
Giovanni Pena
Adriana Sisca
Giana Sisca
Torah Zinn

Ionian Level - 1 Year of Lessons
Cindy Detzel
John Enriques
Andrei Gran
Lissette Hernandez
Gennie Langshaw
William Magann
Amanda Monroe
Elena Pauli
Lucia Pauli
Angel Reyes

Limit one free book per person per month, limit of $25 retail value. No special orders, must be currently in stock. Does not include manuscript paper.
This month's topic:


If your song is chosen as the winner, you'll get to choose the topic for next month! How fun?! Now let's get to writing! Go on now, git.

Accepted formats include: video, audio, lyrics or written/sheet music. Submissions will be accepted until the next newsletter.
Go See Live Music!


Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco

Tuesday, April 17th
Doors at 7 Show at 8pm
Founded in 1992 by front man Jay Kay, the pioneers of “future funk” have taken the world by storm, establishing themselves as one of the most successful acts on the planet. Since the release of their debut album ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ in 1993, Jamiroquai have completed reinvigorated modern pop music while also paving the way as chief influencers of some of today’s most exciting artists. With famous fans including the likes of Chance the Rapper, Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Jungle, Redman & The Internetas well as historic performances alongside Stevie Wonder & Diana Ross, Jamiroquai have consistently proved themselves as one of the globe’s most revered and unifying musical innovators of our time.

With over seven albums reaching the UK Top 10 (and three reaching #1), the Grammy Award winning, Brits-nominated band have sold over 26m albums worldwideand hold the Guinness Book of World Records record for best-selling funk album of all time.
Every Thursday:
Tim G (guitar) at Tiki Tom's in Walnut Creek 

Every Thursday:
Michael Solomon at Live Oak Lodge # 61 in Oakland

Thursday, April 5th
Tim Marconett (solo) at Jam Cellars in Napa

Friday, April 6th
Muncie (Anna) at Smiley's in Bolinas
The UnOriginals (Tim & Xavier) at Retro Junkie in Walnut Creek

Saturday, April 7th
West Grand Boulevard (Anna & Mike M) at Boom Boom Room in San Francisco
Timmy G at Maria Maria in Danville

Sunday, April 8th
Gala (Luna) at Studio Grand in Oakland

Thursday, April 12th
West Grand Brass Band (Adam) at Ivy Room in Albany

Friday, April 13th
Timmy G at Maria Maria in Danville

Saturday, April 14th
The UnOriginals (Tim G & Xavier) at Johnny Foleys SF

Saturday. April 21st
The UnOriginals (Tim G & Xavier) at Chuck's Corner

Friday, April 27th
Graham Hill (Judy & Anna) at Monkey House in Berkeley
The UnOriginals at Maggie Mcgarrys, SF

Saturday, April 28th
The UnOriginals (Tim G & Xavier) at Meenars, Danville 

Friday, May 4th
The UnOriginals (Tim G & Xavier) at Retro Junkie, Walnut Creek 

Saturday, May 5th
Fast & Vengefully (Timmy G & Belinda) at Johnny Foleys

Friday, May 11th
The UnOriginals (Tim G & Xavier) at The Iron Door Saloon, Groveland

Saturday, May 12th
The UnOriginals (Tim G & Xavier) at The Iron Door Saloon, Groveland


Fast & Vengefully - Tim on guitar/voice, Belinda on fiddle
Gringa - Luna on drums
Lost Dog Found - Adam on trumpet
Mama Foxxy - Judy on violin, Anna on drums
Muncie - Anna on drums
Professor Jones - Anna on drums, Mike M on bass
Room For Dream - Nick LW on Guitar/Vocals, Luna on Drums
TV Mike & the Scarecrowes - Anna on drums
The UnOriginals - Tim on guitar/voice, Xavier on drums
West Grand Brass Band - Adam on trumpet
West Grand Boulevard - Anna on drums, Mike on bass, Adam on trumpet
From the Music Time Academy Administrative Staff: 
Anna, Monica, Mike & Adam
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