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Our Mission...
The Memorial Tabernacle Church has come together by the Holy Spirit for the specific purpose of preaching and teaching the word of God, (the Bible), and about Jesus Christ, God's son, and to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the North Oakland Community and its environs; to bring healing to the brokenhearted and deliverance to the oppressed.
It Was A Happy Day!

"Sister Tiffany and I say 'Thank You' again for the love, support, prayers, and excitement received on our special day.  Our hearts are overjoyed, and we were blessed to have family and friends join to celebrate!  We even received greetings from a few of our very special friends who were not able to attend. See the video below. Again, we thank you, and we love you. We are excited about what God is doing and will do through our union" 

Pastor Ulysses Stephen King, Jr.

Special Video Tribute to The Kings :: Click below. 
Notes On Sunday's Sermon
"IF GOD IS FOR US" ( Romans 8:31-39

My Brothers and Sisters, God is for us, not against us. He has reconciled us. He is not our enemy but our friend. He is on our side against all our enemies; on our side in reference to all our undertakings (Ps. 37:4). Who is He but the Almighty, the Sovereign Lord, the infinitely powerful One with infinite wisdom to guide.

Let me tell you, if God is for you, he's more than what anyo ne can do against you. One of these days you're going to learn as I have learned, not just to thank God for your successes; not just to thank God for your victories; not just to thank God for your popularity; not just to thank God because the church is full and your plates are running over. But, one of these days you're going to learn how to thank God the burdens you had to bare because they were teachable moments. Thank God for your trials because they were teachable moments. Thank God for your troubles because they were teachable moments. That God for the storms he's brought you through because they were teachable moments.

If God is for you, nobody can be against you. When your enemies turn against you and become your emissaries, they will make you more famous than you would have been if you didn't have somebody talking about you and making you famous. Because when your enemies try to tear you down, God will build you up through your enemies' unpaid advertisement. For while some are hating on you, God will send somebody to help on you!

Because of Chri st,
Pastor Ulysses Stephen King, Jr.
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Happenings at Memorial Tabernacle Church

God is doing new and exciting things as we embrace and impact the North Oakland Community! Upcoming gathering opportunities are exciting! Get connected and get plugged in! 

View our March 2017 Bulletin and access the updated online calendar here.  
Breakfast in Bed: Feeding those who are Hungry  
Saturday, March 11, 6:30-9:30AM    
Daylight Saving Time
Set clocks ahead 1-hour Saturday night!

Get ready to spring forward this weekend - Daylight Saving Time begins  on Sunday . Clocks will jump forward by one hour on  March 12 at 2 a.m.  The jump forward in time pushes sunrise and sunset by an hour from the day before and means an end to dark winter nights, as evenings will see more light. That also means you'll lose an hour of sleep  Saturday  night into  Sunday  morning.
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Thurs,  March 9, 2017
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