Urgent Call To Prayer!
"...if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJV

Why the urgent call to prayer?
  • Domestic violence is taking the lives of women, children, and men!
  • There is no compassion, concern, or urgency to provide for those in need...
  • Our young people have given up hope!
  • There are senseless murders in the streets. 
  • Our children are being used for evil and not good! 
  • The enemy cannot have our children! The church must get present in our schools, neighborhoods, and any where youth are. His light will drive out ALL darkness!
  • Safety for our children!
  • There is so much more...
  • And the number one reason is because God has told us to!

Come pray for 30 minutes or for the entire time this evening Friday, October 26. Doors will be open by 8:30PM. Just come pray. We are already victorious, and we have already won! Also, Pastor Ulysses Stephen King, Jr., Mrs. Tiffany, and the Memorial Tabernacle Family welcome you to the family.   We invite you to become a member of a family of believers God is using to "reach to teach, teach to change" one person and one block at a time.

Choose to be a part. We pray you will choose to att end one of the reunion services to rece ive the  love   God has given us to give to you specifically!    We are waiting on you! Let us know more about you by connecting with us on our  online form   or by stopping by 58th Street and Telegraph Avenue! See you soon!
Sermon Summary | October 21, 2018
“SURRENDER TO GOD” ( Matthew 16:24-25; Galatians 2:20 ) by ELDER MRS. JEANETTE WORTZ
We’re in a battle. It’s wartime! There is a war going on, and if we want to win, we have to surrender to God. There is a war going on in our flesh, in our spirit, between what I want to do, the choices that I make, what I think is best for my circumstances, and what God require of me.

The word surrender cannot be found anywhere in the New Testament, but yet Jesus demands that we surrender to him. The word “surrender” means to give up one’s possessions and power; to yield to another. To give one’s self to God means we willingly give up our plans voluntarily to God. 

The only way to win in this war is that we must have a strategic plan. It’s not simply coming to church on Sundays and singing a few songs, saying Amen, and then going home. We must position ourselves in prayer and in fasting, and hold on to the horns of the altar—and don’t let go until He blesses us.

God has a plan. Surrendering to Him means setting aside your own plans and seeking His. It means denying ourselves, taking up our cross that He chooses for us. We don’t choose or pick the cross we have to carry. The writer of the hymn asks us, “Must Jesus bear the cross alone and all the world go free? No, there’s a cross for everyone, and there’s a cross for me.”

Sometimes the cross we carry may seem like a heavy load to bear, but if we will surrender to God he will hold us up and give us the strength we need to sustain us. God promised to be “a very present help in trouble” (Psa. 46:1). When you surrender it will cost you something.

When surrendering to God, we will have challenges. We may fall down. We might have slipups; but the good thing is, God has made adjustments for all of these things. All we have to do is ask. It’s not too late to surrender to Him. God has given us opportunity today to hear his word and his voice. It is the desire of the Father to give us what we need. God did not call us to be happy. He called us to be obedient and to be faithful. —Notes by USK
Giving Back To God!
Jesus said in Luke 6:38, “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Through your financial gifts, we are able to continue to do the mission of MTC. Continue to celebrate with us as we Matthew 28:19 and support with your financial gifts and offerings.

God expects us to take care of the building God has given us to worship and minister in. Preparations must be done to prepare the church buildings for the winter and rain. We have requested quotes for fixing the roof and painting all the buildings on the property in the next month . Though we would love for it to be free, we know that it is important for us to support the small businesses and entrepreneurs who are a part of our family network!
  • Recommendations are welcome. Are you a plumber, painter, woodworker, craftsman, contractor? Let us know.
  • Your financial support is needed so this is not an expense for the church.
  • If you would like to give in support, please visit http://mtchurch.org/contributions.shtml and select Contribution type 'Church 1924 Renovation Fund'.
  • If you would like to know what the exact expense is to give what is needed, please contact admin@memorialtabernacle.org.

More details to be provided on the need, but feel free to give securely at   www.memoriatabernacle.org , select the Giving tab, and give as your heart desires. May the Lord multiply your gift and thank you for blessing our ministry.   Give Today!
Be A Part of Our Family Reunion Services
October 2018 Calendar is available here .
Friday, October 26
Prayer Shutin
Sunday, October 28
Sunday School
Sunday, October 28
Family Worship, 10:30AM
Pastor Ulysses Stephen King, Jr.

Sunday, October 28
Servant's Prayer Hour 6:30PM
Tuesday, October 30
Bible Study
Friday, November 2
First Friday Family Fun Night, 6:00PM
Community Connection: Impact, Inspire, Love
Volunteer with Youth Going Green at the Bay Area Science Festival
Saturday, November 3rd, 8:30 - 4:30PM
Location: AT&T Park in San Francisco

YGG cannot impact, educate, and inspire without your time and support. There are various time slots Saturday, November 3rd from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Volunteer at  https://ygg-at-basf2018.eventbrite.com

Check out our 2017 experience in the YouTube clip to the right!   #YGGRecycling #BeGreenerin2018
Getting Informed for Tuesday, November 6th

Sister Tonya provided a great reference -  https://ballotpedia.org  as you make decisions on how you will vote Tuesday, November 6th.  

Be sure to VOTE!

neXt Generation Week
Saturday, November 10 - Friday, November 16, 2018

Empowering. Supporting. Disciplining. Young people need our prayers, support, encouragement, and presence! This week will help us at Memorial Tabernacle hear the hearts of our young people, establish support platforms, and implement opportunities to build up and expose how God is using the neXt Generation! More details to be shared as all are finalized. Just invite your young people to engage! This week is for and focused on them! #neXtGeneration #AllThingsNew
Subteam Registration for Easter LOVE Experience 2019
The response to Easter LOVE Experience 2018 exceeded our wilde st dreams. Over 1,000 neighbors attended, more than 40 vendors/community organizations shared, and we shared a little love in our community!

Be a part of the Easter LOVE Experience 2019 Team! Think of the Team you would like to be a part of to help ELE 2019 be most successful: Registration, Vendor Area (selling items), Resource Area, Security, Volunteers, Food, Marketing, Fundraising, Logistics, Programming, Easter Egg Hunt, and Entertainment. Let us know what subteam(s) you would like to be a part of:  https://ele2019-subteam-registration.eventbrite.com.

Save-the-Date for Saturday, April 13, 2019, and we are returning to the host location - Bushrod Recreation Center on 59th Street. For questions, please email  EasterLoveExperience@gmail.com 
African American Family Support Group Workshop

Dear Friends,

The African American Family Support Group is hosting its 6th workshop for family members who are coping with mental illness or substance abuse. If you've already attended, you've experienced the audience's enthusiasm. Even though we get positive feedback after each session, for each workshop, we try to add something new.

This time, Nov. 10, we'll continue to have a Q & A with the lead psychiatrist in Alameda County and have a panel presenting information on the new substance abuse system in Alameda county as well as the new program offering a team offering in-home support.

Margot Dashiell
Facilitator, \African American Family Support Group
Mental Wellness: Empowering Churches
Many churches are doing what they must to become informed, connected, and prepared for helping members and the community overcome, manage, and develop their mental health! Here are a list of days and events in which churches can use to bring about awareness and education to remove the stigma and provide resources to those who need them!

Our Church Mission
The Memorial Tabernacle Church has come together by the Holy Spirit for the specific purpose of preaching and teaching the word of God, (the Bible), and about Jesus Christ, God's son, and to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the North Oakland Community and its environs; to bring healing to the brokenhearted and deliverance to the oppressed; to be a center of genuine concern for those in need, a sanctuary of community worship that is neither shallow nor restrained, a spiritual home where members find an expression of precious love for one another and a haven for the unsaved.