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What a crazy time we're going through! Pro racing has been shut down until at least the end of this month when Supercross might get to finish their season. All Loretta's Area Qualifiers have been cancelled and "super" qualifiers may take their place, if all goes well. 

MTF riders have been able to carry on training with new safety and cleanliness guidelines (see message from Colleen below) and the motto is "be ready for whatever whenever"!

A Race Leadership Team has recently announced guidelines for a resumption of racing and we can only hope that a definite Loretta's qualifying schedule can begin June 6/7.

While you're waiting check out our instruction article with advice for "Getting Back to the Basics". We also take a closer look at rising amateur Luca Marsalisi and the journey he has been on.

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Message from Colleen
Hi everyone, I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this ordeal.
We have continued to ride and train at MTF and I'd like to personally invite you to one of our two remaining One Week camps this Summer, one at the end of this month and another at the end of June.
For everyone's safety we have put in place the following health and cleanliness guidelines:
On the track we have introduced varying levels of intensity and maintained small training groups of 8-10.
In the gym, office and kitchen we are following strict guidelines by constantly wiping surfaces down, kids washing their hands more than I am sure they have in their lives and of course social distancing. We are also doing outside workouts and providing "to go" meals from the kitchen.
As things have started to relax we are moving back in the gym although with no groups larger than 8-10. The riders are required to wipe down equipment literally as they go along with continued hand washing and sanitizers.  The kitchen will also allow small groups to eat inside but all are social distancing.  
For our campers wanting to stay in our bunkhouse there are 2 separate bedrooms with room for 3 in each side allowing for a very comfortable, safe distance from others at all times.  
We feel with what we have put in place we have to be one of the cleanest, safest places for any kid to come and ride.  
Hope to see you soon!

May 31-June 5 (option to stay longer)

June 21-26

Nov 29-Dec 4

All of these camps are open to 65cc bikes and up and cost $850. 

Please check the "more information" link below.

More information/sign up now
Location: 867 Bold Springs Road, Cairo, GA 39828

contact@mtfmx.com or call (229) 377 8502

Featured Rider: Luca Marsalisi

Anyone who races dirt bikes knows injuries are part of the deal. You ride, you're gonna get hurt. For most injuries you take the necessary time off the bike and then you're good to go again. Take a collar bone. That's an injury you cannot ride with until it's healed up.

But sometimes the decision to stop riding to get an injury fixed is not quite so clear cut. For instance, tearing an ACL, while painful if you dab a foot, does not automatically mean immediate surgery.

For eighteen year old Luca Marsalisi from Danbury CT it was the second type of injury that has been bedeviling him. For nearly three years he had to deal with a right shoulder dislocation. The thing just kept popping out. But once the ball was put back in the socket he could train, race and feel great. That is until it popped out again.

So the question was always should he get the shoulder fixed or wait for it to get stronger and more secure?

INSTRUCTION ARTICLE "Getting Back to Basics" - by Bryan Johnson Jr. and Colleen Millsaps
As bikes get better and better, it's becoming easier for even the beginner rider to go much faster than his or her skill set should allow.  

As trainers we have noticed an increasing number of new riders not having the physical and mechanical foundations or skills needed in an inherently high risk sport.  

Even at MTF we have recognized that many of our riders are lacking some of these skills which we believe are vital for a good sense of control and feel on the bike.

So we have begun adding short "skills" sessions into our weekly program. These sessions involve some instruction but a lot of it is just allowing riders to learn by feel and experimentation.

Click on image for video

Some examples of the basic skills we are doing include:
  • slow wheelies
  • power wheelies
  • front and rear braking drills including "stoppies"
  • sliding the back wheel controlled (as in a square up or flat tracking)
  • standing up around the track for extended sections (creating better balance)
  • locking the back wheel in the air if the front end is too high working play jumps
  • being able to start without a hole shot device
  • figure 8's
  • basic turn track

Acquiring these skills sooner rather than later means less likelihood of injuries, better racing results and an overall more enjoyable experience riding and racing when it's said and done.

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