"Perhaps the 'Ascension' you speak of and seek is just the vibrational transfiguration into divine love. The love that ignites each and every vessel into the purity and truth. This is not a place or journey but an altering in your energised state that lifts you up and beyond the density and misguided reality. Perhaps the ascension you speak of is a rising into your divine blueprint - love. This cannot be quantified or measured but is a stepping into your true vibration and in this - great truth is opened to you beyond any measure within the linear mind. For it is as it is. All united as One". In the divine transfiguration you are then reunited at one with the All".
"Mankind must awaken to the divine light. The light that nourishes and brings life. Humanity is in the process of awakening and altering into this light. It is not religion. It is not spiritual. It just is. The All. The One. The truth. That which has been worshipped is now coming into the flesh. That which is mocked is showing itself through vibration. That which is held at arms length through fearing its power is already within. The vibration of man is altering and awakening to divine truth. The beauty of source is all around. The power of source is that from the creator. The essence of source is within each and every cell. Divine truth is here. Let your heart, eyes and ears be open. You have heard "Man cannot live by bread alone" - For he is created from divine light, he is fed from divine light. He is sustained from divine light. He is nourished from divine light, his salvation dwells within the light, and thus he is returned fully to divine light".
"Yes there is a lot of distortion and vibrational alignment at this time. Much body pain, thought processes, disharmony, distraction, dis-belief, feelings of being left and no longer feeling Source. The key is to let it be. You have a choice to be linear and react to linear. To fill your emotions from your mental fragility. Or you have the choice to just be and see this time as great release and alignment. For under it all, there is a calm sea. There is, It is there. It is for you to trust and just to be. For you are beyond the physical, beyond the mental, beyond the emotional. This is the old way of being. This has been your journey up to now. Functions of the mind, mental state, emotional state. Running your life from this embodied conditioned state. Now what is being opened up to you is non-reaction, to be just as you are, to see beyond the veil of illusion past the density into the truth of you. It is a time to trust and although yes, there is a little pain and sorrow, emotional turmoil and lots of releasing, see past this. Allow this time to pass as it surely will and then you will awaken unto the new dawn. This vibrational alignment is for you to journey. It is for you to see, for you to awaken to. It can be no other way. You may be holding on for dear life not understanding what is occurring. Feeling abandoned. You are asked to trust and see beyond that which is occurring. For beyond the illusion is a vastness beyond any measure, beyond any weight. You are expanding into new vibrational horizons. Trust in this. For it soon will pass".

"Trust that source is with you, always, and there is nothing else that you will ever need! The linear mind causes so many distractions and brings us out of alignment. Far too mental! Just trust, just be, trust in the light, that is all".


If you are applying Metatronia Therapy light vibration from a linear mind perspective/just seeing it controlled by you then you will not feel any results or benefits from this divine vibration. It is beyond the Linear mind/beyond control. It is Source resonance. It cannot be applied as other healing energies are applied, often from the linear mind/control element. Whether healers wish to believe this or not, this is how many current healing systems are applied, much of the ego is involved and not much trusting. Metatronia Therapy works above and beyond linear constructs.If you are applying it as in forcing shapes etc then it just isn't going to work. As it works beyond any input from ourselves. We are the conduit. We are creating a space of divine light for the energies to work through. We do not apply it from the linear mind. I felt it was important to point this out as if you are applying it the same as you do Reiki then you are way off the mark. It just will not work. Metatronia Therapy is very much about trusting, believing, being open to receive and surrender. For this is Source light. It cannot be manipulated; controlled or harnessed it is just not possible. Anything that comes from this lower dense linear vibration cuts off the divine light as your vibration is not aligned with Source. Any part of the ego will just knock it out of balance.

Those that work with this vibration and truly know, know that there is great trust and surrender involved here. It is all about vibrational alignment and trust. If that is not there from the outset and you apply it from linear, then it just will not work.  For this is above and beyond our linear perception. Above the human mind and concepts. This vibration takes us above and beyond into the truth of all that is. This is not a sales point or ego, this is what this vibration is. It is beyond words and beyond rigidity.If you are ready to trust, believe, surrender and be open to receive, and begin to work in truth and divine love then you will be opening your vessel to the ALL, the ONE. If you are applying or trying to work with this vibration through force or ego then it is not for you. The vibration is key.

Metatronia is Source. Metatron guides us that the way we apply as a conduit is vital for this vibration. Linear healing mechanisms work on the lower vibrations. Source works directly from the higher vibrations, which is why it is key that our vessel/body is resonating at the higher, purer frequency. Letting go of thoughts and linear application is key. This will be discussed at the next MT Training webinar on 11th November 2015 - 8-9pm GMT.


This new modulation is coming soon. It will form part of the full MT Practitioner status. The workbook is currently being put together. A few have already experienced this profound vibration applied directly into the human vessel (Body) with amazing results. The Metatronia Massage module will be for those at Master Practitioner level. More details will be sent in the New Year. The training will take the form of workbook and PowerPoint presentation along with a Skype session to assist in application. This module will form part of the accredited and approved training status we hold with MT. It is hoped that it will be launched Spring 2016. All those who are interested in taking the MT Certificated Massage module are asked to email in the first instance. MTFOL will also be providing Metatronia Vibrational Massage Oils that will be available to purchase by Practitioners at discounted rates. There will be a fee for this Module training which is currently under discussion.


The register for all Metatronia Active Practitioners is shown on the MTFOL Site: www.metatroniafoundationoflight. If you are no longer working as an active MT Practitioner then please email so that your details can be removed in their entirety. Due to the accredited and approved training we hold for MT only active practitioners are shown on the register and it is a global contact search point for all Metatronia Practitioners.



11th November 2015 - 8-9pm GMT UK Time
(May go over the hour slot).
Hosted by Tammy Majchrzak, Valorie Farber, Margery Bambrick.
Q&A/Discussion/Healing/Transmissions of Light
Guest Speaker Naynha Bhikha
Please click on the GoToWebinar link to register. Recordings are available

We are working on setting up a full one-day event at Integratron in Spring/Summer 2016. The date is yet to be arranged. The event will be hosted by Valorie Farber and Tammy Majchrzak. Places will be offered on a first come first served bases, limited to 40 people and a non-refundable deposit of £100 will secure your placement. Details of Integratron can be found at: - more details will follow in the new year.

The eternal order of the divine is without constraints. It is without rigidity and unfolds into the truth of eternal bliss. Through release and alignment with the true essence of his being mankind will evolve into divinity.


Now available the complete set of Telesummit, webinar recordings, training sessions. Over 30 hours of recordings. Price is £25 and items will be delivered electronically to you.  

"Through vibrational alignment, release and dissolution you are being shown the divinity within and that you are evolving into light, right through to the very core of you. Your DNA, your chemical, physical, emotional, mental bodies, all is part of Source and within you there is a light so bright that is awakening. Now is the time. Do not fear these changes for it is your divine design".

"Many are seeking that magical element to erase them of all their fragility. When living in the carnal mind you will always be seeking for that to bring you balance. The truth comes from divine surrender and in this a great shift occurs where the carnal mind hands over to the ALL. Seek the stillness, peace and silence within your vessel (body). Allow your mind to be still, the heart open. There will always be an endless, fruitless search when living from the carnal mind, to seek that which you feel you require which is outside of you. Surrender, for all that you seek you already behold. All that you are is already within". other than to know that we are in our very truth, already divine. You to are that mystery that you so long for yet keep it away from you as you feel it is something that is not already part of you. Your awakening begins the moment that you know that you are already that which you seek".


I am available for the following Skype session services:
All 45 minute duration

Metatronia Healing/Connection/Transmissions of Light -  £45


One-On-One Training - £60


Meta-Counseling - £65


All Live Attunements = £140


One-On-One Training, Meta-Counselling, Connection, Discussion/Direction. Skype sessions vary according to service so please email in the first instance to find out more: 
 The next MTFOL Newsletter will be in the New Year and will be delivered quarterly thereafter (January, May, September, December).

In love and light

Tammy Majchrzak 
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