"Be still and know"
"No matter what you seek you will ultimately come to a place within that is the ALL. The soul's light is ignited, a light more magnificent than any other that is known. As it ignites within you, you will know that you are home. No longer the struggle, no longer the searching, for you are already whole. But to realise this the human mind seeks to know and learn and to find something outside. Most see themselves as separated and incomplete. The light cleanses and replenishes and dissolves the fragments so that you see yourself as whole. The ego searches to find that which can make it complete somehow by some outside separated force when the truth is that there is no separation. For you hold all already within you. The sacrifice is found in surrendering unto the One. To let go of all that you thought was your reality, to open and trust. The greatest mystery of all is unveiled within the simplicity of being and surrendering unto the All. This requires no magic formula only finding that alignment vibration within that unlocks the door to divinity".
What if all it took was to just be! Right here and right now in this moment? How would that feel? Let me tell you that from within my own journey I have found this to be the most magnificent feeling. To just be. Metatron guides us to feel and live this true vibration. You may spend a lifetime searching when right here right now this is open to you. In our complexity and linear rigidity we block that very element of ourselves which is majestic. Which aligns directly to source, which is source itself. Which is divine love. So the key for us is to be still and to just know. That we are. Remembering "I am that I am".

There is great magic in stillness and simplicity of being. The mind becomes still. There is no searching. The vessel/body becomes rested and released from burdens. The mind relaxes and much is released from the stillness of thought. Meditation is key, but meditation in itself is not just the act of being and stilling the mind and thought process. For in the act of stopping and sitting, relaxing and closing the eyes, there is a light that is ignited within us. Meditation takes on a whole new meaning. Transmissions of light form the basis of the connection to Source/Creator vibration. We are shown the Gateway to the all. So meditation is key at this time. "Thought-less meditation". Stillness, peace, harmonious balance. Coming out of the mind. All that you have been shown before, still is vital at this time to bring the vessel into that all important aligned state.

"Mankind is finding another level to himself, another dimension, that has always existed, but has lain beneath the wave of separation This level that is truth, the all is the gateway that has opened the stairway of truth, that which will bring him home".
For you are divine design. Your vessel lights up the moment it is stilled. Like a beacon of light that opens up within the synapse lights of the brain. Electro-magnetic impulses send out a signal to say "ok so I have stopped, I am open to receive", as Metatron has taught us from the beginning "BE OPEN TO RECEIVE".
Over the next few months there is a grand stellar opening. You won't find it in the stars or the midnight sky, for this is above and beyond that which is seen or can be measured. It is that which is being opened to mankind from a vibrational level. This is beaming down to the human vessel the brightest light that has ever been felt. This is the light of Source and it beckons you to be that beacon of light. It is showing you now how to be the receiver and transmit this light to all. So be still and know. Free the mind, free the vessel, free the heart and ignite the soul. The key lies in the freedom of the mind, opening up to the line of light that will communicate with you.
Those that are ready to let go, trust, believe and be open to receive, surrendering unto the One, will receive. The old ways no longer fit in your divine design. Anything that is not of divine frequency will make you feel totally out of sync and out of alignment. See, synchronization, manifestation, alignment, transmitting. All of this shows you that vibration is what it is all about. Only so much can be and will be imparted to you. The work on your part is to find that nothingness place, the Zero Point, that stillness within. It will come as you trust, align, let go and expand into divine truth.
21st October 2015
8-9pm GMT UK
(May go over the hour duration).
Hosted by
Tammy Majchrzak, Valorie Farber, Margery Bambrick & Nayna Bhikha  
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31st October 2015
8-9.30pm GMT
Cost: £10.00
Includes LBV Workbook and accompanying meditation

18th November 2015
8-9pm GMT UK
(After these events there will be no further training events until Spring 2016)
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Find joy in all that you do
Be love in all that you are
For love is the greatest of all
and shineth the brightest of stars
I have started a campaign to help raise funds to purchase a small property in Kefalonia, Ionian Islands. This will be available for rent and will hold Metatronia Retreats and training events. Please use the link below if you wish to donate:

In love and light.
Tammy Majchrzak 
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