The last few weeks you may have felt much density and a feeling of separation. Anxiety and emotional issues can flare up as the human vessel is expanding more into light. The alterations we feel are due to the expansion within the very heart of our being, through the DNA and chemical alterations. This may sound so far fetched or like something out of a Sci-Fi movie but "we are transforming. We are becoming".
This is not something that can be argued or second-guessed. Metatron guides us to be still and know and to stand in our light as we begin to feel and sense the alterations taking place. More and more we are asked to stand and observe rather than to be reactive to the density that we feel around us at times. As we take on and are open to more light we begin to feel different to others who are as yet, not consciously awakening.  
As the streams of light pour forth into our Being we are reminded of how the stillness, peace and silence link us directly into, like a radio transmitter, the definitive codes of source, that align and direct us to our divine vibration. Anything that resonates outside of this frequency may bring turbulence and we may feel disparaged.

"Awakening to your divine symphony" 
"There is nothing that you are required to do right now, other than to be still and know. To become the observer as if you were a shining star in the nights sky. Embracing the infinite that you are. For you are altering into your divine state of being. That which is eternal. No longer part of the fragmented vibration that may have caused you to tread a path that moved you away from the truth of who you are. You are now guided through feeling and sensation to knowing your vibrational alignment. For all is frequency, all is vibration. There is nothing further for you to do other than surrender and allow. In the surrender you are becoming, that which you have always been, now on a conscious, awakened level you feel, sense and awaken".
"Many are seeking that magical element to erase them of all their fragility. When living in the carnal mind you will always be seeking for that to bring you balance. The truth comes from divine surrender and in this a great shift occurs where the carnal mind hands over to the ALL. Seek the stillness, peace and silence within your vessel (body). Allow your mind to be still, the heart open. There will always be an endless, fruitless search when living from the carnal mind, to seek that which you feel you require which is outside of you. Surrender, for all that you seek you already behold. All that you are is already within".
When we live in this moment we feel that much drifts away. That which fills our mind that we do not require melts into non-existence. It is no longer fueled by endless thoughts. A vibrant and empty vessel is key to source alignment and with this, grand synchronicity and miracles can and will occur. You cannot become aligned if parts of you hold onto the lack and disbelief. The key is in the letting go and trusting. These are keys from Metatron to the awakening, ascending and alignment process.
"Through the silence we work with you. Much is occurring that you cannot see but will very much feel as you open and surrender. Vibrational alignment is key to opening the door to your salvation. This shift in consciousness occurs instantaneously in the moment of surrender".
Metatronia Therapy works very much in the stillness and silence. This is why many experience deep sleep when receiving healing and attunements. There is a place within each and every one of us that is the doorway to ascension. This is found in peace, stillness, love and calm serenity. In moments of turbulence, discord and disharmony, stand back and allow the heart to open. In times of need we often cry out but do not believe that help will come. It does, it just requires your trust. Let your heart be open, let your mind be still, know that you are held so lovingly by the Divine.
Much of this journey with Metatronia Therapy is about trusting. The more we release expectation and just ARE, the greater the connection. If we analyse and scrutinize and have expectation from the current way of being we are blocking through our analyzing, that which is already streaming through.
So awaken your heart
Be free in mind
Let the doorway of light be open
And in your trusting
And in your surrender
The truth shall be awoken
We have seen how Source connects with us when we are brought to a point of nothingness (call this Zero Point). What is occurring is that we are by-passing the linear mind and all the distortions therein, to be brought to that magical frequency, that vibrational point that connects with the all. We can live from this frequency day by day and as we begin to feel the power of stillness, silence and peace, we know that this is the humble place from which we are able to connect with the All.
Jesus taught us to be still and to know and that very mystery that he mentions is the very mystery that he is. The mystery teaches us that there is nothing to find, nothing to behold, nothing to uncover, nothing to search, other than to know that we are in our very truth, already divine. You to are that mystery that you so long for yet keep it away from you as you feel it is something that is not already part of you. Your awakening begins the moment that you know that you are already that which you seek.
Only those that are actively working as an MT Practitioner are to be shown on the MTFOL Register for Practitioners. If you are no longer working actively with MT then please can you email for your details to be removed from the Register.  

(Open to ALL) 
 (Please note this webinar may go over the 1 hour slot)

For Summer 2016 we are looking at booking Integratron, California for a one-day event. This will be limited to 20 places. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis. Details including costs for this unique event are still being sorted. Places can be reserved in the first instance now by emailing
We will also be booking a one day "Metatronia Divine Awakening" event at Awakenings Center for Conscious Living, Laguna Hills, CA, USA. Dates and costs to be revealed soon.  Workshop Hosts: Tammy Majchrzak & Valorie Farber
Please note if anyone is being attuned to Active Practitioner level - the MTFOL Membership fee of £30 is required before attunement commences and certificates are issued. This payment can be made directly to MTFOL via the shop page or paid to practitioners and then forward onto myself.  The MTFOL is to be made aware of all attunements that take place as part of the Accredited and Approved Training.

The official MT Certificate stamp that enables you to produce your own MT Attunement Certificates is now available to purchase through Cost is £50 for stamp kit and starter pack. MTFOL Membership certificates are still actioned by the MTFOL.  Payments are accepted via PayPal to same email address.   
We are currently collating information on Metatronia Therapy practitioners who are also qualified in Massage Therapy, whatever module that is. If you would like to email with your details so that we can hold this on file as we are in the process of including "bodywork" to Metatronia Therapy and will be appointing certain MT Practitioners to be involved in this venture. If you are interested then just email in the first instance.  We are building a training module that will form part of the Meta-massage certification programme for Practitioners who are interested in adding this as part of their therapy practice. 
You can now access Metatronia Therapy site through the quick web link above.  
The MTFOL are seeking MT Master Practitioners who feel ready to become workshop facilitators. If this is of interest to you then just get in touch via email. The fee for Facilitator training is £200.00.      
Visit for forthcoming events and webinars.
Simplicity is key at this time. You are electromagnetic energy. Photons of Light, vibrating and pulsating. You are bountiful light. Allow it to shine so bright and unhindered.  You will begin, more and more, to see how thoughts, emotions and the physical/mental body/vessel are vibration. To "Be still and know" in our divine aligned state at this time is key also.  There is nothing outside of you that needs to be gathered or gained. Rather to just be and to know that as your vibration becomes aligned through dropping out of thought led reality into the sacred heart vibration, we become reborn unto our truth. This can only be done through dissolution of the fragile emotional state, reaffirming in your alignment that you are divine love.  
We feel through our vibration how we are at one with the Universal Spheres (Planetary alignment and all the functions therein). We are one as the stars and planets. We are all an integral part of the conscious and vibrational shifts that are occurring right here right now. Are you ready to lift up and out? Ascending the lower frequencies and linear structures?   Releasing from separation into beloved elation.  
They key lies in the simplicity of mind, body, thought and deed, and surrendering unto the nothingness that is everything, that is the ALL. The answers do not come from the mind, but are felt within the heart. Love is the key to the doorway of eternity. And many magical gifts and connects wait for us the moment we surrender. For mankind is moving out of linear into the expansion of divinity, which ultimately is the shifting into divine love. 

"Allow love as vibration become thee; 
Allow love as source ignite thee; 
Allow love as simplicity become thee; 
Allow love as divinity engulf thee; 
Allow Love as truth unite thee" 
In Light, In Love
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