"For you are created from divine light, You are fed from divine light. You are nourished from divine light. Your salvation dwells within the light, and thus, as you embark on this magnificent awakening journey, through vibrational alignment, trust and surrender, you are returning fully to divine light. This is your divine design".
This year is flying by so fast. It is as if the constraints that time holds within the mind of man is no longer having the same effect/affect upon us. We are finding divine freedom as we become aligned with the One. The Universal energies are assisting us so very "vividly" that we cannot deny the vibrations we are feeling and experiencing at this time. Whether we are consciously or unconsciously journeying. Know how bright the light shines for you. So magnificently so. You are awakening to your becoming. And that which you are becoming is the light you so divinely are. No one can show you or bring this to you. It is in your trusting, surrender and believing that you are opening up to the truth of the All, that which lies within. Conscious expansion, vibrational shifting and enhanced senses, are all showing you the light evolution that mankind is experiencing.


This new modulation is being launched through a webinar on 9th March 2016. We hope to have a brief demonstration video also available for the launch. Metatronia Massage will form part of the full MT Practitioner Training status. A few have already experienced this profound vibration applied directly and through distance,  into the human vessel (Body) with amazing results. The Metatronia Massage module will be for those at Active Practitioner level. The training will take the form of a webinar with PowerPoint presentation along with a Skype session if that is needed, to assist in application. This module will form part of the accredited and approved training status we hold with MT.

Metatronia Massage is the application and integration of Source vibration into the physical vessel (body) through hands-on vibrational massage application. The massage differs from the Metatronia healing modalilty in that the light is used more specifically to deeply penetrate the muscles, tendons, ligaments - all the physical aspects of the human body. Metatronia vibration works deep to release, align, relax and rejuvenate. This energy will also assist with injury, disharmony and any areas of discomfort. This is often silent but deep work, with the gentle placement of hands, where the vibration begins to work immediately upon the physical form. This is not the same as "conventional massage".

Metatronia Massage works through divine Light waves (sacred geometric codings/harmonics) bringing assistance into the human vessel. The frequency is felt very strongly and is verification of the support that we have from Source.  Metatronia Massage can only be carried out by an Active Metatronia Therapy Practitioner as it is an enhancement to the Metatronia Therapy Healing Modality.

Practitioners must already have a recognised Massage Therapy Diploma/Training Certificate which can be in any massage discipine/technique. 

Metatronia Massage can be integrated with all other massage techniques but works well as a "stand alone" therapeutic application due to the vibrational intensity.

Practitioners must ideally have  basic knowledge in Anatomy & Physioligy either as part of a training study or already hold a certificate for this.

Practitioners must already hold Indemnity Insurance that covers Massage. Metatronia Massage will be covered and  incorporated under whatever massage the practitioner is already insured for as it will integrate into that methodology. It does not require its own individual insurance cover. Massage cover is adequate although some insurers will recognise Metatronia Massage. 


Metatronia Practitioners who do not hold Massage Certification can take this training and integrate it alongside Metatronia Therapy sessions, however they cannot advertise themselves as Metatronia Massage Therapists. They are advised to undertake training in Anatomy & Physiology and also obtain a massage diploma in any area of massage to enable them to then receive the Full Metatronia Massage Certification. Practitioners are also advised to educate themselves with regards to Massage application and Cancer. One book that is advised to obtain is:

Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer by Gail McDonald.

Metatronia Massage is a recognised modality and approved/accredited with IICT.  It comes under the training of the Metatronia Foundation of Light.

Cost for Massage Module: £65 which will include Certificate and Training/Presentation.

To apply - Metatronia Practitioners must forward a copy of their current indemnity insurance that covers, MT and also massage. Along with confirmation of massage training/certificate and anatomy and physiology (if they hold these). The MTFOL will validate each application before it is processed.


Insurance for Metatronia Massage can be obtained in UK from DSC Insurance and also IICT. See www.mtfol.co.uk for full details on insurance.

For Canada Metatronia Therapy Practitioners can use:

Holman Insurance Brokers who will cover Metatronia Massage under Category C rates. See Insurance Page.



The register for all Metatronia Active Practitioners is shown on the new MTFOL Site: www.mtfol.co.uk

If you are no longer working as an active MT Practitioner then please email majtam@btopenworld.com so that your details can be removed in their entirety. Due to the accredited and approved training we hold for MT only active practitioners are shown on the register and it is a global contact search point for all Metatronia Practitioners.



2nd March 2016 - 8-9pm GMT UK Time  
(May go over the hour slot).  
Hosted by Tammy Majchrzak, Valorie Farber, Margery Bambrick.  
Q&A/Discussion/Healing/Transmissions of Light

Please click on the GoToWebinar link to register. Recordings are available


21st AUGUST 2016 
Hosted by Tammy & Valorie

$144 per person
Includes Attunement to Active Practitioner or Master Practitioner if you have already done the Active Level.


23rd April 2016 
Valorie Farber will be holding a very special and divine one-day event at Integratron on 23rd April 2016. Places will be offered on a first come first served bases, limited to 40 people. Details about the venue -  Integratron - can be found at: http://integratron.com


" The human vessel is "transmuting" as the lightbody frequency is literally alive with light. This light strengthens, aligns, awakens and is literally "transforming" your very being as you are evolving into light. This light has always been around you, and at this time the human vessel is altering in its "transfiguration" into Homo Luminous. You are awakening and physically doing so throughout every part of you. As your vessel (body) is taking in more light there may be some resistance felt. There are many symptoms of ascending vibration and the human vessel portrays these alignment vibrations in many ways. You are guided to be still and know, that any light embodiment symptoms will soon pass as your vessel adjusts to the new frequency. There are many adjustments now taking place. You have felt this on some level, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or indeed "spiritually".
Much of which you have done in the past, which is habitual and conditioned in nature, which has found its home from within the limited consciousness, will no longer sit well within these new light Quantum vibrations. For they are of the highest, purest, most positive 'Ions" that are filtrating through your energetic systems, as what can best be described at this time as electromagnetic energy spirals, working deep into the DNA. Rainbow, metallic, sparkling, divine Source emanating as light within. You are being "illuminated". With the "sensitivity symptoms" much can be "experienced" within the Pineal Gland/Head area. As this is the integral meeting point of higher vibrational light integration" along with the heart center, being the first point of light. We may experience:
Hightened states of awareness
Feelings of coming out of body/fluidity/liquid/dissolving/dissolution
Constant thought process - release into the heart space 
These symptoms will lessen. They serve as marker to validate the light integration. These symptoms show how much man has literally "existed within his thought led processes" and as these symptoms that are "fired up" lessen, man will begin to live from the higher light frequency, which is heart led not mind fed.
Much is occurring within the light transition. You are literally becoming Light. Yes, there remains the physical body, and when we mention dimensions we invite you to look at this as vibrational dimensionality. As your vibration is raised through the light connectivity, you are literally able to transcend above and beyond the linear stasis. That is, you are now, as you surrender unto the divine transformational process, and acceptance thereof, able to journey to higher vibrational dimensions of "reality". This becomes real. It is not something outside of you or separate but part of you. This is why when you are meditating, you are now able to link in more swiftly and be one in to the higher realms through Quantum Connectivity.
As your consciousness expands outside of the linear, corporeal, living physicality into the embracing of all that you are through light evolution, you are awakening and becoming that which you are already "programmed" to be. Conscious Awakening into your Becoming. Awakening unto the light, that courses through your very being. Physical shifting to liquidity, fluidity as you are one with the light.
You are programmed and divinely designed this way. There is no evading. It is and will be and is occurring now, outside of your earthly conditioned beliefs and rigidity in concept. You can choose to journey unconsciously or you can choose to journey consciously.Shifting, aligning, awakening to your divinity as you are literally transforming into Quantisity. This is your sovereignty. Become, be still and know.
This light not only works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human vessel, but it enhances the 5 senses, almost adding on a 6th sense. You are awakening to your infinite capabilities through cosmic light transfiguration. You are able to tap into this frequency. It is instilled within your DNA. You are without limitation. It is only the carnal structures that limit you to linear, physicality, when above and beyond you are part of the all, and have the innate ability to just be light, and all that this brings with it.
Awaken within your conscious being, to the light evolutionary process".

With Love

Tammy Majchrzak 
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