Get Your Boots On!
MTM-CNM Family Conference
Nashville, TN
July 21-23
Greetings, #MTMCNMFamily!

Some of the fellas from MTM-CNM Family Connection Inc have already got their boots on and hit the road toward Nashville, Tennessee, so they can get ready for y'all to have the "rootinest tootinest" Conference yet! 

Reckon we're pleased to share our agenda and what we'll all be doing next long as the creek don't rise!

To view the detailed agenda, please click here.

Additional Conference information and whatnot is available here.

We're thrilled to be expecting over 200 of y'all in attendance!  Dress is casual, comfortable, just bring your self (and your boots if you got 'em).

You should find lots to suit your fancy -- the weekend is simply chugged full of fun activities, fancy vittles, and interesting things to learn about from some mighty bright folks! Saturday night's the variety show, so we'll probably be singing 'til the cows come home! We've got something for everyone. Most importantly, old friends and new will surely be a welcome sight for sore eyes! 

Happy trails! See all y'all in Nashville!! 

Grant Awarded for Switch-Adapted Toys at the 2017 Conference!

MTM-CNM Family Connection is pleased to announce that we are a proud recipient of a 2017 Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant. With this grant, the workshop "Empowering Through Play: Creating Switch-Adapted Toys for Kids with MTM & CNM" will be held at the 2017 MTM-CNM Family Conference. The workshop will be facilitated by two fathers in our community with expertise in this area, Dan McDermott and Martin Wilhelm. We are very grateful for this opportunity to empower families to learn about adapting toys and improving access to play. Switch access skills can also help promote independence with environmental controls, educational tools, and communication. Thank you Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant program for this great opportunity for our MTM-CNM Community.
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