MTS Temporary Closure extended until July 10th
Dear Devotees,
Hope all of you are staying healthy and safe. As you would be aware there is an unusual rise in the COVID cases in Texas and the hospital beds are running at nearly full capacity.

In order to protect you, your family and friends and the Temple staff the Temple and Temple kitchen will be CLOSED until 10th of July 2020. Daily pujas will be performed by the priests per our tradition but that will NOT be open to the public. If this prolongs we will commence live streaming. Please do NOT enter the Temple even if the gates are partially kept open for the priests and the staff. 

The following will continue to be performed:
  • Car Pujas will be performed but the devotee cannot enter the Temple.

  • Shraddham will be performed in the Shraddham room. Both priest and the devotee must wear masks and follow social distancing. The devote cannot enter the Temple 

  • Outside pujas – During this period, Priests will only be allowed to provide funeral related services in difficult situations. All other services even though booked and paid will be cancelled. Please cooperate for the safety of the priest, Temple and your family. 

  • Private events in the Ganesha temple only will be allowed. Social distancing, hygiene requirements and very limited number of people will be allowed. Devotees cannot enter the Main Temple. No Prasadam, no food can be provided in the Temple premises. Any food shall be take away only. Please contact the Temple administration for more details.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times. Let us all work together in keeping this virus far away from us. Stay home and stay safe.
 Chairman MTS Board
Dhani Kannan